2021 Etchells Canadian National Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
3 Blind Mice (Etchells)
James Sauter     Yes  
Paul Sustronk     Yes  
Andrew Van Nostrand     Yes  
Coldsnap (Etchells )
Jim Collins     Yes  
Rupert Crighton     Yes  
Mark Hellmann   Group 1   Yes  
Huragan (Etchells)
Ted Bartlewski     Yes  
Matt Kasprzycki Headsail Trimmer Canmk16 Group 1   Yes  
Irek Zubko     Yes  
It's A(nother) Conspiracy (Etchells)
Jenn Constable     Yes  
Adrian Hanley     Yes  
Michael Howard     Yes  
Miss Moneypenny (Etchells)
Connor Mackenzie     Yes  
Jack Porter Staysail trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Erin Sauder Switch Flipper   Group 1   Yes  
Sam Thompson GBRST44 Group 1   Yes  
POTOS (Etchells)
Andre Beese     Yes  
Mark Porter     Yes  
Bruce Scott     Yes  
Rain (Etchells)
Mike Hren     Yes  
Allan Leibel     Yes  
Darrel Suderman     Yes  
TAG (Etchells)
Kent Paisley     Yes  
Lee Parkhill     Yes  
Craig Peters     Yes  
The Garrison (Etchells)
Adam Dunn Medic/Doctor     Yes  
Christian Greenfield     Yes  
Michael Hasko CANMH28 Group 1   Yes  
The Lostboys (Etchells)
Rod Hayes Bow     Yes  
Paul Laflamme 692014w     Yes  
John Sauter Spinnaker trimmer     Yes  
Tiburon (Etchells)
Dave Coxson     Yes  
Dirk Kneulman     Yes  
Andrew Macrae     Yes  
Unknown Legend (Etchells )
Trevor Fencott     Yes  
Andrew Leslie     Yes  
Cameron Macrae     Yes  
ZuluTravel.ca (Etchells )
Mike Armstrong     Yes  
Luke Morton     Yes  
Jerry Wendt     Yes  

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