2022 Blue Ribbon Regatta
Preliminary Scratch Sheet

Class Specific Report:   
Initial Starting Sequence
Racing Area: All Boats - Start time at noon
12 All Boats PHRF Class

NOTE: Starting sequence above applies to the first race of the day. Subsequent races may be started in different order. Please check the NOR, SI and follow your RC on the water instructions.

    Bow Sail Number Yacht Name Owner/Skipper Yacht Club Home Port Yacht Type Length Rating

Racing Area: All Boats - Start time at noon
    All Boats 
   1.   USA N/A Agarone Mirek Szczepocki USA Hunter 31 31  
   2.   USA N/A BELLA VITA Jurek Kobylarz USA  
   3. 61199   USA 61199 Shenandoah Ewa and Mirek Karczmarz PYCC Naperville, Il, USA Hunter 40.5 40 118.0
   4.   USA N/A Ullnas Jerry Ocytko USA S2 36  
   5.   60862 UMBRIAGA Radoslaw Zemojdzin Polish Yacht Club Chicago Chicago, IL, USA Abbott 27  

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