2022 Thistle Long Island Sound District Championship
Preliminary Scratch Sheet

Class Specific Report:   
    Sail Number Yacht Name Owner/Skipper Yacht Club Home Port Yacht Type Length Rating

Racing Area: Thistle Districts
 Division: One Design 
   1.   3825 3825 Robert Simonfy Nyack Boat Club New Rochelle, NY, USA Thistle 17
   2.   USA 4032 Boris Badenov Sam Brauer housatonic boat club Shelton, CT, USA Thistle 17
   3.   4046 Ghost Pepper Brian Joyce Cedar Point Yacht Club Fairfield, CT, USA Thistle 17
   4.   3953 Growler Robert Dexter BEYC Beverly, MA, USA Thistle 17
   5.   3721 Heartland Robert Pickens Cedar Point Yacht Club Old Greenwich, CT, USA Thistle 17
   6.   4016 Indefatigabler Brad Thompson Cedar Point Yacht Club Easton, CT, USA Thistle 17
   7.   3872 Katana Katherine Harris Nyack Boat Club Valley Cottage, NY, USA Thistle 17
   8.   603 Maid of Pligh Christopher Pollak Cedar Point Yacht Club Wilton, CT, USA Thistle 17
   9.   1853 Peregrine M Kreuzkamp SBWA Orange, CT, USA Thistle 17
   10.   956 Phaze Vince Yannelli SSA Bethesda, MD, USA Thistle 17 ft
   11.   4004 Rocket Ship Steve Gruver Cedar Point Yacht Club Bridgeport, CT, USA Thistle 17
   12.   3843 Stroppy Cow Tom Lawton Nyack Boat Club Piermont, NY, USA Thistle 17

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