2023 Little Traverse Yacht Club - Saturday One Design Series
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
21 (NM)
"JT" Charles    
"TK" Kent    
"Squirrel" Podmajersky    
John Podmajersky USAJP14  
Brumby (J 70)
Merritt Keffer    
Eclipse (NM)
Jane Enterline    
Epiphany (Alerion 28)
John Ross Fred Team Crescent 156942Y    
Escape (J/70)
Polk Wagner USAPW63  
Heavy Weather (J 70)
Owen & Tracy Beckley    
Interlude (Alerion 28)
Tom Austin    
Intuition (NM)
Tom Post 302208G    
McFly (J 70)
Sean O'Brien 1157 USASO45  
Measure Twice (J 70)
Michael Duff 186723W USAMD151  
Moonbeam (Alerion 28)
John Carruthers 266574F   Group 1  
Narwhal (J 70)
Matthew Romano USAMR183 Group 1  
Norwegian (NM)
Thomas Carruthers    
Osprey (NM)
Bill Brown    
Running Water (NM)
George Peet USAgp6  
Soldier (Northern Michigan)
Tim Solms    
The Gerb with the Youth (J/70)
The Youth The Youth    
tom tom (NM)
Tom Abood    
Tomahawk (NM)
Adam Lowry 170938S    
Tres Burritos (J/70)
Scott Sellers 231306E USASS83 Group 1  

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