89th Western Michigan Yachting Association Championship Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
(Laser Radial)
Murphy Wynsma    
None (Butterfly )
Olivia Vink    
1012 (Butterfly)
Ben Keller    
10715 (Butterfly)
Kasra Lindrup    
10923 (Butterfly)
Zoe Czadzeck    
Finnian Fox Tactician    
111 (Butterfly)
Reese Shelton    
133952 (Laser)
Ben Lilly 740297U    
161992 (Laser)
Chris Timmer    
177001 (Laser)
Barton Seymour    
19116 (Optimist)
Brennan Seymour    
2024 (MC Scow)
Jim Engels (M)    
2131 (MC Scow)
Bennett McNeil    
2421 (MC Scow)
Rob & Walter Kimball    
2478 (MC Scow)
Jamie Kimball    
2593 (MC Scow)
Olivia Windemuller (JR) 703150J    
710 (Butterfly)
Alexandria Foos    
7161 (Butterfly)
Dylan Young    
7544 (Butterfly)
Brennan Seymour    
8Pepsi (Laser)
Frank Frisinger    
Always Suspect (Laser)
KC McGovern    
Arrowhead (Butterfly)
Bryson Hough    
Au revoir (Laser)
Braden Johnson    
Bandit (E Scow)
Cam McNeil    
Black Pearl (E Scow)
Rob Terry 371256T    
Blue Sky (Butterfly)
Buzz Oertel    
Breaking wind (Butterfly)
Ruben Iakiri    
Luke Vangessel    
CrazE Train (E scow)
Christian Oertel    
Dazed and Confused (C Scow)
Glenn McMurray    
Don't Call Me Shirley (Laser)
Libby Reeg 702680Z    
Downtowner (Optimist)
Ella Towner 765461Q USAJT143  
Eggbeater (Optimist)
Max Eggert    
Family Affair (C Scow)
scott harestad (M)    
Flying ACE (MC Scow)
Alex Everett    
Flying High (MC Scow)
Tommy Nordberg    
Hang Ten II (Laser Radial)
Max Ralston    
Heartbreaker (Laser)
Hazel McGovern    
In The Mun-E (E Scow)
Tom Munroe (M) USATM124  
Interceptor (MC Scow)
Rob Terry 371256T    
JLo (Laser)
Justin Lovell 721003S    
Jonathan (Laser)
Chance Spencer Captain    
Key 2 Happiness .5 (Butterfly)
Gage Stasko    
Knot A Clew (E Scow)
Michael Terry 693863X    
Laser (Laser)
Erik VanFossen    
Laser (Laser)
John McNeil    
Laser (Laser)
Kevin Ratigan 171337N    
L'Eau Rider (Butterfly)
Caroline Henry    
Lil Verp (Optimist)
Rhodes Verplank    
Mahatma (Laser)
Jon Whitbeck    
Marvin (E-Scow )
Eddie Cox    
MC (MC Scow)
Lara Harper    
Mitina (C Scow)
Tom Keenan (M)    
MOE (C Scow)
Glen Walborn    
My Happy Place (MC Scow)
Ron Hull    
Nitemare (Butterfly)
Benjamin Bakran    
Cole Blum    
no name (Laser)
Quentin Beyer    
no name (Laser)
Zachary Beyer    
no name (butterfly)
None (Optimist)
Charlie Vink    
Omen (MC Scow)
Cole Brower    
One More Thing (MC Scow)
Casey Christensen    
Pegasus (Butterfly)
Jackson MacNaughton    
Petrel (Laser)
Dillon McCormick    
Pintail (E Scow)
Brian McMurray    
Porthos (Butterfly)
Max Oltmanns    
Pride (Butterfly)
Isabella Foos    
Renegade (Catalina 385)
Jeff Ward    
Rhymenocerous (Laser Radial)
Noah Wolters    
Ruthless (MC Scow)
Jeff Cornetet (M)    
Sail Pending (MC Scow)
Amy Hough    
Beth Windemuller    
SL21 (C Scow)
Adam Hohmeyer    
SLED (E Scow)
Don Nelson (M) 336426V    
Sneak Attack (Optimist)
Nolan Timmer    
SOB (MC Scow)
Ande Holly    
Spindrift VIII (C Scow)
Joe Schaub 275319V    
Spotswood (E Scow)
Casey Christensen    
SuperFly (Butterfly )
Jenna Wynsma    
Tan Feet (C Scow)
Karl Lanka    
Technically Suspect (Laser)
Steve Jones    
The Blind Squirrel (MC Scow)
Austin Ritter    
The Duke (Laser)
Jimmy Frisinger    
The Gambler (Butterfly)
Liam Fox 703322D    
Tips (E Scow)
Brett Hatton    
Two Jobs (MC Scow)
Josh Vink    
Unicorn (Butterfly)
Camden Seymour 10709 10709  
USA 175592 (Laser)
Phoebe Whitbeck Skipper 767281X    
Usually Suspect (Laser Radial)
Ella Wynsma    
Vida Loca (Optimist)
Ani Hough    
Wanderer (Laser)
Sam Ralston    
Wasn't Me (E-Scow)
Peter Price    
White Lightning (Butterfly)
Keegan Beyer    

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