2011 US-IRC Championship of Long Island Sound and PHRF Fall Classic
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Afterglow (Express 37)
Bill Walker 320599A USAWW44  
American Girl (King 40)
Daniel Galyon 319200N    
Avalanche (Farr 395)
Craig Albrecht 197897S USACA6  
Bacchanal (J-133)
Jan Smeets    
Bellerophon (Farr 40 OD)
Rick & Skip Sinclair    
Blue Mouse (J 35)
Mark Parry / Lawrence McGrath 232766W    
BreakAway (Beneteau 36.7)
Richard Palmer    
Christopher Dragon (J 122)
Andrew Weiss 352216l    
Cool Breeze (Mills 43 Custom)
Brian Giorgio    
John Cooper Helmsman 178837G USABL10  
John Crutcher Navigator    
David Hyer Headsail Trimmer    
Billy Liberty Tactician 178837G USABL10 Group 3  
Ed Liberty Helmsman    
Patrick Occonor Bowman    
Anthony Pearce Mast    
Andrew Waine Main Trimmer    
DownTime (Summit 40)
Ed and Molly Freitag    
Draco (Express 37)
Robert Behringer    
Fantasy Girl (X-332)
Wendy Walasek    
Fin II (Olson 30)
Thomas O'Connell    
Fireball (C&C 40)
Bill and Jackie Baxter 262424M    
gold digger (J/44)
James D Bishop Sr.    
High Noon (CTM 41)
Steve & Heidi Benjamin    
Maudelayne (X-34)
Frederick Heerde    
Nevermore (J 100)
Ken Hall 393187F    
Pendragon (X-41)
Quentin Thomas    
Ptarmigan (Ker 43)
Lawrence Dickie    
SirenSong (J 133)
Thomas Carroll    
Skye (Farr 395)
James T. Anderson    
Soulmates (Express 37)
Adam Loory 118556A    
Speedway Boogie (Colgate 26)
Chris Brady 229180B USACB114  
Storm (J 109)
Rick Lyall    
Strange Brew (J 105)
Randy Bourne USARB132  
Strategery (J 109)
Jack Forehand USAJF115  
Talisman (Farr 395)
John Bailey USAJB219  
Terrapin (First 40.7)
Paul Dunay    
Wave Dancer (Olson 30)
Benoit Ansart 312699E USAAB111  
Wicked One (Melges 32)
Tyler and Hilary Davidson    
Wings (J 122)
Tom Boyle    

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