2019 Sail for Hope Fundraiser Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Apparition37 (IC37)
Ginny Colburn Mid Bow 710716G usavc5 Group 1  
Ken Colburn 102026c    
Tim Fetsch Captain   Group 3  
Andy Herlihy Main Trimmer USAAH39 Group 1  
Alison Rowe Bow USAAR13 Group 1  
Jeffrey Sammis Headsail Trimmer usajs32 Group 1  
Chip Whipple Tactician USARW97 Group 1  
Elizabeth (Bitsy) Whipple Runners USAEW52 Group 1  
Tod Yankee    
Arethusa (IC37)
Phil Lotz 149256c    
Astris (Seguin 46)
David MacBain Skipper    
Mary Beth MacBain    
Baby Bella (Dunning 42)
Harry Dunning Tactician    
Rodger Erker Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Jim Grundy 401287V    
Joshua Grundy    
Samuel Grundy Grinder   Group 1  
Nick Lounsbury Headsail Trimmer CANNL17 Group 1  
Kurt Sova Pit usaks9  
Bryan Stout Bow Usabs120   Group 3  
Bazinga! (F-31CR)
Dave Lussier UDADL36 Group 1  
Blackbird (F28 R trimaran)
Alessandro Bocconcelli-G Skipper 662987A   Group 1  
Blazer II (IC37 )
Christopher Culver 376544C USACC66  
Bluenose (Jeanneau 410)
Glenn Walters    
Buckshot (J24)
Steven Kirkpatrick    
Caneel (C&C 41)
Tony August Mast   Group 1  
Chip Hawkins Skipper 203021B    
Susan Hawkins Mast   Group 1  
Matt Leonard Grinder    
Dave Mcgill Main Trimmer    
John Ratcliffe Grinder    
Cavalino (W-Class 37)
Karis Barton    
Gregory Bradfield Other   Group 1  
Michael Cate    
Andrew Hamilton   Group 1  
James Lane Other   Group 1  
Jay Mulrooney    
Justin Werner Captain   Group 3  
Nick White    
Cayenne (Rustler 33)
Alyssa Bottone    
Brian Firth    
William Firth   Group 1  
Alix Manny Pro Bowler   Group 3  
Andrew O'Donnell    
John Wheeler Mast   Group 1  
Celeritas (Tf10)
Malcolm Gefter    
Chuck Wagon (VXOne)
Phip Hallowell    
COCO (Swan 36)
Herb McCormick Chef   Group 1  
Dana Reed Other    
David Reed Bow   Group 1  
Ian Scott    
Joy Scott Floater   Group 1  
Heather Wilson    
Charlie Zechel Chef   Group 1  
Crazy Horse (Baltic J/V 50)
Sean McLaughlin 655772Y USASM138 Group 1  
Cydarydigo (Ensign)
Max Hooker Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Bill Steel Helm   Group 1  
Chuck Taylor Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Mollie Williams Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Das Blau Nax (IC37)
Cory and Mark Sertl    
Destiny (Swan 46)
Andy Dickinson    
Chelsea Nauta In the way   Group 1  
Max Tullman Skipper   Group 3  
Patricia Tullman    
Rob Tullman 318480D    
Stephen Tullman Mid Mast   Group 1  
Diamante (Grand Soleil 45)
Scott Foberg Captain    
Jon Muccini Navigator USAJM416 51500 Group 1  
Divided Sky (Summit 35)
Vincent & Kristina McAteer 254135P   Group 1  
Elan (Beneteau First 36.7)
John Hammel   Group 1  
Epiphany (S2 9.1)
Michael Alice Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1  
Bobby Broderick Bow   Group 1  
Emily Brown Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Dawn Constanzo   Group 1  
Glenn Fitch Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Katie Kirk Pit 773702S   Group 1  
Will Museler Headsail Trimmer 784946N   Group 1  
Jeff Roy Skipper 256135T    
Epiphany (e33)
Nick Bowen 710976R    
Eric Spicer Floater    
Larri tonelli parker Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Falcon 2000 (Cookson 80)
Cary St Onge    
Final Gravity (Corsair F31R)
Jeff Bugbee    
Finisterre (Freedom 32)
Spencer Bush-Brown    
Michael Chapman 155869G   Group 1  
Olivia Chapman Co-Skipper 29   Group 1  
John Martin Staysail trimmer   Group 1  
Flying Fish G (Corsair F27 (modified))
Steven Parks 154706O    
Fortune (Schooner)
david boyd Mast   Group 1  
evan boyd    
Richie Boyd   Group 1  
Liz Doucette    
John Taft 662464R    
Frolic (Luders Navy 44 Yawl)
Bill Doyle 255434T    
Gamecock 37 (IC37)
Peter McClennen    
Goat Rodeo (Seaquest 36)
Todd Johnston 225914R    
HARAKA (Beneteau)
Peter Cuddy In the way   Group 1  
Craig Forbes 212527L    
Margaret Forbes    
Michael Katz Grinder   Group 1  
Chris Mortimer Bow   Group 1  
Daniella Wilhelm In the way   Group 1  
Harper (Quickstep 24)
Michelle Drum In the way    
Robert drum Owner 60627    
Francois Verglas Helm    
Marie Helene Verglas In the way    
HULA (Tartan 30)
Michael Allen 756917U   Group 1  
Impetuous V (IC37)
Charles Goodrich & Paul Zabetakis 651043Q USACG28 Group 1  
Irie 2 (Kerr 55)
Brian Cunha    
Thomas Henneberry Grinder USATH94 Group 1  
Dickey Hyde Main Trimmer 110607C USARH28 Group 1  
Ron LeComte Navigator   Group 1  
Jon Lynch Mast   Group 1  
Kevin Magee Pit   Group 1  
Paul McMahon Mast   Group 1  
Danny Nystrom Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Jo Riley Grinder   Group 1  
Alvaro Sanchis Bow    
alex smith Headsail Trimmer USAAS90 Group 1  
Renee Wightman Pit Assist usarw126  
Jambo (Beneteau First 40)
Mike Filimon    
Jennifer Foley    
Jacob George Chef   Group 1  
Kelly Hunter Floater 60786   Group 1  
Eric Langley    
Eric Langley Jr Mast   Group 1  
Thomas Lemaire    
Jessica Marcusa    
Chris Sheldon    
Land Rover (Nacra Carbon 20)
Joseph Valante 282565Y   Group 1  
Leading Edge (J 109)
Tom Sutton 122697Z    
Leonessa (Baltic 42DP Centerboard)
Charlie Burke Grinder   Group 1  
Raymond DeLeo 308910T USARD21 Group 1  
Donald Miller In the way   Group 1  
Athena Vieira    
Letsgo (Sea Sprite)
Jeff Schuldheiss    
Lucky (J 70)
Christopher Murray 176152U Usacm164  
Peter Stalkus Headsail Trimmer usaps79 Group 1  
Maureen (Pacific Seacraft Dana 24)
Laura Bete    
Jeffrey Long Skipper   Group 1  
Mark Marosits    
Mike Marosits    
Members Only (IC 37)
Corr/Kinney/ Swett    
Mental Floss (Hunter 34)
Tom Charlton Tactician    
Randy Church Helm    
Juan Guerra Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Juan Guerra Headsail Trimmer    
MoonDog (C&C 115)
Brian Abbott / James Arrighi 392823U    
Never Sip (CNB 70)
Michael Blitzer    
Osprey (Herreshoff S Class)
Sheldon Whitehouse    
Pau Hana (Catalina 36 MkII)
Hank Barnes Strategist   Group 1  
Matt Campbell Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Cheryl Cox Bow   Group 1  
Anthony Ragusa Grinder   Group 1  
Deken Schmidt Floater   Group 1  
B.Mark Swaine Pit   Group 1  
David Wilson 672754Q USADW147  
Peders Parade (Melges 24)
Peter Fosberg Tactician 371142m   Group 1  
Andrew Kingston 685034s USAAK113  
Will Starkey   Group 1  
Randy Weir In the way   Group 1  
Pegasus (Sabre 36)
Scott Walker 228582F    
Phoenix (Pearson 28-1)
Winkle Kelley    
Missy Taylor    
Pirate (Herreshoff S Class)
Lou Cuddy Bow    
Mac Cuddy Tactician    
Trey Cuddy Main Trimmer    
Robert Patterson Skipper    
Privateer (Cookson 50)
Ron O'Hanley    
Radiant (J 100)
Dylan Callahan Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jim Estes    
Susie Matthews In the way   Group 1  
Tom Matthews   Group 1  
Fortunat Mueller Main Trimmer    
Reef Points (Westerly Marine)
Gurdon Wattles    
Relentless (Frers 33)
Charles Beal    
Nick Beal    
Peter Brockmann    
Chris Bruce Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Timothy Dwyer    
Charlie Normand Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Thomas Stark / Ben Wagner USATS11    
S'agapo (Spirit 46)
Jon Cody    
Jamie Dodwell Helm    
Will Harris Rush Chairman    
James Saleh Chef    
Salacia (J 120)
Edward Hayes Navigator 686701K USAEH103 Group 1  
Andrew Houghton    
Mike Kehew    
Cortney Kingsley Other   Group 1  
Jim Limoges Mast    
Christopher Mulvey Pro Bowler 785921A USACM252 Group 1  
Mark Nannini 140502Z USAMN69  
Geoff Van Gorkum    
Sans Souci (C & C)
David Resare 359118A    
Serenity (Dufour 36 P)
Jim Bousquet    
Justin Catalano Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Charles Denby    
David Donnelly Floater   Group 1  
Parker Ives Bow   Group 1  
Curt Spalding Skipper    
Patrice Spalding Pit Assist    
Settler (Tripp 43)
Thomas Rich 159964K    
Spirit (J 92s)
EC Helme    
Stray Cat (Nonsuch 30)
John Corbishley   Group 1  
Lori Corbishley Strategist    
Gaile Flight   Group 1  
Ronald Flight Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Surprise (Herreshoff S Boat)
Peter Burgess Bow   Group 1  
Bea Grimmitt Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Kimberly Hunt Runners   Group 1  
Jack McViker    
Fred Roy Skipper    
Nancy Roy Skipper 768990M    
Tenderly (Friendship 40)
Mark Masiello Skipper 744483Z   Group 1  
Nick Meyer Helm   Group 1  
The Cat Came Back (Swan 42)
Lincoln Mossop 758140Z    
Vento Solare (J 109)
Laurent Bissonnette Main Trimmer USALB96 Group 1  
John Bonds Headsail Trimmer USAJB57 Group 1  
Eric Irwin Tactician USAEI3 Group 1  
Bill Kneller Helm 335426T USABK28 Group 1  
Adam Marks Headsail Trimmer USAAM131 Group 1  
Mary Martin Pit USAMM342 Group 1  
Maciej Zieminski Headsail Trimmer POLMZ9 Group 1  
Warrior 30 (Cc30)
Warrior Sailing    
Wicked Wahine (Corsair F-24 trimaran)
Avram Dorfman Skipper 304623n    
Wendy Loeffler Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Alyssa Paz Floater   Group 1  
Will Rittweger Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Yonder (IC37)
Douglas Newhouse    
Zephyros (Melges 24)
Johnny Gieseke    
Timothy Grimes Skipper    
A. Brock Kraebel Tactician   Group 1  
Jeremiah Lowe Floater   Group 1  
Kathleen Rand Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  

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