2019 Melges 24 North American Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
250 (Melges 24)
Christopher Branson Helm USACB257 Group 1   Yes  
Daniel Branson Strategist YSADB233 Group 1   Yes  
Peter Neithercut Tactician USAPN29 Group 1   Yes  
Verne Powell Bow USAVP13 Group 1   Yes  
Joshua VanHorn Mast USAJV87 Group 1   Yes  
723 (Melges 24)
Nick ...     Yes  
Eric Kaveckas     Yes  
John Muir     Yes  
Uri Saks     Yes  
Pauil Throop     Yes  
Abby Normal (Melges 24)
Derek Chowen Medic/Doctor 353646x USADC151 Group 1   Yes  
Matt Henninger Chef USAMH108 Group 1   Yes  
Beth Uehlein Owner USABU6 Group 1   Yes  
Matt Uehlein 777190W USAMU6 Group 1   Yes  
Bad Idea (Melges 24)
Kevin Fisher Pit USAKF57 Group 1   Yes  
Adelheid Rittmeyer Tactician USAAR102 Group 1   Yes  
Katherine Zimmerman Spinnaker trimmer USAKZ9 Group 1   Yes  
Scot Zimmerman Helm 729478T USAMZ28 Group 1   Yes  
Blue Red and Grey (Melges 24)
Bill Babel Helm USAWB28 Group 1   Yes  
Laura Johnson USALJ26 Group 1   Yes  
Karen Nemecek USAKN31 Group 1   Yes  
Noah Robitshek Tactician USANR31 Group 1   Yes  
Centurion (Melges 24)
Bradley Goodwin Alternate   Group 1   Yes  
Michael Gualdoni 244177Y USAMG137 Group 1   Yes  
Shay Gualdoni Rush Chairman 771850X USAMG182   Yes  
Jim Rossow Cat 3 Cooler Jockey 792420U USAJR264 Group 1   Yes  
Collusion (Melges 24)
Ryan Clulo Headsail Trimmer 691786R USARC165 Group 1   Yes  
Kai Dolan USAKO32 Group 1   Yes  
Drew Follett Bow Usadf105 Group 1   Yes  
Mark Lyons USAML180 Group 1   Yes  
Thomas Roop 270017g USATR38 Group 1   Yes  
Diminished Fifth (Melges 24)
James Beebe Helm 353794G     Yes  
Kristin Beebe Pit   Group 1   Yes  
Rebecca Beebe Tactician     Yes  
Thomas Beebe Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Eliot Busta Bow     Yes  
Esperanza (Melges 24)
Jeff Bodie Rush Chairman 745747X USAJB438 Group 1   Yes  
Charles Ellibee IV Pro Bowler USACE56 Group 1   Yes  
Jamie McClellan Cat 3 Cooler Jockey USAJM505 Group 1   Yes  
Larry Thompson Bow USALT26 Group 1   Yes  
Firewater (Melges 24)
George Haynie Helm 183785E USAGH26 Group 1   Yes  
Clay Morris Mast 720837R USACM179 Group 1   Yes  
Edward Ruark Tactician usaer89 Group 1   Yes  
James Takacs Bow 707743E usajt164 Group 1   Yes  
Flying Toaster (Melges 24)
Bob Clark Tactician USARC26 Group 1   Yes  
Gregg Diehl USAGD17 Group 1   Yes  
Mike Dow Helm 175771B USAMD172 Group 1   Yes  
Brad Savage USABS36 Group 1   Yes  
Green (Melges 24)
John Bowen Pit USAJB439 Group 1   Yes  
Craig Capilla Headsail Trimmer 304760T USACC2 Group 1   Yes  
Elliot Lee Tactician USAEL56 Group 1   Yes  
Sam Nedeau Skipper 130055G USASN40 Group 1   Yes  
Interceptor (Melges 24)
Patrick Gerber Tactician USAPG35 Group 1   Yes  
Jason Gross Helm USAJG271 Group 1   Yes  
Matt Piotrowski USAMP188 Group 1   Yes  
Neil Smith USANS74 Group 1   Yes  
Issu (Melges 24)
Jim Frisinger USAJF81 Group 3   Yes  
Suzanne Harris     Yes  
Veronica Petty     Yes  
Kevin Ratigan USAKR53 Group 1   Yes  
Trevor Smith Helm     Yes  
Kraken (Melges 24)
Mark Burns     Yes  
Frank Frisinger     Yes  
Turbin Johnson     Yes  
Rob Terry     Yes  
Liberation (Melges 24)
Beverly Cady Bow USABC140 Group 1   Yes  
Jeff Cockfield Spinnaker trimmer USAJC212 Group 1   Yes  
Andrew Girrell Headsail Trimmer 334798k USAAG109 Group 1   Yes  
C. David Phelps Skipper 779676P USACP139 Group 1   Yes  
Lucky Dog / Gill Race Team (Melges 24)
John Bowden USAJB68 Group 1   Yes  
Mike Buckley   Group 3   Yes  
George Peet     Yes  
Chewy Sanchez     Yes  
Travis Weisleder USATW1 Group 1   Yes  
Marianne (Melges 24)
Jeff Bonanni USAJB241 Group 3   Yes  
Tanner Bryant USATB154 Group 3   Yes  
Todd Jones USATJ4 Group 1   Yes  
Jack Schumacher     Yes  
Peter E. Shumaker USAPS64 Group 1   Yes  
Mikey (Melges 24)
Mark Ivey     Yes  
MarsKevin LeBarron     Yes  
Jeff Madrigali     Yes  
Ian Sloan     Yes  
Serena Vilage     Yes  
Not Pretty (Melges 24)
Adam Prettyman     Yes  
Luke Yeates     Yes  
Notorious (Melges 24)
Brandon Bedard Mid Bow CANBB27 Group 1   Yes  
Kevin Brown Helm CANKB5 Group 1   Yes  
Mark McGinnis Bow CANMM15 Group 1   Yes  
Robert Wigny Headsail Trimmer CANRW22 Group 1   Yes  
Padawan 3 (Melges 24)
Tom Babel Tactician 163996H USATB47 Group 3   Yes  
Michael Elcoate USAME51 Group 1   Yes  
Richie Ellis Grinder USARE46 Group 1   Yes  
Christopher Lamb 281495B USACL17 Group 1   Yes  
Perky2 (Melges 24)
MacKenzie Bickel USAMB267 Group 1   Yes  
Shannon Hicks Bow USASH138 Group 1   Yes  
Christopher Jeffries USACJ54 Group 1   Yes  
Jason Massaroni Tactician USAJM245 Group 1   Yes  
Darric Newman Spinnaker trimmer USADN51 Group 1   Yes  
Pied Piper / National Marine (Melges 24)
Jack Jennings 344296e     Yes  
Christian Rasmussen     Yes  
Phil Trinter USAPT5 Group 3   Yes  
Eric Vigrass     Yes  
Rhumb Runner (Melges 24)
Neil Battrum CANNB13 Group 1   Yes  
Timothy Bowman Helm 203148N USATB171 Group 1   Yes  
Darius Esfahani Other USADE35 Group 1   Yes  
Paul Nahon Tactician USAPN27 Group 1   Yes  
RUMbunctious (Melges 24)
Tony Amato Chef USATA40 Group 1   Yes  
Addison Amstutz Tactician USAAA97 Group 1   Yes  
Michael Lonchar Mast USAML181 Group 1   Yes  
Steve Pirie Helm 295346A AFGSP1 Group 1   Yes  
Rush (Melges 24)
Alex Baker Tactician CANAB22   Yes  
Mike Gozzard Helm CANMG40 Group 3   Yes  
Robin Gozzard Bow CANRG23 Group 3   Yes  
Geoff McMurray Spinnaker trimmer CANGM31 Group 1   Yes  
Rustler (Melges 24)
Amy Rozelle 376374G USAAR132 Group 1   Yes  
Curt Rozelle Tactician 284865F USACR39 Group 1   Yes  
Fred Rozelle Helm 111499W USAFR3 Group 1   Yes  
Steven Rozelle 284866G USASR37 Group 1   Yes  
Charlie Trost 280198Z USACT51 Group 1   Yes  
Shiraz (Melges 24)
Phillip Davis Skipper USAPD93 USAPD93   Yes  
Ignacio Hasbun Spinnaker trimmer CHIIH2 Group 1   Yes  
Juan Moral Helm CHIJM7 Group 1   Yes  
Sebastian Moral Tactician CHISM4 Group 1   Yes  
Slingshot (Melges 24)
Matt Pistay     Yes  
Declan Whitmyer     Yes  
Wes Whitmyer Jr 171032F usaww1   Yes  
Ben Wilkinson     Yes  
Slippery (Melges 24)
Lisa Carlson USALC68 Group 1   Yes  
Scott Duensing USASD114 Group 1   Yes  
Craig Leppien USACL118 Group 1   Yes  
Jerry Miller 750103N USAJM489 Group 1   Yes  
Social Member (Melges 24)
Than Dykstra Tactician USAND39 Group 1   Yes  
Marc Nugent USAMN32 Group 1   Yes  
James VanStratt Skipper 294845C USAJV42 Group 1   Yes  
Scott Zolinski USAZM12 Group 1   Yes  
Spar Wars V (Melges 24)
John Buist Bow USAJB431 Group 1   Yes  
Bruce Hubble Helm 197717B USABH92 Group 1   Yes  
Porter Peterson Mid Mast 742573P USAPP59 Group 1   Yes  
Jeff Porter Headsail Trimmer USAJP222 Group 1   Yes  
Sunnyvale (Melges 24)
Aidan Koster Tactician CANAK11 Group 1   Yes  
Alexander Levkovskiy Bow RUSAL8 Group 1   Yes  
Fraser McMillan Helm CANFM3 Group 1   Yes  
Keegan Moynihan Spinnaker trimmer CANKM20 Group 1   Yes  
Surprise (Melges 24)
Simon Beaulieu Tactician CANSB37 Group 1   Yes  
Dan Berezin Helm CANDB37 Group 1   Yes  
Alex Kapustin Spinnaker trimmer UKRAK35 Group 1   Yes  
Alex Praskurnin Bow CANAP18 Group 1   Yes  
TACS: Student Driver (Melges 24)
Ella Beck Pit Assist   Group 1   Yes  
Liam Clone Tactician   Group 1   Yes  
Gabe Maday Pit   Group 1   Yes  
Robert O'brien Helm   Group 1   Yes  
Benjamin vanderheide Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
The Djinn (Melges 24)
Ken Gray 189199Q     Yes  
Patrick Sagan Helm     Yes  
John Schumaker     Yes  
Josh Wallace     Yes  
VooDoo (Melges 24)
Owen Bradley Bow USAOB10 Group 1   Yes  
Kevin Estes Helm 710451N USAKE26 Group 1   Yes  
Joyce Ford Headsail Trimmer USAJF183 Group 1   Yes  
Jason Geer Spinnaker trimmer USAJG267 Group 1   Yes  
Wombmates Racing (Melges 24)
Michael Komar Spinnaker trimmer USAMK75 Group 1   Yes  
Abby Paul Floater USAAP115 Group 1   Yes  
John Shockey Skipper 399547N USAJS115 Group 1   Yes  
Kevin Shockey Tactician USAKS19 Group 1   Yes  
Tim Zacher Headsail Trimmer USATZ7 Group 1   Yes  
Zig Zag (Melges 24)
Marty Jensen Helm USAMJ15 Group 1   Yes  
John Kunitzer USAJK33 Group 1   Yes  
Bridget Mcavoy USABM142 Group 1   Yes  
Terry Meyer Tactician USATM2 Group 1   Yes  
Zingara (Melges 24)
Victor Diaz     Yes  
Bill Gooderham Bow Canbg2 Group 3   Yes  
Scott Nixon Tactician 185883h   Group 3   Yes  
Richard Reid CANRR5 Group 1   Yes  

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