2017 J/Fest New England
Final Results Race 14

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Racing Circle Division Class Starting Date Starting Time Distance Wind

J/Fest Youth Championship One Design US J 70 Youth Championship 12/Aug/2017 04:10 PM    

Bow Sail Number Yacht Name Yacht Design Skipper/Crew Status Rating Finish Time Elapsed Time Corrected Time Class Fleet
J/Fest Youth Championship Racing
One Design Division
US J 70 Youth Championship
1 4   MudRatz Racing Youth Team J 70 Zach Champney/ Peter Cronin/ Lily Flack/ Alex Hughes/ Lucy Rath       1
2 2   Severn Sailing Association Youth Team J 70 James Golden/ Casey Cabot/ Luke Koerschner/ Harrison Koller/ Nicholas Papadopoulis       2
3 1   Santa Barbara YC Youth Team J 70 Lucas Pierce/ Ryan Eastwood/ Chris Kayda/ Payne Donaldson/ Kris Ozolins       3
4 8   St. Petersburg YC Youth Sailing Team J 70 Blaire McCarthy/ Cameron Delgado/ Callista Hopkins/ Heather Kerns/ Emma Shakespeare       4
5 6   Eastern YC Junior Team J 70 Clark Uhl/ Katharine Bowman/ Rachel Foster/ Garret McKinnon/ Kate O'Donnell       5
6 3   Annapolis YC Youth Team J 70 Porter Kavle/ Will Comerford/ Ben Podlich/ Jake Vickers DSQ       7  

2017 J/Fest New England
Corinthian Teams - Final Results Race 14

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