2013 Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race Week XXV
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
0352 (J 80)
Kristen Berry Other 293716u USAKB4 Group 3  
Blake Fleetwood Helm    
Michael Hedges Mast USAMH35 Group 1  
5cent (J-100)
Ate Meijer@hotmail.com   Group 1  
Bradley Neuberth Bow 152004B   Group 1  
Joseph Powers Grinder    
Pace Ralli Pit   Group 1  
Roland Singer    
Alex Sparkman Grinder    
Douglas Stowe Headsail Trimmer    
Nickel van Reesema Skipper   Group 1  
Volckert van Reesema    
Acadia (Cat Ketch)
Burt Keenan    
Afterglow (Express 37)
Andreas Eieland Grinder NORAE5 Group 1  
David James Tactician 194567D    
Andrew Kirsch Bow   Group 1  
John Quackenbush Mast    
Bartz Schneider 152610F    
John Spencer Pit    
Allan Stern Strategist   Group 1  
Michael Vergalla Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Bill Walker Captain 320599A USAWW44 Group 1  
Lucy Walker Pit   Group 1  
Air Express (San Juan 30)
Pat Colwell    
Andy Fesenmeyer Mid Mast    
Chris Fesenmeyer 227600m    
Larry Murphy Strategist    
Kevin Osinski Bow    
Peter Ritchey Bow    
John Ward Grinder   Group 1  
Andiamo (J 111)
Paul Strauch 296914A    
Angry Chameleon (J 80)
Thomas Bowen Other 140629L USATB91 Group 1  
Anne Hooper Headsail Trimmer USAAH82 Group 1  
Katie Hughes Other 266833Z    
Michael Miller    
Apparition (Swan 42)
Ken Colburn Helm 102026c usakc4 Group 1  
Virginia Colburn Mid Bow 102026c usavc5 Group 1  
Ian Cook 257098J USAIC3 Group 1  
Lyndsey Gibbons-Neff usalg19 Group 1  
Ian Henderson    
Oakley Jones Bow usaoj1 Group 1  
Caroline Levesque Mid Bow usach42 Group 1  
Peter Levesque Tactician 207750v usapl18 Group 1  
Robert Slattery Strategist usars1 Group 1  
Pete Stalkus Main Trimmer usaps79 Group 1  
Matthew Szala Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Matt Wordell Mast USAMW113 Group 1  
Arethusa (Swan 42)
Peter Benedetto Bow 165609T USAPB Group 1  
Scott Bihl Mid Mast USASB67 Group 1  
Peter Clark Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Coliin Gordon Tactician 180082O USACG73 Group 1  
Luke Lawrence USALL38 Group 1  
Phil Lotz 149256C    
Wendy Lotz Navigator USAWL17 Group 1  
Brendan Marshall Pit USABM56 Group 3  
Billy Martin 255045s USABM118 Group 1  
Sarah Ragle USASR70 Group 1  
Chip Whipple Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Ariel (J 109)
Neil Fraser Bow USANF18 Group 1  
Sam Gen Headsail Trimmer USASG22 Group 1  
Jim Harman Navigator USAJH224 Group 1  
Henry Muench Pit USAHM14 Group 1  
Will Waldron Strategist USAWW68 Group 1  
Diane Warren Mid Mast USADW98 Group 1  
Jeffrey Warren Skipper 110682N USAJW164 Group 1  
Avalanche (Farr 395)
Craig Albrecht Helm 197897S USACA6 Group 1  
Paul Bacchiocchi Main Trimmer USAPB76  
Kevin Bachner Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Cathy Bontempo Pit   Group 1  
Anthony Dekkers Bow 120401V USAAD12 Group 1  
Paul Famighetti Navigator USAPF6 Group 1  
Kurt Finkbeiner Tactician   Group 1  
Nick Hall Pit USANH8 Group 1  
Maeve Judge Mid Bow IRLMJ2 Group 1  
Steve Miele Mast    
Lucien Moore Mast   Group 1  
Bandit (Swan 42)
Andrew & Melissa Fisher USAAF4  
Barleycorn (Swan 42)
Brendan Brownyard Skipper 134878D USABB13 Group 1  
Thomas Castiglione    
Peter Colby Main Trimmer usapc33 Group 1  
James Gurnell    
Kim Kuzina Pit USAKK44 Group 1  
Bruce Lawrence Bow 159557H USABL23 Group 1  
Robert Masini Headsail Trimmer USARM84 Group 1  
W. Jay Mills USAWM68 Group 1  
Chris Quaglio Headsail Trimmer USACQ1 Group 1  
Kathleen Remmer USAKR6 Group 1  
Big Boat (J 109)
Seth Barrows USASB136 Group 1  
Doug Hannah Main Trimmer USADH56 Group 1  
Jake Hannah Bow USAJH280 Group 1  
James Hannah Headsail Trimmer USAJH281 Group 1  
Kyle McArdle Bow 311130C USAKM93 Group 1  
Sara Nightingale Other USASN25 Group 1  
William Rogers Helm 209502Q USAWR45 Group 1  
Richard Skeen Tactician USARS198 Group 1  
Black Ice (Melges 32)
Carl Fast Main Trimmer 672476R USACF24 Group 1  
Laura Grondin Owner 700622P USALG43  
Rick Grondin Mast    
Frank Murphy Headsail Trimmer 686899u FM28 Group 1  
Khalil Rahman   Group 1  
Zia Rahman    
Matthew Ray Tactician    
Andrew Rogers Mid Bow    
Black Watch (Custom Yawl)
Randy Ashton Runners   Group 1  
Becky Belcher Other    
Peter Feen Mid Mast    
Brian Feil    
Joshua Feil Other    
Black Watch Alliance LLC LLC Watch Captain 124230G USALF15 Group 1  
Jesse Terry Bow    
Beatrice Witzgall USABW36  
Blackwing (J 90)
Chris Dowling 199446H USAJD22  
Peter Sabbeth Strategist USAPS20 Group 1  
Blazer (Swan 42)
Christopher Culver Skipper 376544C USACC66 Group 1  
Blown Away (J 105)
Cheryl Harvey Skipper 310706G USACH126 Group 1  
Fritz Koopman Headsail Trimmer USAFK5 Group 1  
Robert Mann Tactician 162864W USARM122 Group 1  
Don Peloquin Pit 356252X USADP77 Group 1  
Jon Samel Bow 333698H USAJS95 Group 1  
Bluto (Evelyn 32 (modified))
Bill Berges Navigator 394773H    
Maureen Berges Runners    
Corey Butlin Headsail Trimmer    
Ben Hall Skipper 103644M    
Nan Hall Pit 284552X    
Henry Maxwell Bow   Group 1  
Wes Maxwell Bow    
Ray Rapino Watch Captain    
Catherine Swanson Mid Mast USACS253  
Bottle Rocket (J 105)
Tomer Levin Bow USATL64 Group 1  
Bruce Levinson Headsail Trimmer USABL76 Group 1  
Michael Lowell Bow USAML121 Group 1  
Glenn Marck Skipper 244291x USAGM48 Group 1  
Peter Orshan Strategist USAPO14 Group 1  
Bravo (J 111)
Kerry Coyne    
Joshua Kapell Pit USAJK175 Group 1  
Warren Richter    
Keith Scala Mast USAKS124 Group 1  
Andrew Ward Skipper 741086W USAAW99 Group 1  
Sedgwick Ward 308141S    
Breakaway (Tripp 37)
Richard Bracken Main Trimmer 101554J    
Ed Claflin Pit    
Vincent Dert Headsail Trimmer    
Lisamarie Dixon Runners   Group 1  
Allen Fligor Bow   Group 1  
Michael LaChance Main Trimmer 344096C USAML85 Group 1  
Katie Moraglia Mast    
David Otterbein Skipper 688245T    
David White Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Buckaroo (J 105)
Robert Archie Mid Bow   Group 1  
Aaron Beguelin Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Robert Beguelin Skipper 700028Z USARB171 Group 1  
Kai Johnston Headsail Trimmer 685882M   Group 1  
Prag Katta Bow 366732Z USAPK59 Group 1  
Tijani Marou Bow   Group 1  
Noah Martin Mast   Group 1  
Jake Shows Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Maddie Sperling Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Caminos (J 109)
Sarah Amaden Pit USASA37 Group 1  
Chris Buncke Headsail Trimmer USACB23 Group 3  
Dan Cameron Tactician USADC28 Group 1  
Ryan Dempsey Helm USARD54 Group 1  
Cristina Filippelli Pit USACF44 Group 1  
Donald Filippelli Owner USACF44 Group 1  
Larry Kane Mast USALK14 Group 1  
Ken Nilsen Bow USAKN16 Group 1  
David Rosow Main Trimmer USADR12 Group 1  
Carrera (C&C 37/40+)
John Conquest Bow    
Kevin Flood Tactician 112081K   Group 1  
Mike Jennings Bow   Group 1  
Steve Meyer Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Kathy Romano Pit    
Bob Schmidt Headsail Trimmer    
Bruce Tucker Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Lukas van der Kroft Headsail Trimmer    
Steve Zwiren Captain 237679K USASZ8 Group 1  
Catamount II (FT 10M)
Cliff Crowley usacc18 Group 1  
Jim Farrell Other 681845Q USAJF85 Group 1  
Chris Fleming Bow   Group 1  
Eric Fleming    
Ed Lazaruk Main Trimmer    
Chris "Topher" McGowan Navigator    
Mark McGowan Skipper 2367305 USAGM79  
Paul Noniewicz Pit    
Timothy Taussig    
Catapult (Ker 40)
michael coe Watch Captain USAMC38 Group 3  
garth dennis Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
geoffrey ewenson Tactician   Group 3  
Dave Gerber Headsail Trimmer 695380N   Group 3  
Marc Glimcher Skipper   Group 1  
Kyle Kandt Pit   Group 3  
Russell Miller Strategist Usawm32 Group 1  
JC Raby Mast   Group 1  
Justin Shaffer Mast    
grant spanhake Main Trimmer 205467X   Group 3  
pete todd Bowman   Group 3  
Celebration (II) (Tripp 37)
Sea Scout Ship 6    
Celeritas (Melges 32)
Malcolm Gefter    
Challenge IV (J 44)
Phil Cox Headsail Trimmer    
Kyle Erlandsen Bow   Group 1  
Dan Faria Headsail Trimmer 121608G USADF8 Group 1  
Scott Jacobitti Headsail Trimmer USAPJ18 Group 1  
Fran Johnson Pit 229046Y    
Ken Lane Main Trimmer 275549D USAKL23 Group 1  
Michael Reuter    
David Willis USADW15 Group 1  
Jeffrey W. Willis Owner 120483N USAJW29 Group 1  
Timothy Willis   Group 1  
Todd Willis Strategist   Group 1  
Charlie V (J 44)
dan coughlin    
jack hession Pit 706009W USAJH278 Group 1  
Erik Knudsen Mast   Group 1  
fran nilsen    
brian o'farrell Navigator USABO3 Group 1  
Joe Robinson Mast USAJR131 Group 1  
Ron Rourk Mid Mast USARR115 Group 1  
Norman Schulman Skipper 122082M usans4 Group 1  
Taylor walker Tactician USAPW54 Group 1  
simon wills Main Trimmer 303599 Group 1  
Evan Woodford Bow 699859V USAEW58 Group 1  
Christopher Dragon VIII (J 130)
Jonathan Asch Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Michael Beers Mid Bow   Group 3  
Wes Bemus Bow USAWB66 Group 1  
Larry Fox Navigator 163764X USALF7 Group 1  
Caroline LaMotte Other   Group 1  
Steve Minninger 109026 Group 1  
Butch Ulmer Tactician 366944F   Group 3  
Andrew & Linda Weiss Skipper 352216l   Group 1  
Gavin Weiss Pit USAGW43 Group 1  
Peter Willcox Grinder usapw29  
Church Key (J 80)
Chris Chadwick Skipper 253780y Usacc76  
Ian Coleman Medic/Doctor USAIC11 Group 1  
Henry Filter Tactician USAHF1 Group 1  
Tom Murray Mast 660516E USATM65 Group 1  
Citation (Irwin Citation)
Rob Hamlin Pit   Group 3  
Chris Imlach    
Brendan McCarthy Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
John McLaughlin Pit    
David Way Captain   Group 1  
Matt Way Strategist    
Raymond Way Helmsman    
Convictus Maximus (Farr 42 IRC)
Denise Bienvenu Strategist 377182G CANDB3 Group 3  
Greg Latz Pit   Group 1  
Tim Mason Headsail Trimmer USATM94  
John Mollicone Tactician USAJM87 Group 3  
Patrick Murphy Bow   Group 1  
Donald Nicholson Helm 331244L   Group 1  
Mark Perry   Group 1  
Bill Reid Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Steve Walkington Navigator CANSW15 Group 1  
Paul White Main Trimmer CANPW16 Group 1  
Cool Breeze (Mills 43 Custom)
John Borowski Pitman 660560D   Group 1  
Alex Clegg Headsail Trimmer USAAC61  
John Cooper Helmsman 178837G USABL10 Group 1  
John Crutcher Navigator   Group 1  
Brian Giorgio Headsail Trimmer    
Billy Liberty Tactician 178837G USABL10 Group 3  
Andrew Waine Main Trimmer    
Cool J (J 80)
John Chiochetti Headsail Trimmer 703249W USAJC135 Group 1  
Catharine Evans Bow 672563Q USACE29 Group 1  
Alexander Kraus Helmsman 689222N GERAK13  
Eric Mentzell Grinder 222348P USAEM13 Group 1  
Corsair (TP 52)
Kyzle Baker Skipper    
Andy Beeler Skipper    
Jack Cathcart Skipper USAJC253  
Erik Derecktor Skipper 729757T USAED44  
Ryan Jaenke Skipper USARJ33  
Shane Kravetz Skipper    
Charles Morris Skipper 688418U USACM175  
Padraig O'Brien Skipper    
Stefan Schmidt Skipper    
Barney Schmidtke Skipper    
Spencer Shabshab Skipper    
Jahn Tihansky Skipper    
John Watkins Skipper    
Courageous (J 80)
Gary Panariello 309455D    
Coyote (Megles 32)
thomas chigins Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Bill Clemens 17568c    
chad corning Main Trimmer   Group 3  
david doody Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
john dunne Strategist   Group 1  
Karl Funk Bow 274819Y USAKF9 Group 3  
jerry noonan Mid Bow   Group 1  
paul recktenwald    
Crackerjack (Cambria 40)
James Gray Headsail Trimmer 671525Z USAJG32 Group 1  
Joanne Halpin Mid Bow   Group 1  
Will Halpin Grinder   Group 1  
Kathleen Hart Mast 661428S    
Alan Krulisch Captain 172110c USAAK14 Group 1  
Mark Martin Other usamm233 Group 1  
Bruce Ogden Headsail Trimmer    
Jill Segraves Bow    
Jacolyn Wetmore Other USAJW209 Group 1  
Crocodile (Beneteau First 36.7)
Maria Calabrese Mast USAMC149 Group 1  
Joseph Connolly Tactician 141043F USAJC239 Group 1  
Josh Keegan Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Fady Khairallah Bow USAFK11 Group 1  
Mark Laser Headsail Trimmer 403003D USAML115 Group 1  
Sue Ratkiewich Pit USASR74 Group 1  
Lou Roberts Main Trimmer 320454M USALR25 Group 1  
BethAnn Semararo Pit USABS130 Group 1  
Brian Williams Skipper 686460u USABW82 Group 1  
Thomas Williams   Group 1  
Cymothoe (Sabre 362)
Joesph Albanese Mast    
David Alldian 218486H    
Jim Aridas Bowman   Group 1  
Ronald LaNeve Main Trimmer usarl6 Group 3  
Eric Lehnes Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Steve Lopez Navigator   Group 1  
Pete Zanowic Grinder    
Daring (Swan 42)
sandy andrews Bow CANSA7 Group 1  
rob gale Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jim Gibson Pit   Group 3  
will gyles Mast   Group 1  
John Hele Skipper 126702L USAJH109 Group 1  
david jarvis Main Trimmer   Group 1  
pete martin Runners   Group 1  
terry mclaughlin    
Andrew McTavish Headsail Trimmer CANAM Group 1  
allan megarry Navigator   Group 1  
pam murrin Pit   Group 1  
Andrew van Nostrand Pit CANAV4 Group 1  
Decision (HPR Carkeek 40)
Tyler Black Bow USATB54 Group 1  
Gijs Gunneman Pit    
Anthony Kotoun Tactician ISVAK Group 3  
Joseph Morris Headsail Trimmer    
Stephen Murray    
Stephen Murray Owner    
Kevin Savitt USAKS17 Group 3  
Cam Warner Runners    
jeremy Wilmot Main Trimmer    
Deviation (Soverel 33)
Iris Vogel 154629U    
Dirty Harry (J 29)
Jack McGuire    
Distant Passion (J 105)
Jon Corless Main Trimmer BERJC3 Group 1  
James Macdonald Helm BERJM1 Group 1  
Jeff Roach Headsail Trimmer BERJR2 Group 1  
Leatrice Roman Pit BERLR1 Group 1  
Hannah Simpson Bow GBRHS35 Group 1  
Walter Smith Mast BERWS3 Group 1  
Dolphin (J 122)
Alex Bledsoe Navigator   Group 1  
Mary Hall Strategist   Group 1  
Hunter Harrell Mid Bow    
Jack Lahey Pit   Group 1  
Meredith Lipp Grinder    
Duncan Mamer Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Neil McMillan Helm   Group 1  
Roscoe Thomas Bow   Group 1  
Nick Woods Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jonathan Wright Other 111797x USAJW95 Group 1  
DownTime (Summit 40)
Rob Almeida    
Jonathan Bartlett Tactician 155382y   Group 3  
Rich Bowen   Group 3  
Ed Freitag    
Nate Frizzell Other   Group 1  
Molly Haley    
Holger Hinsch Main Trimmer 244051N GERHH4 Group 1  
Jeff Riedle Strategist 349552F USAJR160 Group 1  
Quinn Tobin Medic/Doctor    
Jeff Udell Navigator   Group 3  
Tom Weaver USATW10  
Draco (Express 37)
paige behringer Other   Group 1  
Robert Behringer Skipper 256399L   Group 1  
William Colin Tactician    
kevin dreyer    
christen franco Pit   Group 1  
jim franco    
nancy kornblum Other    
Michele Milbrodt Pit    
bob miller Mast    
dylan omalley-joyce Main Trimmer    
greg raybon Main Trimmer 120442E USAGR6  
Dreamcatcher (Swan 48)
Fred Burgess    
Chris Klotz Bow    
John Klotz Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Bill (Frank) O'Halloran    
Jeff O'Halloran    
Paul Pakos 210145F    
Bill (Abe) Peck Bow    
Fred (Rick) Pryor    
Bruce Skinner    
Bob Warakomsky Tactician   Group 1  
Eagle (J 80)
David McCarthy Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Peter McCarthy Owner 185877J   Group 1  
Eagles Dare (J 111)
Chris Beane Pit   Group 1  
Rob Breslin Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Andrew Carleton Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Greg Flederman Bow RSAGF3 Group 1  
Geoff Moore Tactician USAGM6 Group 3  
Mike Piper Skipper 357032T USAMP117 Group 1  
Eric Thornton Grinder   Group 1  
Eclipse (J 105)
Kevin Dakan Bow USAKD47 Group 1  
Damian Emery Skipper 197768M USADE20 Group 1  
Pam Morris Headsail Trimmer USAPM095 Group 1  
Helena Petersen Pit USAHP16 Group 1  
George Ryan Tactician USAGR4 Group 1  
Dave Schrader USADS159  
Fidelio (S&S 39)
Charles Townsend    
Fin II (Olson 30)
Thomas O'Connell Skipper 325017N USATO22 Group 1  
Vlastimil Vlastimil Kunc Mid Bowman CZEVK2 Group 1  
FKA (J 80)
Les Beckwith 322930N    
Flashpoint (J 100)
Adrian Little Skipper 319091E USAAL3 Group 1  
Jonathan Ricci Helmsman USAJR186 Group 1  
Flirt (Navy 44 )
Jonathan Driesslein Tactician 712889R   Group 3  
Flyer (Beneteau First 10R)
Michael Cooleen Tactician 687928Z    
Phil Gavey Mid Bowman    
Jon Johnston Bow 310917L    
John Kimberly Helm 667118X    
Chris Morrison    
Jeff Morrison Helmsman    
Kerry Morrison Mid Bow   Group 1  
Ryan Morrison    
Ken ODonnell Medic/Doctor    
Kaitlin orourke Main Trimmer    
michael orourke Tactician 689031R    
Mike Orourke jr Pit    
Rick Smola Strategist    
For Sail (J 29 MH OB)
Mike Carducci 226326R   Group 1  
Mike Floyd USAMF24  
Pierini Geoff 656323s USAGP27  
Jeremy Macan 360744r USALM45  
Jim Mackevich 145172T    
Katie Mackevich Bow USAKM43 Group 1  
Armando Tamargo Mast    
Forza (Frers F3)
Marek Antkowiak Other    
Brendan Beyer Mid Mast   Group 1  
Richard Chavis Main Trimmer    
Victor Chetcuti Headsail Trimmer USAVC6 Group 1  
Connor Coughlin Grinder   Group 1  
Dave Coughlin Tactician 690515S USADC52  
Franz Haag Mast    
Tony Tertiropoulos Skipper 331854T    
Juanita Vega-Chetcuti Pit USAJV40 Group 1  
Freightrain (Frers 36)
Brian Geary    
John Goll    
Richard Hyde Helm 110607C USARH28 Group 1  
Tom May    
Paul Murphy Tactician    
James Papargiris Mid Mast   Group 1  
Robert Redding Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Glory (J 44)
Ben Arocho Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Andrew Britton Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
John Dierker Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Kayla Ellis Pit   Group 1  
Avery Fanning Helm   Group 1  
Christi Frost Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Brian Hills Tactician   Group 1  
Kevin Knaup    
Megan Koch USAMK107 Group 1  
Jason LeBlanc 141959W USAJL142  
Jack Neades Skipper 141959W USAJN31  
Le Nelson Mast   Group 1  
Jordan Rank Bow   Group 1  
Gold Digger (J 44)
James D. Bishop 114950Q usajb2  
James Bishop, Jr. Tactician 110713B   Group 1  
Tim Ebert USATE30 Group 1  
Tom Greig Headsail Trimmer usatg52  
Rudi Hutter Runners USARH77  
Steve Madeira    
Tom Manco    
Lisa Mathey    
John Osmond Medic/Doctor 110568O   Group 1  
Kathy Tracy    
Tom Tracy    
Gordon E (S&S 30)
kate barker Pit   Group 1  
richard barker Tactician   Group 1  
Bob Hogan Other    
Mike Hogan Other   Group 1  
kate lovelace    
Jack McVicker Bow 333694D    
Glenn Walters Skipper 651598D   Group 1  
Gossip (J 109)
Greg Ames Helm USAGA7 Group 1  
Bryan Cameron Bow 237068B USABC27 Group 1  
Taber French Pit 689694H USATF15 Group 1  
Bob Jensen Mast USARJ12 Group 1  
Tor Johnson Headsail Trimmer Usatj23 Group 1  
Steve Kenny Main Trimmer usask29  
Brooke Mastrorio Other 711588H USABM127 Group 1  
Bob Taylor Tactician   Group 1  
Gromit (J 80)
Jim Praley    
Jimmy Praley 260426K USAJP169  
Mike Praley    
Nicole Weaver    
Grundoom (Farr 400)
joshua grundy    
Meghan grundy Runners 401287V USAJG163 Group 1  
claudia delahoy    
marc gauthier USAMG48  
James Grundy 401287V USAJG163  
samuel grundy    
Jim Hedleston Pitman   Group 1  
Lawrence Leonard Tactician 156429W USALL20 Group 3  
Kurt Sova    
Gut Feeling (J 109)
Sil Ferreira Headsail Trimmer 103076O usasf27 Group 1  
cori gentilesco Pit usacg98 Group 1  
Michael Gomes Bow usamg44 Group 1  
Ted Herlihy Helm 137813S usaeh25 Group 1  
Christopher Hiller Other usach110 Group 1  
emerson hiller Headsail Trimmer USAEH24 Group 1  
mary leeson usaml101 Group 1  
Joey mello Main Trimmer 399035e USAJM167 Group 1  
john myers Mast usajm361 Group 1  
michael stranz Main Trimmer usams196 Group 1  
Heather (Jeanneau 379)
David Gillespie    
Mark Pillsbury Grinder 219122 Group 1  
David Robinson Strategist 271467W USADR75 Group 1  
Heather Ruegg Pit   Group 1  
Ted Ruegg Skipper 388825H USAER58 Group 1  
Eric Wiegand    
High Noon (Tripp 41 CTM)
Steve Barry Other   Group 3  
Michael Buckley USAMB20  
Dennis Collins 101374L    
Dennis Collins Skipper 101374L    
Peter Dery    
Jack Fisher    
Charlie McHugh    
John Sweeney 687854G ISVJS2 Group 1  
Neily Williamson AUSNW4  
McKenzie Wilson Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Honahlee (J 44)
HL DeVore 314113H USAHD4  
Hustler (J 29 MH OB)
John Amoyt    
Mike Andre Main Trimmer 253595D    
John & Tony Esposito Skipper 216732s    
Adam Feldstein Pit   Group 1  
Will Museler Mast   Group 1  
Ira Perry Main Trimmer   Group 1  
CJ Salustro Helm USACS53  
Alden Spencere    
Ryan Walsh Bow   Group 1  
Impetuous (Swan 42)
Scott Bradford    
Sean Cahill Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Harry Dunning Tactician    
George Isadale Strategist 105376v    
Eric Johnson Headsail Trimmer USAEJ3 Group 1  
Eric MacDonald Pit USAEM34 Group 1  
Todd McGuire Main Trimmer USATM48 Group 1  
William Rusconi Navigator 215410H USAWR4 Group 1  
Darren Walters Bow USADW97 Group 1  
Paul Zabetakis Helm 147328V USAPZ1 Group 1  
Eric Zeller Mast   Group 1  
Island Spirit (J 24)
Robert Closter    
Jaded (J 105)
Joe Cooper Main Trimmer 125265S AUS77JC Group 1  
Amanda Kendrick Bow USAAK73 Group 1  
Jennifer Parsons Other 370886D USAJP56 Group 1  
Oliver Parsons Mast 370886D USAJP56  
Mike Puleo Pit 240472O USAMP82 Group 1  
Halsey Richartz Bow USAHR13 Group 1  
Peter Rugg 108084Y USAPR25  
Jammy Beggar (Melges 32)
Tom Carse Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Jim Garafalo Headsail Trimmer    
Ty Goss Strategist   Group 3  
Dave Kellogg Headsail Trimmer 103856S    
THOMAS LEE Skipper 132727N   Group 1  
Lynne Maccubbin Runners    
Rich Peale Bow 698697M   Group 1  
Ben Wilkinson USABW17 Group 1  
Just Plain Nutz (Farr 30)
Cameron Dean   Group 1  
Norm Dean 140026C    
Katabatic (IMX 40 )
Mark Andrews Bow USAMA67 Group 1  
Russ Chapman Tactician 671658T   Group 1  
Gordon Hall Helmsman 219674H   Group 1  
Jim Mellen Mast 300682Q    
Beverly Noyes Pit USABN26 Group 1  
Jamie Noyes Headsail Trimmer USAJN2 Group 1  
Marcel Nyffenegger Headsail Trimmer 231466R SUIMN1 Group 1  
Ian Peebles Watch Captain Usaip7 Group 1  
Dave Timberlake Main Trimmer    
Andrew White Strategist   Group 1  
Katana (J 44)
William Mooney 229031r    
Knee Deep (J 80)
Clarke McKinney 151994A USACM76 Group 3  
Neal McKinney Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jeff Moore Bow   Group 1  
Glenn Walters Pit 652535M   Group 1  
Leonessa (Finn Flyer 31)
Raymond DeLeo Skipper 308910T USARD21 Group 1  
Joseph Migliore Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Donald Miller Bowman 169419B USADM25 Group 1  
William Rogers Main Trimmer USAWR25 Group 1  
Michael Tamulaites Other 198275I    
Mimi Whitmarsh Mast USAMW88 Group 1  
Leverage (Schock 40)
Erica Banks Pit USAEB70 Group 3  
Ashley Buhr Mid Bow   Group 1  
Arthur H. Buhr III Skipper 155266x   Group 1  
Thomas Carroll Tactician   Group 1  
Alexis Gesualdo Mid Bow    
Christopher Kirk Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Timo Platt Headsail Trimmer USATP8 Group 1  
Whitney Prossner Bow   Group 1  
Peter Sherman Headsail Trimmer USAPS9 Group 3  
Roderick Thaler Mast   Group 1  
Loki 3 (S2 9.1)
Ginger Bourguignon Bow    
richard correll Helm 202664q    
Ed Dicken Mast USAED16 Group 1  
Jeff Hammer Tactician    
Gretchen Hontoria (first alternate) Mid Bow    
Frank Latawiec Headsail Trimmer    
David Randle Mid Bow 148289J    
Bob Rickmeyer Pit    
Paul Seamon Main Trimmer 195403O    
Lora Ann (Express 37)
Jamie Anderson Grinder USAJA80 Group 1  
peter bauer Mast    
John Browning Strategist   Group 1  
Edward Du moulin Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Richard Du Moulin Skipper 113194s   Group 1  
george huntington Main Trimmer    
Brenda Lewis Pit 250435K USABL39 Group 1  
neil mclaughlin   Group 1  
allie padin Pit   Group 1  
Edward padin Grinder 348636E   Group 1  
chris reyling Watch Captain   Group 1  
LouLou (J 105)
Marc Acheson Headsail Trimmer 716152s USAMA40 Group 1  
Paul Beaudin Owner 222275r USAPB22 Group 3  
Nicole Breault Tactician 120108z USANB20 Group 1  
Mark Lindquist Headsail Trimmer 260667V USAML57 Group 1  
Bruce Stone Skipper 260545o USABS49 Group 1  
Casey Williams Bow 267942D USACW125 Group 1  
Mahalo (Swan 42)
Kevin Berry Mast USAKB76 Group 1  
Jim Cannon Pit USAJC240 Group 3  
Gary Jobson Tactician 105450M usagj4 Group 1  
Charles Kenahan 110792Q USACK65  
Jamie Maguire Mid Bow USAJM362 Group 1  
Flynn McDonnell Headsail Trimmer USAFM30 Group 1  
Peter McGowan    
Dave Reed Headsail Trimmer USADR16 Group 1  
Joshua Weller Bow AUSJW48 Group 3  
Betsy White Other 71521c Usabw90 Group 1  
Joel White Main Trimmer 145840S USAJW187 Group 1  
Manitou (C&C 110)
Russ Arnone Other   Group 1  
Jesse Biggers Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Robert Caron    
Josh Newman Headsail Trimmer    
Anneliese Slamowitz    
Greg Slamowitz Skipper 661032U USAGS113  
Robert Slotnick 257823Y    
Samantha Sperry    
Maxine (J 44)
David Ciesla Medic/Doctor 310231C   Group 1  
Jim Conroy Mast    
Xavier Janssen Headsail Trimmer 263552t    
Jim Keogh Grinder USAJK149 Group 1  
Liza Ketcham Runners    
Saunders Ketcham Headsail Trimmer    
William Ketcham 110392M    
Chris Kriz Main Trimmer 271857Y    
Johanna Moffitt Pit USAJM132 Group 1  
Carolyn Russell Bow 656237u   Group 1  
Brooks Ware Pit    
Menace-Bliksem (Farr 30)
Paul Atkins Mast AUSPA6 Group 1  
Robert Boger USABB90 Group 1  
Keith Glynn Bow IRLKG3 Group 1  
Darren Jones Other AUSDJ1 Group 3  
Will MacKenzie Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Scott Nixon Usasn4  
Pieter Taselaar    
Mighty Puffin (J 29 MH)
Ben Chwalk Mid Mast   Group 1  
Mike Dolan Pit   Group 3  
Phil Garland    
Donn Hamilton    
Ian Hopkins Bow   Group 1  
David Materne Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Dave Norton Headsail Trimmer    
Steve Thurston Skipper 138550W    
Mo'Mojoe (Peterson 37)
Ed Bruenjes Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Laurel Ford Runners    
Joe Grenier Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Scott Hopkinson Pit USASH64 Group 1  
Brad Johnson Bow   Group 1  
Jim Leonardi Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Joe Naroski Skipper 265509U   Group 1  
Robert Nelson Mid Mast   Group 1  
George Pawle Mast 203082O USAGP17 Group 1  
Marc Ross Pit    
More Gostosa (J 80)
Pete Crosby Navigator    
Conor Hayes Tactician 147857F USAJH205  
Kevin Hayes Bowman 238002L    
Jeff Kirchhoff Skipper 147857F    
Morning Glory (J 105)
Chris Crockett Headsail Trimmer 260873V USACC47 Group 1  
Mike Garrigan Mast uSAMG115 Group 1  
Mel Keen Pit USAMK64 Group 1  
Vicky Jo Neiner Main Trimmer 107950V USAVN Group 1  
Carl Olsson Skipper 115941R USACO38 Group 1  
Moxy (X-Yacht xp33)
Larry Bowman    
Paul Brindak 711607H    
Vince Buonanno Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Blazej Cichy Headsail Trimmer 693222U USABC74 Group 1  
John Cunningham Helm   Group 3  
Toby Halsey Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Michael Kiehne Grinder 12166245    
Tony Leigh Main Trimmer 711625J    
John Orr Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Patrick Tremblay Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Mutiny (Swan 42)
Brian Comfort    
Craig Copeland USACC34 USACC34  
David Dempsey Other 363392B USADD14 Group 1  
Daniel Fallon    
Kevin Fallon    
John Fryer Mid Mast 297413W USAJF16 Group 1  
Gibb Kane Helm 110903B USATK19 Group 1  
Eric Olving Headsail Trimmer usaeo13 Group 1  
Mark Ploch 119489K usamp24  
Anthony Pulgram    
Karl Spijker    
Next Wave (Farr 395)
Aron Buffen Pit   Group 1  
Steve Clarke    
Steven Clemens Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Dwight Haley Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Nate Haley Bow    
Brian Leach    
Lauren Leach    
Scott Medeiros Strategist    
Diane Robinson Helm   Group 1  
Randy Shore    
Night Fury (Evelyn 32 2)
Carol Fishbone Tactician   Group 1  
Maggie Hannis Other   Group 1  
Bridget Hilgendorff Bow   Group 1  
Heidi Hilgendorff Mid Mast   Group 1  
Peter Hilgendorff, III Strategist   Group 1  
Nordlys (J 109)
Laura Browning Headsail Trimmer USALB57 Group 1  
Ryan Christie Headsail Trimmer USARC18 Group 1  
Tom Powers Mid Mast USATP43 Group 1  
Bob Schwartz 390987H USABS92  
Eli Schwartz Bow USAES64 Group 1  
Michael Silverman Main Trimmer 161297X USAMS139 Group 1  
Bradford Webster Mast USABW75 Group 1  
Old School (Farr 395)
Nick Connery Mast   Group 1  
Ben Cormack Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Ganson Evans Skipper 230973T    
Jake Evans    
Tram Evans    
Collin Leon 268583K USACL28 Group 1  
Nikki Medley    
Josh Owen Headsail Trimmer 713623S USAJO71 Group 1  
Walker Potts   Group 3  
Alec Snyder Other   Group 1  
Lowell Thomas Mid Mast 264769G   Group 1  
Orion (J 122)
Linda Ambrose Pit 271823O USALA3 Group 1  
Matthew Beer USAMB117 Group 3  
Karen Conley Other    
Marie DallAcqua    
Tad Hutchins Main Trimmer   Group 3  
David Kuhl Tactician   Group 1  
Paul Milo 661310L USAPM110  
Matthias Mueller Bow GERMM6 Group 1  
Jeff Roy Mast 256135T    
Kevin Ryman Headsail Trimmer 157877k USAKR4 Group 1  
Orion (S2 10.3)
Bryan Coon Owner 699215Y    
David Harrison Other    
Bill hendler Tactician    
emma hendler Mid Mast    
Chris Mulholland Main Trimmer    
James Mulholland Navigator    
Richard wysoker Bow    
Out of Reach III (X-35)
Ed Condon Pit    
Paul Jappe Mast   Group 1  
Frederick Meyer Tactician 654273D USAFM8 Group 1  
Louis Nees Owner 118706S    
Louis Nees V Watch Captain 118706S    
Bill O'Malley Tactician 198525B USAWO2 Group 3  
Andrew Prisco Main Trimmer    
Cesar Vallejos Bow 407015P USACV22  
Pachyderm (Frers 33)
Con Beausang Grinder   Group 1  
Chrissy Coyle    
Tim Goodyear Mast 378572K    
Margaret Jones Pit    
Derek Keil Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Betsy McMahon Other    
James O'Brien Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jamie Perkins Mast 397879U    
Edgar Smith Captain 352922Q    
Tracy Spinney Other    
Toby Stull Bow    
Partnership (J 111)
Chris Anto    
Darin Buchalter Tactician USADB185  
David Chard    
Phil Spinelli Mast    
David / MaryEllen Tortorello    
MaryEllen Tortorello Headsail Trimmer 741916H USAMT57 Group 1  
Patience (C&C 36)
Jim Goldman Skipper   Group 1  
Noah Goldman Bow   Group 1  
John Hoffman Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Rob Lentz Headsail Trimmer    
Tom Sokoloski Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Pax 3 (J 109)
Fred Abberley Headsail Trimmer USAFA13  
Jim Berge Main Trimmer 213786A USAJB280  
Brendan Cotter Headsail Trimmer uSABC103  
Kevin Cotter Bow uSAKC89  
Joe Healey Tactician USAJH282 Group 1  
Theresa Healey Pit USATH90  
Phil Meese Mast USAPM93 Group 1  
Robert Siegel Helm 118364Y USARS212 Group 1  
Pendragon (X-41)
Jan Glinski Bow USAJG36 Group 3  
Steve Hoffman Other    
Wendy Kaplan Pit   Group 1  
Steve Longo Pit 215633Q USASL49  
Randy Perkins Headsail Trimmer    
Mark Reiss Mast 744378R USAMR44 Group 1  
Quentin Thomas Helm 395941D USAQT2 Group 1  
Chris Zaleski Tactician   Group 3  
Marek Zaleski Headsail Trimmer 669629y usamz13 Group 1  
Waldek Zaleski Main Trimmer 287080C   Group 3  
Peregrine (C&C 40)
Dave Aibel    
Andrew Burton Skipper 153267U   Group 1  
Dwight Escalera Bow 394885M    
Peter Gerard Navigator   Group 1  
Casey Nickerson Navigator    
Siebe Noordzy Main Trimmer USA0908 Group 1  
Hendrikus Wisker 660868W NEDHW2 Group 1  
Picante (J 109)
glen hunter Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
james isenberg Pit USAJI5 Group 1  
Robert Salk / John Sahagian    
tim kohl Main Trimmer    
Sims McGrath Jr Headsail Trimmer USASM*) Group 1  
amelia quinn Other   Group 1  
john sahagian Bow USAJS209 Group 1  
natalie salk Skipper 294907x USANS36 Group 1  
Pirate (Abbott 33)
william baxter 101295p    
Bill Baxter jr Bow   Group 1  
Richard Lesnikowski Main Trimmer    
Stuart Littler Pit   Group 1  
Paul Nannig Navigator   Group 1  
Taught One ill    
Dave Ottaviani Mast 305314L    
Pithy (GP 26)
Jim Donovan Other   Group 1  
Kevin Farrar Skipper   Group 3  
OJ O'Connell Other   Group 1  
Lisbeth Sabol Bow   Group 1  
Tom Welsh Headsail Trimmer 159645E   Group 3  
Lisa Wiberg    
Planet Claire (J 105)
John Koten    
Press Gang (Farr 30)
Roland Van Hazel    
Pretty Woman (C&C Custom 43)
Gary Dangleman Mast   Group 1  
george dangleman    
Lee Dangleman Pit   Group 3  
John Dillow Headsail Trimmer 220992V   Group 1  
Dave McGuire    
Bob Messinger    
John Perreault Skipper    
Mike Ryan Navigator   Group 1  
Quintessence (Swan 42)
Richard Apat Headsail Trimmer USARA14 Group 1  
Andrew Connell Captain   Group 1  
Daniel Ebin Pit USADE12 Group 1  
Jonathan Farrar Tactician 257208T USAJF12  
Colin Fitzpatrick Main Trimmer USACF15 Group 1  
Christian Gordon Mid Bow USACG99 Group 1  
Viktorija Juodenaite Pit LTUVJ1 Group 1  
Patrick Morris Bow USAPM112 Group 1  
Ann Schwagerl Other 713334R USAAS151  
Roger Widmann Helm 118695I USARW19  
Owen Zimmermann Mast USAOZ2 Group 1  
R80 (J 80)
Marie Klok Crump Strategist DENMK4 Group 1  
Will Crump Skipper 207193A USAWC32 Group 1  
Thomas Klok Headsail Trimmer 364506R DENTK2 Group 1  
Chris Larson Tactician   Group 3  
Rascal (Ericson 39)
Salvatore Carillo Mast    
Mary Graf Bowman 370946w    
Cassidhe Griffiths Mid Mast    
Amanda Kendrick USAAK73 Group 1  
Alan Kriegstein Main Trimmer    
Spencer Kriegstein Pitman    
John Lopez Grinder    
Christopher Schneider Skipper 124596B    
Frederick Schneider Other   Group 1  
Rebecca (J 120)
Terry Flynn Tactician    
Jesse Fulmer Bow USAJF103 Group 1  
Glenn Gault Helm 698657T    
Tom Meeh Main Trimmer    
Shay Ohrel Grinder   Group 1  
Dan Peckham Other Not known  
Jay Vige Captain   Group 3  
Craig White Mid Mast 173907r   Group 1  
Red Stripe (FT 10M)
Steve Cargill Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
W. Graham Ehrich    
Gordon Miller Bow    
Peter Miller Other BERPM1 Group 1  
chris reichart Main Trimmer Usacr21 Group 1  
Charlie Reynolds Skipper 410613g USACR15  
John Wilcox Headsail Trimmer    
charlie zylstra Grinder    
Renegade (FT 10M)
lee estes Navigator 121707G    
Kate Freeman Pit    
e. j. freeman, iv Main Trimmer    
Keith Magnussen Other GBRKM4 Group 3  
keith magnussen GBRKM4  
C H Ritt Main Trimmer   Group 3  
tom sawchuk Bow USATS67 Group 1  
Renegade (X-445)
Michael Campbell Grinder   Group 1  
Edward Carey Mid Bow 738049Q USAEC61 Group 1  
Jared Lazor USAJL66 Group 1  
Andrew McFarland Pit    
Eric Bruce Nash    
J.D. Pribor Bow 311762Q USAJP31 Group 1  
Jeffrey Pribor 228846E    
Patrick Sloan Grinder    
George Zinger Main Trimmer 128233R   Group 1  
Resolute (J 44)
Andrew Armstrong Bow   Group 1  
Tracy Armstrong Pit   Group 1  
John Belle Mid Bow 326328V USAJB139 Group 1  
Sue Belle Pit   Group 1  
Douglas Berg Mast UASDB85 Group 1  
Brian Coleman Pit    
Stephen Conk Mast    
Dudley Eisser Headsail Trimmer    
Thom Hering Tactician   Group 1  
Don and Rick Rave 3391841    
Liz Rave    
Richard Rave Skipper   Group 1  
Teddy Rave Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Resolute (Beneteau First 36.7)
Duane Barney Bow USADB104 Group 1  
Emily Benjamin Pit    
Junius Brown Owner USAJB328  
Matt Flood Mast USAMF84  
James Lederman Main Trimmer USAJL80 Group 1  
Mark Lohmann Headsail Trimmer    
Larry Morley Headsail Trimmer USALM44 Group 1  
Bob Zannetti Tactician   Group 1  
Rival (Taylor 38)
David Curtis 113156M    
RockIt (Elliott 770)
Jeff Condon Headsail Trimmer    
Rumor (J 80)
Baker Potts Mid Bow   Group 1  
Kaity Storck Helm   Group 1  
John Storck III Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
John Storck, Jr Skipper 106873Z    
Sam Williams Other 256908y USASW67 Group 1  
Rush (J 109)
Tom Babel Tactician 163996H USATB47 Group 3  
Bobby Brooks Headsail Trimmer usarb72 Group 1  
Greg Oczkowski Bow USAGO9 Group 1  
Bill Sweetser Helm 229960F USABS61 Group 1  
Brian Turuta Mast   Group 1  
Brian Tyrrell Headsail Trimmer 209988P USABT5 Group 1  
Regina Welsh Pit   Group 1  
William Worsham Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Sagacious (Express 34)
Duke Austin Headsail Trimmer    
David Campaniello Tactician    
Gilles Carter Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Danny Lauttenbach    
Manfred Noack Skipper 129710R    
Don Roe Pit    
Bill Zabel Main Trimmer    
Sanibel (J 109)
Alejandro Bancalari    
Fred Drabik Bowman USAFD8 Group 1  
Cam Fraser    
Sheila Greska Mid Bowman USASG71 Group 1  
Alejandra Higgins Other USAAH91 Group 1  
Brian Higgins Main Trimmer USABH78 Group 1  
Gerry Keeler Owner USAGK28 Group 1  
Stan Schreyer Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Scorpion (Evelyn 32)
Peter Aurigemma Headsail Trimmer 264298G USAPA19 Group 1  
Larry Hennessy 288594p    
ben russell    
deborah whitehead Main Trimmer 288594p    
Seabiscuit (Farr 30)
John Dolan Runners   Group 1  
Ted Haaland Mast   Group 1  
Kevin McNeil Helm 166984J   Group 1  
Seth Mininger Bow USASM65 Group 1  
Dave Scott Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Wilson Stout Watch Captain USAWS74 Group 1  
Will Van Cleef Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
SEJAA (Custom)
Mathew Goldsmith    
Seraphim (J 35)
Peter Dobyns Mast   Group 1  
Joe Gouveia Bow   Group 1  
David Isherwood 301995A 023984 Group 1  
J. Jerue Pit   Group 1  
Edward MacDonald Main Trimmer 41232 or USAEM2 Group 1  
Donald Ninneman Bow   Group 1  
David Saurette Skipper USADS68 Group 1  
Christopher Walsh    
Jason Ward Mid Mast   Group 3  
Roger Ward Navigator   Group 1  
Settler (NEB Tripp 43)
Smith Brenden Grinder   Group 1  
Keith Cummings Runners    
Teddy Green Other   Group 1  
Dirk Johnson Navigator USADJ08 Group 3  
Dirk Johnson Jr. Bow   Group 1  
Jono Loughborough Grinder USAJL152 Group 1  
James Miller Headsail Trimmer    
Brendan Prior Mid Bow   Group 1  
Geoff Prior Tactician   Group 1  
Abigail Rich Other 310564O   Group 1  
Corinne Rich Pit    
James Rich Main Trimmer 651047U   Group 1  
Laura Rich Pit    
Thomas Rich Owner 159964K    
Shakedown (J 105)
Jeffrey Knowles Main Trimmer USAJK83 Group 1  
Kevin Malone Headsail Trimmer 750735S USAKM45 Group 1  
Jordan Mindich Owner 375310o USAJM366 Group 1  
Shannon Mindich Headsail Trimmer 375310o USASM152 Group 1  
Will Price Bow USAWP49 Group 1  
Nadine Stephens Mid Mast USANS23 Group 1  
Shamrock Sensation (Nelson Marek 40)
Jimmy Corbett Main Trimmer    
Ralph DiMattia 117060P    
RJ Dimattia Other USARD50 Group 1  
Billy Hynes Bow   Group 1  
Greg Manning Mid Mast   Group 1  
Ted Mellors Other   Group 1  
Bob Mills    
Rob Muschamp Watch Captain   Group 1  
Rich Peirce Strategist    
KIM ZEH Medic/Doctor 328286I USAKZ3 Group 1  
Shearwater (J 109)
Amy McLean Main Trimmer 306742V USAAM57 Group 1  
Ben McLean Headsail Trimmer USABM58 Group 1  
Dana McLean Bow USADM88 Group 1  
Hugh McLean Skipper 103912H USAHH13 Group 1  
Ken McLean Tactician 242960T USAKM39 Group 1  
Erika Moore Pit USAEM71 Group 1  
Brendon Scanlon Headsail Trimmer USABS62 Group 1  
Skoot (J 109)
Luke Babcock Bow USALB23 Group 1  
Scott Hirsch Mast USASH81 Group 1  
Liz Joyce USALJ11 Group 1  
Norm Kilarjian Main Trimmer USANK1 Group 1  
Brett Morgan Headsail Trimmer 313290T USABM82 Group 1  
Kia Pedersen Mid Mast USAKP40 Group 1  
Paul Van Dyke Tactician USAPV6 Group 3  
Jim Vos 320345K USAJV53 Group 1  
Skye (Farr 395)
James T. Anderson 275048X    
Eric Kreuter Main Trimmer 101647L USAEK4 Group 1  
SKYE (Swan 53)
Patrick Brynes Tactician USAPG34 Group 1  
Ashley Burgey Runners   Group 3  
Paul Coleman Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Roger Conradie Captain   Group 1  
Peter Imber USAPI6  
Anne Prosser    
Jim Reiher    
Michelle Savage    
Ralph Worthington Skipper 698088Q USARW114 Group 1  
Snow Bird (Schock 35)
Lance Brown Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Catherine Cieri    
Lisa Grey Main Trimmer USALG28 Group 1  
Nick Licht Grinder   Group 1  
Joe Pelletier Bow   Group 1  
Jane Reilly Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Dan Rennie Tactician   Group 1  
Tijae Silva Pit    
Paul von Maffei 143467V    
Soulmates (Custom Goetz 40)
Scott Adler USASA35  
Alexandra Belinky Headsail Trimmer 663393D   Group 1  
Matt Breef Headsail Trimmer 688534F USAMB125 Group 1  
Matt Flood Main Trimmer 103154J USAMF16 Group 1  
Gerard Girstl Bow USAGG34 Group 1  
Adam Loory Skipper 118556A   Group 3  
Rand Milton Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Eileen Nash    
Sue Reilly Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jenni Rodda Other    
Heather Schultes Pit    
Kurt Worell    
Spectre (Tripp 40 )
Daniel Casey Mast   Group 1  
paul dorsi Pit   Group 1  
Andy Everson Headsail Trimmer    
Daniel goldman Bow USADG76 Group 1  
Gerard Oneil Tactician USAGO7 Group 1  
Brian Prinz jr Headsail Trimmer 247202m   Group 1  
Brian Prinz Sr Captain 247202m   Group 1  
Betsy Robison Runners    
Stan Robison Runners   Group 1  
Matt twickler Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Speedway Boogie (Colgate 26)
Chris Brady Skipper 229180B USACB114  
Ed Brady Headsail Trimmer 223654S   Group 1  
Ed Brady III Strategist   Group 1  
Andy Davies Mast   Group 1  
Brian Finnerty Headsail Trimmer 670180z    
Dennis Fontana Bow   Group 1  
Michael Gallo Bow    
Ed Wassmer Main Trimmer   Group 1  
SPOOKIE (Carkeek HP 40)
Alex Baittinger Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Heidi Benjamin Tactician   Group 1  
Steve Benjamin Helm 101374L USASB Group 3  
Peter Douglas Carey Grinder   Group 1  
Chris Clark Navigator   Group 1  
Robert Kane Bow   Group 3  
Chris Malloy Grinder   Group 1  
Ben Quatromoni Captain USABQ1 Group 3  
Matt Reynolds Main Trimmer MR27 Group 3  
Chris Williams Runners   Group 3  
SqueeZeplay (IMX 40)
Tripp Alyn Tactician 100876Q   Group 1  
Gregg Brinegar Helm 241626M   Group 1  
Adam Coker Mast 654098V   Group 1  
Paul Jauquet Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Matt Martelli Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Rob McAfee Bow   Group 1  
Cathy Pryor Pit   Group 1  
Bill (Eye Candy) Smith Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Craig Sutton Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Ben Willens Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Stealth (Evelyn 26 fd)
Jay Greenfield    
Storm (J 109)
Elizabeth Dempsey Pit USALW20 Group 1  
James Gallacher Headsail Trimmer USAJG55 Group 1  
Kerry Klingler Tactician 103972T USAKK45 Group 3  
Tim Longo Bow USATL24 Group 1  
Andrew Lyall Mast USAAL17 Group 1  
Rick Lyall Skipper 218544Y USARL28 Group 1  
Jillian O'Farrell Other USAJO73 Group 1  
Ryan Young Headsail Trimmer USARY4 Group 1  
Stout (J 29)
Brad Hagedorn Bow    
Ben Hemani Headsail Trimmer    
Ben Little Headsail Trimmer    
Matthew Strand Skipper 718744Z    
Mitch Strand Tactician    
James Whelen Mast    
Kent Wonnell Pit    
Strategery (J 109)
Mike Costello Strategist USAMC128 Group 1  
Jack Forehand USAJF115 Group 1  
Lawrenzo McGee USALM59 Group 1  
Bob Pattison Headsail Trimmer 262706N USABP57 Group 3  
Benjamin Sallick USAGS94 Group 1  
Carl Segen Main Trimmer 338070Z USACS104 Group 1  
Morgan Simmonds Headsail Trimmer USAMS219 Group 1  
Stratos (J 105)
Nathan Barnett Pit USANB35 Group 1  
Brett Berkley Main Trimmer USABB122 Group 1  
Noah Bessof Headsail Trimmer USANB30 Group 1  
Joseph Just Mast USAJJ78 Group 1  
Matt Kelleher Bowman USAMK56 Group 1  
Marcus Wunderlich 652123T USAMW80 Group 1  
Tenacity (Beneteau First 44.7)
Arthur Collins Pit 200409D   Group 1  
Clay Fowler Helm   Group 1  
Julia Fuller Bow 692296B USAJF129 Group 1  
Samuel Fuller Skipper 218252V USASF22 Group 1  
Jeff Gage Headsail Trimmer 203223F   Group 1  
Wim Jesssup Tactician 217057W USAWJ26 Group 1  
Derek Lakin Pit    
James Manning Headsail Trimmer USAJM365 Group 1  
David Orner Headsail Trimmer 262135M   Group 1  
George Walker Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Testing Life (Tartan 46)
kevin Dagit Bow    
Len Dagit Headsail Trimmer    
Laurie Egrie Runners    
Roy Egrie Mast 292161R    
Diana Juelg Medic/Doctor 668298Z   Group 1  
brian mulhall Owner USABM134  
Mike Perry Helm 167146X   Group 3  
Deb Sagerholm Pit   Group 1  
Jim Sagerholm Main Trimmer 188268i   Group 1  
The Cat Came Back (Swan 42)
Holly Ashton   Group 1  
Gary Brophy Pit USAGB91 Group 1  
Mike Campbell 141036G USAMC53 Group 1  
Tim Corbett Other USATC90 Group 1  
Chase Crawford Mast USACC169 Group 1  
Alice Dickinson Pit   Group 1  
Emily Gaffney Other USAEG33 Group 1  
Dale Harper Owner   Group 1  
Heath Moldveen Headsail Trimmer USAHM38 Group 1  
Lincoln Mossop III 104745Q    
Chick Pyle 238657G    
Ryan Scott Other USARS55 Group 3  
The Grin (J 95)
Richard Eytel Skipper 202549Q    
Nick Fazio Bow   Group 1  
Richard Haupt Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Commisso Jerry Headsail Trimmer 235848B   Group 1  
Garry Stegeland Pit   Group 1  
Ned Thomson Tactician 216658B    
Jack Woods Headsail Trimmer 263130J   Group 1  
Tiburon (Swan 42)
John Casey    
Michael Collins   Group 3  
Rick Dominique 114737R USARD17  
Colten Erickson USACE30 Group 1  
Chris Gasiorek Navigator USACG21 Group 3  
Jonathan Kabak USAJK111 Group 1  
Austin Neuman USAAN26 Group 1  
Alex Showell USAAS146 Group 1  
Timothy "Ed" Stacy USATS92 Group 1  
Tonto (J 105)
Sarah Angell Pit USASA20 Group 1  
Art Blackwood USAAB42  
Sal Corio Pit   Group 1  
Beth Coughlin    
Kevin Coughlin    
Fred Darlington 160263L USAFD15  
Pat Killian Bow USAPK49 Group 1  
Troublemaker (J 109)
Philip Cardelfe Mast 688230C USAPC79 Group 1  
Eric Gordon Owner 324113I USAEG27 Group 1  
Marc Gordon Headsail Trimmer USAMG104 Group 1  
Taugh Lynch Tactician USATL58 Group 1  
Ian Sanderson Main Trimmer usais12 Group 1  
William Smith Bowman USAWS78 Group 1  
Donna Syers Pit USADS179 Group 1  
Tumbleweed (J 122)
Carole Shaw- Owner Shaw    
Two Feathers (J 105)
Chris Corley Mid Mast USACC154 Group 1  
Andre Denais Tactician 311482R usaad67 Group 1  
Dave Klebanoff Main Trimmer USADK71 Group 1  
Mark Masur 223163O USAMM202  
Sean McGuire Bow USASM126 Group 1  
Josh Richline Headsail Trimmer 742880R USAJR163 Group 1  
Ursa Minor (Evelyn 25)
Matt Reichart Skipper    
William Reichart Bow    
USA 11 (J 80)
Bert Carp 206319Q    
Seamus Duffy    
Dave Gross    
Chris Teixeira Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
USA 1162 (J 80)
John White 114973X    
Varekai (J 120)
Benjamin hein    
Jonathan Hein    
sebastian hein Bow   Group 3  
Lutz Lange Mid Mast    
Helmut Nägele Mast    
hein peter Skipper   Group 3  
Glen Wisher Grinder   Group 1  
Warrior's Wish (Mount Gay 30)
Don Gray 296726C    
Wasn't Me (Melges 24)
Ian Holzmacher Headsail Trimmer    
Elaine Parshall Tactician    
LeeAnn Romanelli Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Jim Ryan Skipper 179254d USAJR82 Group 1  
Tom Vogel Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Wave Rider (Farr 30)
Benoit Ansart Skipper 312699E USAAB111 Group 1  
Ellery (Tig) Smith Captain USAes10 Group 1  
Whirlwind (Beneteau First 36.7)
Matthew Baker Headsail Trimmer 245702N USAMB120 Group 1  
Christopher Cason Mast USACC186 Group 1  
Jon Friedwald Main Trimmer USAJF95 Group 1  
Marina Istiraneopulos Mid Mast USAMI13  
Howard Koss Bow USAHK17 Group 1  
Bridgette Lipari USABL56 Group 1  
Jennifer Miller Tactician   Group 1  
Leigh Mulroy Pit 389644k USALM49 Group 1  
Rando Needham Navigator USARN5 Group 1  
Colin Purdy    
William Purdy 331788C    
White Lightnin' (J 80)
Dan Bowman Other USADB34 Group 1  
Shannon Brasky Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Vince Kalish Skipper 233062N USAVK5 Group 1  
Bob Yarbrough Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
White Witch (King 40)
Samantha Cereto Other   Group 1  
Terence Glackin Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Larry Landry Captain 152698D   Group 1  
Henry Little   Group 3  
Paul McDowell Tactician   Group 1  
Jamie Mills Pitman   Group 1  
Andrew Rowsom Bow   Group 1  
Josh Summers Navigator USAJS56 Group 1  
Andrew Wolf Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Wicked 2.0 (J 111)
Douglas Curtiss Main Trimmer 404271T USADC140 Group 1  
TIM GREVES Mast USATG47 Group 1  
GARY LEDUC Pit 653951R USAGL2 Group 3  
JOHN SCHNAUCK Mast 662178H USAJS303 Group 1  
Wings (J 122)
Anne Alward   Group 1  
Richard Banthin Other   Group 1  
Amy Clark Pit USAAG25 Group 1  
Aaron Elder Mast   Group 1  
Matt Gingo Headsail Trimmer    
Scott Kozinchik Main Trimmer 224653T USASK49 Group 1  
David Krausz    
Barry Lewis Skipper 292763z    
Ashley Perrin Captain USAAP7 Group 3  
Michael Redmond Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Workboat (J 80)
Rick Brown Mast   Group 1  
Mac Cooper Skipper 118535V    
Jeff Curtin Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Tom Greene Bow    
Mark Steinmetz Strategist   Group 1  
XLR8 (Evelyn 32)
Brad Porter    
Zefiro Torna (N/M 35 Custom)
Bob Ames Helmsman 134538S    
Glen Bresnahan Pitman USAGB28 Group 1  
Bruce Cathcart Pit USABC64 Group 1  
Simon Knystautas Mast    
Drew Montague Bow    
Kevin Montague Headsail Trimmer USAKM135 Group 1  
Jack Orr Headsail Trimmer 222591u USAJO38 Group 3  
John Schimenti 159932C    
Chris Shafer Bowman    
Zuma (J 109)
Steve Chronert    
Eric DeFeo Pit    
Andrew Hall Grinder   Group 1  
Dan Jennings Other   Group 1  
Peter MacKenzie Bow   Group 1  
Marc Malloy Main Trimmer    
Ian Sheffield Mast    
Jon Singsen Main Trimmer usajs75 Group 3  
Carisa Sykes    
Elle Sykes Other 106965A   Group 1  
James Sykes Navigator 216509R   Group 1  
Richard James Sykes Other 106965A   Group 1  
Macrae Sykes/Chronert Skipper 106965A   Group 1  

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