2013 J 70 Great Lakes Championships
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
179 (J 70)
Jud Smith 120803B USAJS195  
Chinook (J 70)
Ann Austin 234894F USACA27 Group 1  
Carrie & Ed Austin 234894F USACA27 Group 1  
Ed Austin 234894F USACA27 Group 1  
Scott Salerno Headsail Trimmer USASS199 Group 1  
CloudSourced (J/70)
Ronald Copfer Owner 220451H USARC118 Group 1  
Jeff Eiber Spinnaker trimmer 285567G USAJE72 Group 1  
Wayne Pignolet Pignolet Helm   Group 1  
Tom Sessions Chef 310387T USATS93 Group 1  
Dynamo (J 70)
Andrew Papierz    
iZula (J 70)
Kenneth Smith 699590E USAKS109  
Joint Custody (C) (J 70)
Jake Doyle Runners 287377K USAJD114 Group 1  
Kevin Doyle 186545A USAKD Group 1  
Jennifer Wulff 287505W USAJW18 Group 1  
Ray Wulff USARW102 Group 1  
Junior (J 70)
Donald Finkle Owner 103102X USADF17  
Justin Hays Headsail Trimmer    
Jordan Paxhia Tactician Usajp198  
Morgan Paxhia Helm 249490I USAMP36 Group 1  
Layla (C) (J 70)
Tim Gibbs Helm 189512X USATG44 Group 1  
Eric Sneed USAES85 Group 1  
Corey Wisniewski USACW77 Group 1  
John Zelli USAJZ14 Group 1  
Napoleon (J 70)
Patrick Byrne    
Phoenix (J 70)
Anthony Bocchichio Headsail Trimmer USAAB127 Group 1  
Adam Croglia Tactician USAAC112 Group 1  
Peter Firey 281443P Usapf34 Group 1  
Bridget Taylor Mast   Group 1  
Pig's Ear (C) (J 70)
Gary Tisdale / Adam Burns 237296H USAGT26 Group 1  
Adam Burns USAAB3 Group 1  
Todd Hiller Watch Captain 185058Y USATH8 Group 1  
Jason Suitor Mast 666741N USAJS103 Group 1  
Planet Claire (J 70)
John and Marisa Koten    
Plankton (C) (J 70)
Paul Cannon Owner 125201D USAPC36 Group 1  
Jim Carminati USAJC125  
Jack Doyle Bow USAJD215 Group 1  
Peter Doyle Other Usapd13 Group 1  
Possum (J 70)
Christopher Hesse USACH65 Group 1  
Christopher LoTempio Pit usacl81 Group 1  
William Markel 129818A USAWM63 Group 1  
Andrew Neal Pitman USAAN19 Group 1  
REX (J 70)
Scott Weakley CANSW14  
Road Trip (J 70)
John Brateck   Group 1  
Jack Kitrenos   Group 1  
Rick Lenard Pit 145756Z   Group 1  
Ken Meyer   Group 1  
Sail22 Fäle (J 70)
Becky Furry    
Soul (J 70)
David Koski 104657t    
Thing (C) (J 70)
Dan Clevenger Grinder USADC102 Group 1  
Larry Greathouse Mid Mast USALG22 Group 1  
Michael Mansuetto Chef USAMM170 Group 1  
J.B. Walsh Captain 254049U USAJW142 Group 1  
Tigress (J 70)
Timothy Weibel    
Torqeedo (J 70)
Conner Godfrey Tactician   Group 1  
Adam Masters Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Rory Mess Tactician   Group 1  
Mark Stuhlmiller Skipper   Group 1  
Touch2Play (J 70)
Martin Kullman 148325U USAMK30  
U S 32 (J 70)
David Ullman 107180T    
USA 168 (J 70)
Marty McKenna 295774I USAMM163  
USA 69 (J 70)
Joseph Colling 201051D USAJC123  

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