2019 J 88 North American Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Albóndigas (J 88)
Lionel Crear    
David Furst Spinnaker trimmer USADF94 Group 1  
Timothy Price Pit 668798N USATP45 Group 1  
William Pritz Headsail Trimmer USAWP61 Group 1  
Justin Scagnelli    
Simon Wills Bow   Group 1  
Cloud9 (J 88)
Victor Diaz de Leon USAVD10 Group 3  
Edward Kiaer USAEK57 Group 1  
John King USAJK196 Group 1  
Hugh MacGillivray USAHM36 Group 1  
Carlos Lorente Robles BRACL15 Group 1  
John Sommi Helm USAJS365 Group 1  
Courageous (J 88)
Brent Draney Tactician USABD41 Group 1  
Caitlin Gutekunst Headsail Trimmer 686339J USACG135 Group 1  
Jeffrey Jordan Spinnaker trimmer 654986B USAJJ43 Group 1  
Gary Panariello Skipper 309455D USAGP57 Group 1  
Nicolas Picard Headsail Trimmer USANP22 Group 1  
Blaine Soohoo Bow USABS182 Group 1  
Deviation (J 88)
Dave Coughlin Headsail Trimmer 690515S USADC52 Group 1  
Kerry Klingler Tactician 103972T USAKK45 Group 3  
Tim Longo Bow USATL24 Group 1  
Kevin Morgan Headsail Trimmer 141210Y USAKM81 Group 1  
Michelle Newman Pit USAMN70 Group 1  
Iris Vogel Skipper 154629U USAIV2 Group 1  
Escape (J 88)
Elizabeth Barry 255497I USAEB76 Group 1  
James Barry Switch Flipper USAJB245 Group 1  
Marina Cano ESPMC64 Group 1  
Harry Koeppel USAHK15 Group 1  
Ed Lebens USAEL57 Group 1  
Brendan O'Leary Bow USABO29 Group 1  
Pearson Potts In the way USAPP2 Group 1  
Charles Swanson USACS85 Group 1  
Gaucho (J 88)
Lois Breen Pit USALB49 Group 1  
Matthew Keene Pit 659346P USAMK148 Group 1  
Cory Statt Bow USACS329 Group 1  
Alister Thomson Foil Trimmer GBRAT71 Group 1  
Dave Tufts Main Trimmer 766671V USADT82 Group 1  
Mike Wilde Helm 288203T USAMW162 Group 1  
Give'r (J 88)
Chris Chapman Spinnaker trimmer CANCC36 Group 1  
Sandra Chapman Pit CANSC32 Group 1  
Thomas Deczky Mast CANTD14 Group 1  
Toby Sirek Bow CanTs36 Group 1  
Tim Sweet Main Trimmer CANTS17 Group 1  
Magda Warczok Helm CANWM6 Group 1  
Hijinks (J 88)
Adam Burns Helm USAAB3 Group 1  
Nick Egloff Bow   Group 1  
Justin Hays Mast   Group 1  
Mark Sertl Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Kris Werner Tactician   Group 3  
Laura Weyler 762994X USALW58  
Oh Jee (J 88)
Bruce Stone/ Nicole Breault 260545o USABS49 Group 1  
One Too Many (J 88)
Andrew Weiss Co-Skipper 352216l USAAW46 Group 1  
Justin Bauer Bow USAJB152 Group 1  
Pat Considine Main Trimmer USAPC114 Group 3  
Lawrence Cutler Co-Skipper 671786z usalc39 Group 1  
Andrew Kaplan Tactician USAAK76 Group 1  
Byron LaMotte III Alternate USABL18 Group 1  
Heather Schultes Mast USAHS31 Group 1  
Surfer Girl (J 88)
Mark Eschen USAME53 Group 1  
Seth Eschen USASE59 Group 1  
Alex King USAAK121 Group 1  
Chris Maione Bow USACM260 Group 1  
MJ Maione USAMM405 Group 1  
Troy Rambeau USATR95 Group 1  
Keith Rehder USAKR24 Group 1  
Patrick Silvestri Headsail Trimmer USAPS129 Group 1  
Nella Straneri USANS75 Group 1  
Bob Young Main Trimmer USABY4 Group 1  
Velocity (J 88)
Maarten Eenkema van Dijk Headsail Trimmer 399475Q USAMV58 Group 1  
Fotis Boliakis USAFB3 Group 1  
Jesse Fielding Rush Chairman USAJF64 Group 3  
Casey Hart    
Hannah Lovejoy   Group 1  
Justin marks Headsail Trimmer USAJM512 Group 1  
Kevin Marks Skipper USAKM176 Group 1  
Jack Orr Floater 222591U USAJO38 Group 3  
ian ray Bow GBRIR16 Group 1  
Whirlwind (J 88)
Jon Friedwald Main Trimmer USAJF95 Group 1  
Howie Koss USAHK17 Group 1  
Su Sian Lim SGPSL1 Group 1  
Patrick Norris Headsail Trimmer USAPN21 Group 3  
Lauren Nye Bow USALN20 Group 1  
anthony pulgram Tactician USAAP29 Group 1  
William Purdy 331788C USAWP36 Group 1  
Yonder (J 88)
Michael Andre USAMA50 Group 1  
Tim Anto USATA49 Group 1  
Brett Bastien Bow 777131U USABB202 Group 1  
Brice Dunwoodie Helm 767832T USABD88 Group 1  
Todd Vas Dias Pit USATV25 Group 1  
Seadon Wijsen Tactician USASW10 Group 3  

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