2019 WYC/AIS Single / Double Handed Race
Preliminary Scratch Sheet

Class Specific Report:   
Initial Starting Sequence
Racing Area: Double Handed
1 Double Handed Spinnaker PHRF  
1 Double Handed Non-Spinnaker PHRF  
Racing Area: Single Handed
1 Single Handed Spinnaker PHRF  
1 Single Handed Non-Spinnaker PHRF  

NOTE: Starting sequence above applies to the first race of the day. Subsequent races may be started in different order. Please check the NOR, SI and follow your RC on the water instructions.

    Sail Number Yacht Name Owner/Skipper Yacht Club Home Port Yacht Type Length Rating

Racing Area: Double Handed
    Double Handed Spinnaker 
   1.   USA 41995 Angisina Andy Spence-Parsons WYC Maple Grove, MN, USA Soverel 39 39  
   2.   USA 114 Black Swan Rich Baker WYC Excelsior, MN, USA J120 40  
   3.   USA 385 Galatea David Herring WYC/AIYC Minneapolis, MN, USA Islander 36 36  
   4.   USA 61179 Superior Escape Mark Miner Pikes Bay Eden Prairie, MN, USA Dufour 44'3  
   5.   USA 40512 Texana dallas johnson Wayzata Yacht Club Wayzata, MN, USA Schock 35 35  
Racing Area: Single Handed
    Single Handed Spinnaker 
   1.   USA 61418 SS George Bailey Doug Milroy Wayzata Yacht Club Edina, MN, USA Sabre 34 MK II 34  
    Single Handed Non-Spinnaker 
   1.   16799 ECHO Dale Hedtke DYC/AIYC Duluth, MN, USA C & C 27 Mark iii 27.86  
   2.   129 Tide Is High Tom Lux Bayfield Yacht Club St. Paul, MN, USA Tartan 33 33'  

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