2014 J 105 North American Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Another Hazard (J 105)
Marc Doedens Tactician CANMD24 Group 1  
Dave Murphy Pit CANDM42 Group 1  
Ruby Pennell Bow CANRP10 Group 1  
Mitchell Pignatiello Main Trimmer CANMP12 Group 1  
Jessica Spence Spinnaker trimmer CANJS39 Group 1  
Peter Wolniak Skipper CANPW22 Group 1  
Arbitrage (J 105)
Ed Berkhout Mast CANEB16 Group 1  
Nicole Breault Tactician 120108z USANB20 Group 1  
Stuart Johnstone Chef   Group 1  
Jeffrey Long Headsail Trimmer CANJL16 Group 1  
Christina Mayor Bow USACM126 Group 1  
Bruce Stone Skipper 260545o USABS49  
Casual Elegance (J 105)
Robert Bartholomew Main Trimmer CANRB22 Group 1  
Geoff Clarke Skipper CANGC21 Group 1  
Ian Howes Bowman CANIH21  
Dominik Jableck Navigator CANDJ10 Group 1  
Robert Rayfield Tactician CANIH6 Group 1  
Mathew Watson Pitman CANMW25 Group 1  
Distant Passion (J 105)
James Macdonald BERJM1  
Endeavour (J 105)
Bill Bevan Helm CANBB8 Group 1  
Paul Martini Tactician CANPM10 Group 1  
Forró (J 105)
Will Gyles Bow CANWG3 Group 1  
Tony Liu    
Dirk McLaughlin Tactician   Group 1  
Gregory Mezo    
Drew Sutherland    
Eric Tulk Headsail Trimmer CANET1 Group 1  
Full Tilt (J 105)
Greg Albrecht Bow   Group 1  
Susan Beatty Bow CANSE8 Group 1  
Kirsty Clarke Brown Spinnaker trimmer USAKC94 Group 1  
David Pask Headsail Trimmer    
kevin pask Owner CANKP13 Group 1  
Kathy Pask Rutan Helm    
Good Lookin' (J 105)
JOHN ANTER Spinnaker trimmer 690935R   Group 1  
Nolan Churchill Pit USANC35 Group 1  
Ron Churchill Main Trimmer USARC131 Group 1  
Mark DenUyl Tactician USAMD124 Group 1  
Lori Shink Bow USALS91 Group 1  
Dean Walsh Helm 3526041 USADW130 Group 1  
H-Bomb (J 105)
David Dingle Bow CANDD15 Group 1  
Manfred Dohle Mast CANMD17 Group 1  
Russell Hopper Owner CANRH18 Group 1  
David Maher Spinnaker trimmer CANDM50 Group 1  
David Rourke Pit CANDR16 Group 1  
Rommel Santos Main Trimmer CANRS20 Group 1  
Hey Jude (J 105)
Scott Collinson Main Trimmer cansc5 Group 1  
David Jarvis CANDJ2 Group 1  
James Rathbun Skipper CANJR4 Group 1  
Ian Richardson Spinnaker trimmer CANIR2 Group 1  
Mark Robertson Bow CANMR4 Group 1  
Andrew Van Nostrand Pit CANAV4 Group 1  
Jamaica Me Crazy (J 105)
Peter Hall CANPH19 Group 1  
Live Edge (J 105)
Todd Irving Tactician CANTI1 Group 1  
Darryn McArthur Watch Captain   Group 1  
Michael Mountford CANMM46 Group 1  
Briar Robertson   Group 3  
Robyn Ross Spinnaker trimmer CANRR8 Group 1  
Derek Vandermeer   Group 1  
Matt Wood   Group 1  
Mandate (J 105)
Terry McLaughlin Helm   Group 1  
Rod Wilmer    
Pterodactyl (J 105)
Michael Garza Bow USAMG51 Group 1  
Dan Gidcumb Main Trimmer USADG92 Group 1  
Kevin Morin Bow USAKM49 Group 1  
Michael Morin Tactician 186271Z USAMM300 Group 1  
Thac Nguyen Spinnaker trimmer 654561U USATN10 Group 1  
Mark Symonds Skipper 245138t USAMS266 Group 1  
Rounding Error (J 105)
Colin Campbell Pit    
Wendy Campbell Spinnaker trimmer CANWC8 Group 1  
Gordon McIlquham Skipper    
Felicity Rodness Main Trimmer CANFR1 Group 1  
SEth Rodness Mast CANSR11 Group 1  
Sanity (J 105)
Rick Goebel 193446V CANRG6  
Sentient (J 105)
Andrew Chapman Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Mike Chapman Skipper   Group 1  
Thom Chapman Bow   Group 1  
Jeff Cooper Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Sonic Boom (J 105)
John Bennett CANJB21 Group 1  
Neil Brewster Spinnaker trimmer CANNN2 Group 1  
Emma Farquharson Pit CANEF8 Group 1  
Ian Farquharson CANIF2  
Bernie Farrol CANBF6 Group 1  
Jeff Jerome CANJJ16 Group 1  
Emily Sale Bow CANES19 Group 1  
Ashley Warburton CANAW13 Group 1  
Starcross (J 105)
Tony Bowman Tactician CANAB9 Group 1  
Glen Broll Main Trimmer CANGB4 Group 1  
Charlotte DeHeinrich Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Kari Mackay Bow CANKM3 Group 1  
Trudy Murphy Mid Bow CANTM19 Group 1  
Michael Penny Helm CANMP15  
Ruth Ann Penny Pit   Group 1  
The Usual Suspects (J 105)
Gavin Disney    
Thunderstruck (J 105)
Alana Johnston Pit CANAJ7 Group 1  
Michael Lambert CANML25 Group 1  
Andrew Moor Skipper CANAM21  
David Offierski Spinnaker trimmer CANDO4 Group 1  
Trevor Wallace Headsail Trimmer CANTW9 Group 1  
David Wilkes Tactician CANDW9 Group 1  
Trident (J 105)
David Clark Tactician   Group 1  
Doug Farrand Skipper   Group 1  
Jennifer Farrand Co-Skipper CANJF26 Group 1  
Trueblue (J 105)
Doug Bullock CANDB30  
Tusk (J 105)
Robert Baker Main Trimmer CANRB1 Group 1  
Jeffrey Lang-Weir Pit CANJL19 Group 1  
Gillian Lockett Spinnaker trimmer CANGL14 Group 1  
Martha Mckay Bow CANMM53 Group 1  
Ron Nielsen Headsail Trimmer CANRN3 Group 1  
Ted Weir Helm CANEW8 Group 1  
Two Feathers (J 105)
Daryl Bowen Mid Mast usadb111 Group 1  
Andre Denais Tactician 311482R usaad67 Group 1  
David Klebanoff Main Trimmer USADK71 Group 1  
jolene masur Pit 228617X USAJM289 Group 1  
Mark Masur 223163O USAMM202 Group 1  
Josh Richline 742880R USAJR163 Group 1  
Unbridled (J 105)
jc bartel Main Trimmer usacb183 Group 1  
Chadd Edwards Strategist usace33  
David Lincoln Bow usadl97 Group 1  
Robert Mock Owner 195053u usaRM13  
Katherine Schiele Pit usaks122  
Bob Valentine Chef usabv12  
Windshadow (J 105)
Ruth Barrett Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Lauri Ellias Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Jim Fisher USAJF146 Group 1  
Steve Harthorn Strategist    
Jim Murphy Owner 201328H   Group 1  

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