2017 Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race Week
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Andiamo (J 111)
Arthur Buhr Tactician    
Andrew Dion Chef USAAD20 Group 1  
Theodore Gleysteen Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Kathryn Griffin Mast   Group 1  
Jayme Strauch Pit 296914A   Group 1  
Paul Strauch Skipper    
Ed Wassmer Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Daniel Watt Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Paul Wefer Bow   Group 1  
Apparition (Swan 42)
Annie Britton Floater   Group 1  
John Clemons Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Ken Colburn Helm 102026c usakc4  
Virginia Colburn Other 710718G    
John Trippe Duke Mast   Group 1  
Tim Fetsch Staysail trimmer   Group 3  
Andrew McTavish Headsail Trimmer CANAM Group 1  
Robert Slattery Tactician usars1 Group 1  
Trent Smith Other   Group 1  
Kevin Tongue Bow USAKT20   Group 1  
Carter White Main Trimmer 198908E   Group 1  
Arabesque (Chance CTM 31)
Robert Austin-LaFrance Strategist 702931U   Group 1  
Robert Bruno Main Trimmer 247127U   Group 1  
Doug Carlisle Bow USADC162 Group 1  
Richard Formica Headsail Trimmer 650903A   Group 1  
John Gutowski Helm   Group 1  
Dave Hall Bow   Group 1  
Mark Kondracky Headsail Trimmer 2258961   Group 1  
Seth Turner Mast   Group 1  
Kathy Ward Pit   Group 1  
Ariel (J 109)
Luke Ackerman Headsail Trimmer USALA6 Group 1   Yes  
Brendan Cotter Main Trimmer USABC103 Group 1   Yes  
Brittany Eller Mid Bow USABE31 Group 1   Yes  
Sam Gen Pitman USASG22 Group 1   Yes  
Henry Muench Mast USAHM14 Group 1   Yes  
Jeff Priest Bow USAJP234 Group 1   Yes  
Diane Warren Mid Mast USADW98 Group 1   Yes  
Jeffrey Warren Skipper 110682N USAJW164   Yes  
Atalanta (J 105)
Brian Dodge Tactician   Group 1  
Cal Dodge Bow   Group 1  
Marty Galligan 236439Y   Group 1  
Amber Hewett Bow   Group 1  
Tyler Jupp Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Amy Kvistad Pit   Group 1  
Edward Wolfe Spinnaker trimmer USAEW83 Group 1  
Mike Wood Mast   Group 1  
Avalanche (Farr 395)
Craig Albrecht 197897S    
Paul Bacchiocchi Main Trimmer USAPB76  
Matt Breef Bow   Group 1  
Mark DiSanti Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Susan DiSanti Pit   Group 1  
Eddie Einhaus Spinnaker trimmer   Group 3  
Kurt Finkbeiner Tactician   Group 1  
Martin Hermida Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Alexander Kraebel Mast   Group 1  
Michelle Newman   Group 1  
Emily Trower-Young Floater   Group 1  
Bat IV (J 105)
James Beaty Staysail trimmer   Group 1  
Andrew Kennedy 365406s USAAK35  
Christina Mayor Bow   Group 1  
Nick Nastasi Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Warren Richter Rush Chairman    
Beau Che II (J 111)
Melih Bagdatli Bow   Group 1  
Ginger Dendas Pit   Group 1  
Vicky Neiner Pit Assist   Group 1  
Reid Shanabrook Bow 692293R   Group 1  
Bill Thomas Owner 764128N   Group 1  
John Thomas Tactician   Group 1  
Jonathan Wallace Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
William Welch Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Belafonte (Corsair 31R)
David Johnson Johnson Co-Skipper 685482W   Group 3  
Andrew McMillan Pit   Group 1  
KIRK Newkirk Tactician 286345A   Group 3  
P. Michael Patterson Skipper 740466z    
Big Boat (J 109)
Seth Barrows Main Trimmer usasb136 Group 1   Yes  
Cris Brodie Tactician NZLCB14 Group 1   Yes  
Jake Hannah Bow USAJH280 Group 1   Yes  
James Hannah Headsail Trimmer USAJH236 Group 1   Yes  
Kyle McArdle Bow 311130C USAKM93 Group 1   Yes  
Sara Nightingale Rush Chairman 178106S USASN25 Group 1   Yes  
Elizabeth Rogers Pit USAER81 Group 1   Yes  
William Rogers Helm 219502Q USAWR45   Yes  
Richard Skeen Tactician USARS198 Group 1   Yes  
Blazer (Swan 42)
Scott Barnhill Bow usab101 Group 1  
Tom Castiglione Main Trimmer USATC01 Group 3  
Ed Cesare Tactician USAEC5 Group 1  
Christopher Culver 376544C USACC66  
Liam Domizlaff Mid Bow USALP24 Group 3  
kyle Fast Other USAKF28 Group 1  
John Fryer Headsail Trimmer USAJF16 Group 1  
Ryan Hope Ross Mast AHORH1 Group 1  
Richard wilkie Jordan Mast   Group 1  
Todd McKenzie Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Carl Merril Pit Assist   Group 3  
Pam Murrin Pit Assist USAPM19 Group 1  
Rando Needham Navigator 236512O USARN5 Group 1  
Blue Fire (Summit 35)
Bruce Barta Mast   Group 1  
Billy Baxter    
John Baxter Stunt Owner   Group 1  
Key Becker Bow   Group 1  
Nicholas Burroughs Bow    
Britt Colombo Floater   Group 3  
Tom Haidinger Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Maximilian Hutter Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Ed Keller Staysail trimmer 681947T   Group 1  
Sara Keller Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Karen Martinez Floater   Group 1  
Patrick OConnor Pit   Group 3  
Brendan O'Leary Chef   Group 1  
Emily Proctor Floater 768975P   Group 1  
Blue Steel (F-32rx)
Molly Osborne Owner    
Randel Osborne    
Roald Osborne Bow   Group 1  
Donald Zimmer Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Bravo (J 111)
Kevin Denien Bow usakd63 Group 1  
Ian Fraser Mast usaif4 Group 1  
Joshua Kapell Pit USAJK175 Group 1  
Matthew Kapell Headsail Trimmer USAMK112 Group 1  
Kevin McKee Spinnaker trimmer 158389L USAKM70 Group 1  
James Ryan Main Trimmer 179254d USAJR82 Group 1  
Sam Vineyard Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Andrew Ward Helm 741086W USAAW99 Group 1  
Sedgwick Ward 308141S    
Brer Rabbit 3 (C&C 33)
Peter Austin Bow   Group 1  
Sher Hertzler Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Adrianne Loweth Floater   Group 1  
Karen Loweth Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Scott Loweth Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
William Loweth Strategist   Group 1  
Doug Meaney Mast   Group 1  
Brian Racicot Mid Bow   Group 1  
Rick Scavatto    
David Strang    
Chris Vanderstad Grinder 718629Y   Group 1  
Ryan Wagner Grinder   Group 1  
Caliente (Tripp 36)
Jim Birge Strategist    
Pat Collins    
Gordon Dailey Medic/Doctor    
Tom Fahy Alternate    
Bruce Galaski Rush Chairman    
Paul Geer Chef    
Joel Z. Green    
Anne Hannan Other    
Lee Henchman Chef    
Bob Schaefer Floater    
Challenge IV (J 44)
Phil Cox Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Kyle Erlandsen Bow   Group 1  
Dan Faria Spinnaker trimmer 121608G USADF8 Group 1  
Robert Hunte Runners 333706O   Group 1  
Fran Johnson Pit 229046Y    
Ken Lane Main Trimmer 275549D USAKL23 Group 1  
Jim Meystrik Mid Mast 716046P   Group 1  
Steve Parisi Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Michael Reuter Floater   Group 1  
David Willis Tactician USADW15 Group 1  
Jeffrey W. Willis 120483N USAJW29  
Timothy Willis Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Todd Willis Strategist   Group 1  
Chateauneuf du Pape (Sun Odessey 44)
Diane Glokler    
Diane Glokler Watch Captain   Group 1  
Sandra Kaye Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
John Pape Captain 366416W    
Jeffrey Weinsten    
Checkmate (Alden 44)
Rob Douglas Bow   Group 1  
Frank Flores Skipper 347548F    
Maggie KLIN Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Max Klin Pit 706704F   Group 1  
Tom Klin Medic/Doctor 670928Z USATK44 Group 1  
Anne Longo Pit    
Marily MacKinnon Pit   Group 1  
Kathleen Maher Floater   Group 1  
Christopher Dragon (Ker 43)
Morgan Bennett Bowman USAMB30 Group 1  
Lawrence Cutler Other 671786z usalc39 Group 1  
Colin Fitzpatrick Offside trimmer USACF15 Group 1  
Larry Fox Navigator USALF7 Group 1  
Patrick Johnson Mid Bow USAPJ33 Group 1  
Byron LaMotte III Strategist USABL18 Group 1  
Rick Lyall Offside trimmer USARL28 Group 1  
Allie Padin Pit USAAP88 Group 1  
Buttons Padin Offside trimmer 348636E USAEP48 Group 1  
Butch Ulmer Tactician 366944F USACU6 Group 3  
Andrew Weiss Owner 352216l USAAW46 Group 1  
Linda Weiss Owner 352216l USALW37 Group 1  
Cleo (J 109)
Scott Adler Mast usasa35 USASA35 Group 1   Yes  
Kevin Costello Mast USAKC64 Group 1   Yes  
james Ebenau Main Trimmer Usaje22 Group 3   Yes  
Rand Milton Spinnaker trimmer 1652080 USARM39 Group 1   Yes  
Kia Pedersen Pit USAKP40 Group 1   Yes  
Ray Pepi Skipper 666909R USARP95 Group 1   Yes  
Will Pepi Bow 766121P USAWP54 Group 1   Yes  
Matthew Temares Headsail Trimmer 200875R USAMT19 Group 1   Yes  
Cool Breeze (Mills 43 Custom)
John Borowski Pit 660560D   Group 1  
Chris Clark   Group 1  
John Cooper Owner 262659Z   Group 1  
Brandon Henne Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
David Hyer Navigator   Group 1  
Billy Liberty Tactician 178837G USABL10 Group 3  
Patrick Murphy Bow   Group 1  
Ed Norton Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Eric Olving Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Andrew Pappas Mast   Group 1  
Andrew Ventres Mid Mast   Group 1  
Alex Whipple Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Cool Breeze (J 29 Frac OB)
Richard Collins Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
John Cooper Owner 262659Z   Group 1  
Carl Fast Tactician   Group 1  
Peter Fornell Pit   Group 1  
Lucas Freye Pit   Group 3  
Daniel Goldman Bow   Group 1  
Ed Liberty Skipper   Group 1  
Paul Nahon Mast   Group 1  
Cosmo (J 109)
Michael Cassidy Bow USAMC176 Group 1   Yes  
Ron LaNeve Tactician 145914R USARL6 Group 3   Yes  
Arthur Olsen Helm 117777f USAAO25 Group 1   Yes  
George Tay Main Trimmer 132687Y USAGT38 Group 1   Yes  
Karen Tay Pit USAKT40 Group 1   Yes  
Christopher Widdis Spinnaker trimmer USACW137 Group 1   Yes  
Joseph Worth Headsail Trimmer USAJW212 Group 1   Yes  
Cymothoe (Sabre 362)
Joesph Albanese Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
David Alldian Helm 218486H   Group 1  
David Alldian Mast   Group 1  
Robert Alldian Co-Skipper 218486h   Group 1  
Jim Aridas Bowman   Group 1  
Eric Lehnes Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Steve Lopez Navigator   Group 1  
Daring (Swan 42)
Pete Benedetto Headsail Trimmer 165609T USAPB Group 1  
Peter Cummiskey Navigator   Group 1  
Jim Gibson Pit USAJG5 Group 3  
John Hele 126702L    
Dave Jarvis Other   Group 1  
Oakley Jones Bow   Group 1  
Morgan Kiss Pit Assist   Group 1  
Chris Malloy Mast USACM114 Group 1  
john millen Spinnaker trimmer CANJM6 Group 1  
Brad Read Tactician   Group 1  
chip whipple Main Trimmer 126053P USARW97 Group 1  
Emily Whipple   Group 1  
Dark Energy (Melges 24)
Beatrix Bisceglia Other 728862P   Group 1  
Laura Grondin 700622P USALG43  
Rick Grondin Mast    
Colin Ray Chef   Group 1  
Kelly Ray Medic/Doctor    
Matthew Ray Tactician    
Matt Sola Mast 700873Z USAMS294 Group 1  
Deviation (J 88)
Ed Averbuch Mast USAEA36 Group 1  
Jeff Goff Strategist USAJG22 Group 1  
Bill Heintz 163439T USABH83 Group 1  
Tim Longo Bow usatl24 Group 1  
Iris Vogel Skipper 154629U USAIV2 Group 1  
Kay Wang Pit Assist USAKW80 Group 1  
Bill Wiggins Main Trimmer 240866U   Group 3  
Dirty Harry (J 29)
Elizabeth Kinsman Mast   Group 1  
Jack McGuire    
Josh McGuire Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
John Nisbet Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Lauren Swanson Pit    
Jason Tomchik Bow   Group 1  
Scott Tompkins Chef   Group 3  
Don't Panic (C&C 30)
Ryan Aull Offside trimmer USARA30 Group 1   Yes  
Jim Barton Tactician USAJB23 Group 1   Yes  
John Bonds, Jr. Navigator 147548B USAJB57 Group 1   Yes  
Nicholas Danziger Bow USAND31 Group 1   Yes  
Julian Mann Skipper USAJM422 Group 1   Yes  
Steve Marsh Floater USASM9 Group 1   Yes  
Andy McCormick Headsail Trimmer USAAM135 Group 3   Yes  
Pete McCormick Main Trimmer USAPM155 Group 3   Yes  
Eclipse (J 105)
Kevin Dakan Bow USAKD47 Group 1  
Damian Emery 197768M USADE20  
Pam Morris Headsail Trimmer USAPM95 Group 1  
Helena Petersen Pit USAHP16 Group 1  
George Ryan Headsail Trimmer USAGR4 Group 1  
Dave Schrader Headsail Trimmer USADS159 Group 1  
Emoticon (J 109)
David Dempsey Tactician USADD14 Group 1   Yes  
Patrick James Headsail Trimmer USAPJ35 Group 1   Yes  
Lauren Koch Offside trimmer USALK51 Group 1   Yes  
Chris Manson-Hing Strategist 689743P USACM167 Group 1   Yes  
Howie Meyers Bow USAHM39 Group 1   Yes  
Jonathan Rechtschaffer 225315M USAJR85 Group 1   Yes  
Sam Tobio Spinnaker trimmer USAST37 Group 1   Yes  
Rory Vandamme Mast IRLRV3 Group 1   Yes  
Extreme2 (C&C 30)
Bryn Bachman Pit Assist USABB138 Group 1   Yes  
Dan Cheresh Helm 169459J USADC15 Group 1   Yes  
Petey Crawford Other USAPC70 Group 1   Yes  
Nick Ford Bow USANF15 Group 1   Yes  
Sam Hawllowell Headsail Trimmer USASH72 Group 1   Yes  
Leland Hubble Mast USALH49 Group 1   Yes  
Mark Mendelblatt Tactician 164574Z USAMM9 Group 3   Yes  
Dave Shriner Captain 239934e usads60 Group 3   Yes  
Family Stuff (Melges 32)
Brit Bischoff Main Trimmer   Group 1  
William Cox Mid Mast   Group 1  
Laura Kim Alternate   Group 1  
Catherine Maxwell Pit Assist USACS253 Group 1  
Emily Maxwell Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Erin Maxwell Tactician   Group 1  
Henry Maxwell Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
John Maxwell Skipper 220141C   Group 1  
Wes Maxwell Owner    
Ryan Novak Bow   Group 1  
Flight Simulator II (Corsair Cruze 970)
Peter Jeffs Other   Group 1  
Tom Reese 173751T    
Robert Remmers Pit   Group 1  
Flying Jenny (C&C 30)
Sandra Askew Owner 754490T usasa57 Group 1   Yes  
Jason Currie Headsail Trimmer USAJC149 Group 3   Yes  
Jason McShane Bow USAJM67 Group 1   Yes  
Gary Snider Runners usags124 Group 1   Yes  
Grant Spanhake Main Trimmer 205467X USAGS108 Group 3   Yes  
Brady Stagg Mast USABS147 Group 1   Yes  
Bryan Stout Floater USABS120 Group 1   Yes  
Duncan Williford Offside trimmer USADW108 Group 1   Yes  
Frequent Flyer (Beneteau First 36.7)
Alistair Duke Skipper 380760T GBRAD74  
Itala Goncalves Other USAIG8 Group 1  
Sharon Lehr Pit USASL50 Group 1  
Doug MacMillan Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Eric Stanley Bow USAES94 Group 1  
Cesar Vallejos Mid Mast   Group 1  
Caroline Wetzel Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Scott Wetzel Chef   Group 1  
Charles Zimmerman Grinder USACZ11 Group 1  
Gigi (J 122)
Mark Andrews Bow 282187A   Group 1  
Gavin Blackmore Pit Assist   Group 1  
Russ Chapman Tactician   Group 1  
Chris Goddard Pit   Group 1  
Tom Mager Skipper 383205N    
Jim Mellen Mast   Group 1  
Rich Montplaisir Headsail Trimmer    
Marcel Nyffenegger Headsail Trimmer 231466R SUIMN1 Group 1  
Dan Skinner Spinnaker trimmer USADS182 Group 1  
David Timberlake Main Trimmer 282001D   Group 1  
Glory (J 44)
Austin Brown Bow   Group 1  
Austin Brown Bow   Group 1  
Amy Chamberlin Pit Assist   Group 1  
Will Colomb Bow   Group 1  
Kevin Dooley Watch Captain USAKD35  
Tobias Ferl    
Gregory Gaskel Grinder    
James Gigantelli Navigator USAJG203 Group 1  
Eric Gimple Helm 141959W    
Zachary Groce Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Micah Larson Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Gold Digger (J 44)
James D. Bishop 114950Q usajb2  
James Bishop, Jr. Tactician 110713B   Group 1  
Fran Buonocore Pit   Group 1  
Tim Ebert Bow 740773X USATE30 Group 1  
Jeff Feehan Other   Group 1  
Tom Greig Headsail Trimmer usatg52 Group 1  
Dan Holt Bow 206262S USACH47 Group 1  
George Holt Runners 692392Z    
Lisa Mathey Pit   Group 1  
david pavelko Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Mercedes Tech Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Kathy Tracy Pit   Group 1  
Tom Tracy Mast   Group 1  
Good Trade (J 105)
Marc Acheson Headsail Trimmer 716152s USAMA40 Group 1  
Nicole Breault Tactician 120108z USANB20 Group 1  
Bill Higgins Bow USAWH37 Group 1  
Bruce Stone / Nicole Breault Helm 260545o USABS49 Group 1  
John Sahagian Pit USAJS209 Group 1  
Casey Williams Bow 267942D USACW125 Group 1  
Gossip (J 109)
Greg Ames Helm USAGA7 Group 1   Yes  
Luke Babcock Bow USALB23 Group 1   Yes  
Chris Buncke Runners USACB23 Group 3   Yes  
Michael Hayes Mast USAMH135 Group 1   Yes  
Liz Joyce Pit USALJ11 USALJ11 Group 1   Yes  
steve kenny Main Trimmer 214931P USASK29 Group 1   Yes  
Aubrey Mayer Tactician 221434I USAAM59 Group 1   Yes  
Grimace (J 100)
Kristina Berglund Runners   Group 1  
Alex Bowen Bow   Group 1  
Evan Bowen    
Ike Bowen    
Bryson Hall    
Benjamin Hodgson    
Dawson Hodgson Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Growth Spurt (J 109)
Richard Born Medic/Doctor USARB102 Group 1   Yes  
Sonja Elmquist Pit Assist 738691T USASE47 Group 1   Yes  
Elizabeth Ervin Pit USAEE33 Group 1   Yes  
John Greifzu III Chef USAJG237 Group 1   Yes  
John Greifzu, Jr. Captain 204531K USAJG192 Group 1   Yes  
John Hughes Bow USAJH359 Group 1   Yes  
Malcolm Kriegel Headsail Trimmer 728677U USAMK129 Group 1   Yes  
Christopher Mangieri Mast USACM131 Group 1   Yes  
Joe Quick Main Trimmer 240093P USAJQ12 Group 1   Yes  
Guardian J (J 109)
Sherb Cameron Headsail Trimmer 752916V USASC148 Group 1  
Zach Conover Bow USAZC4 Group 1  
Doc Dwyer Co-Skipper USAMD157 Group 1  
Don Dwyer Skipper 742626T USADD114 Group 1  
Jan Dwyer Owner USAJD261 Group 1  
Chris Hancock Headsail Trimmer USACH194 Group 1  
Patrick Schmidt Main Trimmer USAPS144 Group 1  
William Smith Bow USAWS112 Group 1  
Gut Feeling (J 109)
paul adam Chef usapa12 Group 1   Yes  
Sil Ferreira Headsail Trimmer 103076O usasf27 Group 1   Yes  
Michael Gomes Mast usamg44 Group 1   Yes  
Ted Herlihy 137813S usaeh25 Group 1   Yes  
Christopher Hiller Spinnaker trimmer usach110 Group 1   Yes  
Santiago Hirschmann Bow usash141 Group 1   Yes  
Christina Sewall usacs245 Group 1   Yes  
Wyatt Warner Pit USAWW84 Group 1   Yes  
Hall Pass (Donovan GP 26)
Joe Gibson    
Mike Jones    
Jim Carkhuff / Ken Schmidt 194499K    
Ken Schmidt    
Sean Simmons Bow   Group 1  
Andrew Waters    
Happenstance (O'Day 34)
Mark Long Bow USAML160 Group 1  
Thomas Talbot Helm   Group 1  
Dylan Williams Headsail Trimmer USADW160 Group 1  
Rachel Yannelli Pit   Group 1  
High Noon (Tripp 41)
Midshipman Nick Becker Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Midshipman Stephen Belt Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Michael Collins    
Midshipman Liam Hart Mast   Group 1  
Midshipman Easton Hazim Runners   Group 1  
Kenneth Luczynski Skipper 114737R USAJM75  
Midshipman Patrick Lyell Bow   Group 1  
Ben Manning Tactician   Group 1  
Max Neubelt Helm   Group 1  
Midshipman Adam Reishus Pit   Group 1  
Midshipman Karl Wallin Bow   Group 1  
Midshipman Kenneth Weber Floater    
Midshipman Benjamin White Captain    
Himmel (Dehler 39)
Mary Hennessey Main Trimmer USAMH148 Group 1  
Dave Malfroy Bow   Group 1  
Frank McNamara Tactician 283842W USAFM9 Group 1  
John Powley Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Ken Shuart Watch Captain   Group 1  
Donald Snelgrove Skipper 756059Z    
Paula Thorsland Bow   Group 1  
Hooligan (TP52)
Steven Arbogast Runners   Group 1  
Russell Bauer Runners   Group 1  
Zackary Bauer Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Nathaniel Blount Staysail trimmer   Group 1  
George Davis Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Charles Dimer Grinder   Group 1  
Colin Duggan Mid Bow   Group 1  
Timothy Forman Grinder   Group 1  
Patrick Francis Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Justus Grammer Navigator   Group 1  
Christian Hoffman Pit   Group 1  
Matthew Hundt Helm   Group 1  
Benjamin Hynes Bow   Group 1  
Theodore Papenthien Skipper   Group 1  
Jahn Tihansky Watch Captain 155706q   Group 3  
Hustler (J 29 MHOB)
Mike Bosi Spinnaker trimmer 395890L   Group 1  
Neil Caruso Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Brett Clark Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
John Esposito Skipper 216732s    
Theodore Fortier Bow    
Max Lopez Tactician USAML55   Group 1  
Robert Weir Helm   Group 1  
Impetuous (Swan 42)
Casey Brown Bow   Group 1  
Sean Cahill Offside trimmer   Group 1  
Alex Clegg Main Trimmer USAAC61 Group 3  
Seth Cooley Headsail Trimmer USASC28 Group 1  
Chafee Emory Pit   Group 1  
Charles Goodrich Navigator 651043Q USACG28 Group 1  
Eric Johnson Headsail Trimmer 146324P   Group 1  
Michelle Miltenberger Mid Mast USAMM206 Group 1  
Merry Varr Pit Assist USAMV38 Group 1  
Paul Zabetakis 147328V USAPZ1  
Eric Zeller Mast 239565H USAEZ1 Group 1  
Irie 2 (Ker 55)
Brian Cunha Skipper 179170C USABC106 Group 1  
jeffery Desmond Grinder   Group 1  
Stuart Hebb Helm 163807P   Group 1  
Thomas Henneberry Grinder USATH94 Group 1  
Victor Hong Floater   Group 1  
Richard Hyde Main Trimmer 110607C USARH28 Group 1  
Chris Lanza Mast   Group 1  
Ron LeComte Navigator   Group 1  
Jon Lynch Mast   Group 1  
Kevin Magee Pit USAKM109 Group 1  
Danny Nystrom Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Becky Pineo Headsail Trimmer    
Jonathan Riley Strategist 693518N USAJR212 Group 1  
Mark Riley Headsail Trimmer USAMR93 Group 1  
Renee Wightman Pit Assist usarw126 Group 1  
Jammy (Gunboat 55)
TOM CARSE Floater   Group 1  
Ty Goss Strategist   Group 1  
Ben Hall Floater   Group 1  
Nan Hall Pit Assist 284552X    
Thomas Lee 132727N    
TIM MASON Bow   Group 1  
Paul vanDyke Grinder   Group 3  
Jazz (J 88)
Matthew Beekman Mast USAMB244 Group 1  
Bob Kinsman Offside trimmer USARK35 Group 1  
Steven Kirkpatrick Main Trimmer 177411Q USASK30 Group 1  
Douglas McKeige 291818T USADM220 Group 1  
Will McKeige Co-Skipper 400222C USAWM108 Group 1  
Will Welles Other USAWW22 Group 3  
Jeroboam (Farr 400)
Laurent Givry Skipper 740109N USALL49 Group 1  
Michael McNamara   Group 1  
Just A Friend (C&C 30)
Thomas Allin Headsail Trimmer   Group 3   Yes  
Max Bulger Bow 335580a USAMB104 Group 1   Yes  
Clayton Deutsch Helm 278662H USACD15 Group 1   Yes  
Martha Fortin Runners 251296X USAMP118 Group 1   Yes  
Ben Fusco Watch Captain IRLBF15 Group 1   Yes  
Cian Guilfoyle Mast IRLCG31 Group 1   Yes  
Alex Hood Main Trimmer USAAH85 Group 1   Yes  
Jack Slattery Tactician USAJS40 Group 3   Yes  
Kenai (J 44)
Reed Cleckler Mid Bow USARC148   Group 1  
Big Country Bow   Group 3  
Emmett Dickheiser 702539V USAED37 Group 3  
Alex Freas Pit   Group 1  
Eric Goethe Medic/Doctor   Group 1  
Chris Lewis    
Karen Lewis Pit 407137w GBRKL18 Group 1  
Mike McGagh Bow 292588g usamm Group 1  
Meghan Pesch Spinnaker trimmer 290340K   Group 1  
Alec Snyder Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Ryan Zupon Staysail trimmer USARZ5 Group 1  
Kurranulla (Sydney 38)
Alexendra DeWitt Pit 408475H   Group 1  
Chris Feret Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Stuart Jones Helm 750159P AUSSJ18 Group 1  
Igor Labzhinskiy Runners   Group 1  
Dan Lawrence Grinder   Group 1  
Christina Lizza USACL97 Group 1  
Alexander Malykhin Mast RUSAM41 Group 1  
Wes Pelland Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Ryan Rutkowski Bow 764769S USARR153 Group 1  
Rick Werkheiser Grinder   Group 1  
Latitude (Mason 43)
Christine Brand Bow    
Kerry Brodyok Mast   Group 1  
Gary Chamberlain Grinder   Group 1  
Joseph Droughton Watch Captain   Group 1  
Jenn Durrua Nav/Tac   Group 1  
Lisa Fischoff Mast   Group 1  
Brian Gillen 713049Q    
Louis Melillo Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Anna Mierana Runners   Group 1  
Ron Rougeau Grinder   Group 1  
Jasmin Singh Bow    
LauraBea (J 105)
Courtney Finkel Pit   Group 1  
Max Kalehoff Owner 751056Z USAMK132 Group 1  
Mike Lee Bow 762084T USAML151 Group 1  
Elif Levent Headsail Trimmer TUREL2 Group 1  
Henry Millette Tactician 689525N USAHM44 Group 1  
Jeffrey Reed Mast   Group 1  
Leading Edge (J 35)
Terry Carlton Mid Mast   Group 1  
Alex Crowell Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Christopher Dees Navigator 651407Q USACD53 Group 1  
Paul Eley Pit   Group 1  
Tom Meeh Tactician 167946f   Group 1  
Jakob Strickler Mid Bow   Group 1  
Diana Sutton Bow   Group 1  
Tom Sutton 122697Z    
Marty Weick Mast 656827V   Group 1  
Lir (Swan 45)
Bob Connell Floater 293188EE USARC10 Group 1  
Andy Giglia Grinder   Group 1  
Jamie Gurnell Floater USAJG101   Group 3  
Stewart Gurnell Floater   Group 1  
Kim Kuzina Pit 764208Y   Group 1  
Bruce Lawrence Bow 159557H USABL23 Group 1  
Bob Macini    
Ahley Maltempo Pit   Group 1  
Peter McCloskey IRLPM38 Group 1  
John McNamara 206209N    
John Parker Mast   Group 1  
Mark Ploch Tactician   Group 3  
Sandy Weil Navigator   Group 1  
Loki (J 109)
Brian Comfort Tactician USABC18 Group 1   Yes  
John Gluek Main Trimmer USAJG138 Group 1   Yes  
Larry Huibers Spinnaker trimmer CANLH4 Group 1   Yes  
Kerry Klingler Main Trimmer USAKK45 Group 3   Yes  
Adam Klyver Headsail Trimmer USAAK62 Group 1   Yes  
Tal Ozeri Bow USATO31 Group 1   Yes  
David Rosow USADR12 Group 1   Yes  
Lora Ann (Express 37)
Stephanie Baas Floater   Group 1  
Robert Behringer Navigator   Group 1  
Richard du Moulin    
Bengt Johansson Alternate   Group 1  
Adam Loory Tactician   Group 3  
Bruce Paulsen Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Chris Reyling Watch Captain   Group 1  
John Storck Jr Other 106873Z USAJS47 Group 1  
Rebecca Weisberg Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
loulou (J 105)
Paul Beaudin Floater 222275R    
Lionel Crear   Group 1  
Barbara Gold Spinnaker trimmer    
Callender Herman Chef 228212O   Group 1  
Chris Wientjes Rush Chairman   Group 1  
OJ Young Helm 107471V   Group 1  
Manitou (J 111)
Russ Arnone Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Jesse Biggers Mast   Group 1  
Michael Chammout Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Ed Colomb Main Trimmer    
Henry duPont Helm 303687B   Group 1  
Sean Palizza Tactician USASP79 Group 3  
Dashiell Slamowitz Headsail Trimmer    
Greg Slamowitz Skipper 661032U   Group 1  
Maxine (J 44)
Eliot Beck Pit   Group 1  
David Ciesla Medic/Doctor 310231C   Group 1  
James Conroy Mast   Group 1  
Xavier Janssen Headsail Trimmer 263552t   Group 1  
Liza Ketcham Runners    
Saunders Ketcham Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
William Ketcham Helm 110392M   Group 1  
Chris Kriz Main Trimmer 271857Y USACK101 Group 1  
Johanna Moffitt Pit USAJM132 Group 1  
Carolyn Russell Bow 656237u USACR113 Group 1  
Christopher Schubert Other   Group 1  
Brooks Ware Pit    
Meddler (J 29)
Carol Fishbone Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Maggie Hannis Other   Group 1  
Bridget Hilgendorff Bow   Group 1  
david n. Hilgendorff Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Heidi Hilgendorff Headsail Trimmer    
patricia h Hilgendorff Navigator   Group 1  
Peter B Hilgendorff Skipper 115600F   Group 1  
Peter Hilgendorff, III Strategist   Group 1  
Peter Boyce (Toby) Hilgendorff, Jr. Tactician   Group 1  
MI2 (J 88)
Alexandre Beland Mast CANAB50  
Denise Bienvenu Pit 377182G CANDB3  
Pascal Lavarenne Bow CANPL7 Group 1  
Donald Nicholson Helm 331244L USADN16  
Simon Turenne Headsail Trimmer CANST12 Group 1  
Paul White Main Trimmer CANPW16 Group 1  
Mighty Puffin (J 29 MH)
Ben Chwalk Mid Mast   Group 1  
Donn Hamilton Mast   Group 1  
Ian Hopkins Bowman   Group 1  
Jared Kelly Pit   Group 1  
David Materne Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
David Norton Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Steve Thurston Owner 138550W    
Miracle (R/P 44)
Conor Cashel Pit USACC176 Group 1  
Finnian Cashel Other USAFC26 Group 1  
Michael Cashel 697102V USAMC148  
Sean Cashel Mast USASC86 Group 1  
Ben Greenfield 280936T USABG69 Group 1  
Bill Hartnett Main Trimmer USAWH54 Group 1  
Skip Helme Navigator 168967M USAJH46 Group 1  
Steve Janzen Grinder   Group 1  
Max Nickbarg Other 328652C ISVMN1 Group 1  
Charlie Simonds Headsail Trimmer USACS116 Group 1  
Max Trigale Bow USAMT50 Group 3  
George Walker Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Mischief (Grand Soleil 40)
Joseph Grenier Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Michael Henry Stunt Owner   Group 1  
Pam Henry Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Peter Henry Helm 228034S    
Barb Palmer Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Steve Palmer Tactician   Group 1  
Mistral (J 109)
John Donovan Medic/Doctor Usajd238 Group 1   Yes  
William Donovan Rush Chairman Usawd54 Group 1   Yes  
Greg Fisher Headsail Trimmer USAGF59 Group 1   Yes  
Sarah Hamm USASH143 Group 1   Yes  
Bryce Kopp Tactician USABK68 Group 1   Yes  
Tory Lynch Spinnaker trimmer USAVL7 Group 1   Yes  
Chuck Murphy Pit usacm232 Group 1   Yes  
Jack Murphy Main Trimmer usajm460 Group 1   Yes  
Dan Nash Owner USADN40   Yes  
Everett Nash Bow USAEN20 Group 1   Yes  
Tyler Nash Spinnaker trimmer USATN28 Group 1   Yes  
Felix Nizet Bow USAFN12 Group 1   Yes  
Charles Wolstenholme Pit USACW152 Group 1   Yes  
Morning Glory (J 109)
Chris Crockett Bow 260873V USACC47 Group 1   Yes  
Terry Flynn Tactician USAWF43 Group 3   Yes  
Avi Lessman Headsail Trimmer USAAL74 Group 1   Yes  
Carl Olsson Owner 115941R USACO38 Group 1   Yes  
Suzanne O'Sullivan Mid Mast 741230W USASO43 Group 1   Yes  
Thomas Pluchino Mast USATP82 Group 1   Yes  
Owen Zimmermann Main Trimmer USAOZ2 Group 1   Yes  
Moxiee (J 122)
Ronaldo Borgogni Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
David Easterbrooks Floater 742686W USADE33 Group 1  
Rob Gibson Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
John Hanson Bow USAJH307 Group 1  
Daniel Heun Owner 211528K USADH7 Group 1  
Greg Pitner Watch Captain   Group 1  
Nevermore (J 88)
Drew Hall Co-Skipper 393187F USADH190 Group 1  
Ken Hall Co-Skipper 393187F USAKH99 Group 1  
Chris Kinner Mast USACK75 Group 1  
Ryan Kinner Pit USARK89 Group 1  
Alexander Pugliese Bow USAAP91 USAAP91 Group 1  
Michael Zelenz Headsail Trimmer USAMZ23 Group 1  
Night Moves (J 24)
Wesley Cooper Headsail Trimmer    
Henry Fisher Mast   Group 1  
Wiley Small Bow   Group 1  
Colby Thim    
Nordlys (J 109)
stephanie baas Floater USASB174 Group 1   Yes  
John Browning Pit Assist USAJB50 Group 1   Yes  
Laura Browning Spinnaker trimmer USALB57 Group 1   Yes  
Ryan Christie Main Trimmer USARC18 Group 1   Yes  
Tom Powers Headsail Trimmer USATP43 Group 1   Yes  
Eli Schwartz Bow USAES64 Group 1   Yes  
Robert Schwartz 390987H USABS92   Yes  
Bradford Webster Headsail Trimmer USABW75 Group 1   Yes  
Old School (Farr 395)
Shawn Burke Chef USASB45 Group 1  
Nicholas Dovbniak Pit Assist CANND2 Group 3  
Ganson Evans 717805A USAJE66  
Tram Evans Grinder   Group 3  
Jimmy Gieseke Mid Bow   Group 1  
Johnny Gieseke Bow   Group 1  
Collin Leon Strategist   Group 3  
Dean Minardi Pit   Group 1  
Robby Wilkins Floater   Group 1  
Orion (S2 10.3)
Bryan Coon Skipper 699215Y    
john edens Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Katy Edens Grinder   Group 1  
emma hendler Mid Mast    
William Hendler Tactician   Group 1  
James Mulholland Navigator   Group 1  
Richard wysoker Bow    
Partnership (J 111)
Mike Andre Spinnaker trimmer USAMA78 Group 1  
Dan Calore Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Dave Chard Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Aly Di Nas Bow USAAG75 Group 1  
Lutz Lange Pit GERLL11 Group 1  
Phil Spinelli Mast    
David Tortorello Skipper 397589T    
MaryEllen Tortorello Headsail Trimmer    
Seadon Wijsen Tactician   Group 3  
Pendragon (X-41)
Quentin Thomas 395941D    
Pieces of Eight (J 105)
Samuel Adelman Floater   Group 1  
Jaime Dice Pit USAJD257 Group 1  
Kaitlyn Frolich Pit   Group 1  
Emily Greagori Floater   Group 1  
Jonah Israelit    
Nate Mooney Spinnaker trimmer    
Paul Mullen Main Trimmer USAPM164 Group 1  
Dylan Myers Bow   Group 1  
Dave Sungarian Tactician   Group 1  
Bonnie Taylor Other   Group 1  
Planet Claire (J 105 SD)
John Koten    
Pterodactyl (R/P 45 custom)
Sarah Alford Spinnaker trimmer Usasa21 Group 1  
Wesley Bemus Runners USAWB66   Group 1  
Jason Corall Pit CANJC36 Group 3  
Brooks Daly Bow   Group 1  
Sean Grant Grinder    
dirk Johnson Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
walter maguire Main Trimmer    
Jack Orr Runners 222591U USAJO38 Group 3  
Stan Scheyer Tactician    
Scott Weisman Skipper 151139L   Group 1  
Charles Welsh Mid Bow   Group 1  
Bjorn Wisecup Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Ranger (Farr 40)
Andrew Camargo Chef   Group 1  
Ethan Falsone Mast   Group 1  
Pierson Haines Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Conor Hickey Main Trimmer 752521W USACH163 Group 1  
Elizabeth Hosie Pit   Group 1  
Gunnar Hough Skipper   Group 1  
Zachary Krause Bow   Group 1  
Matthew Marino Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Peter Van Duyne Helm   Group 1  
John Wright Grinder 111797x usajw95 Group 1  
Ranger (Morris 42x)
Myles Everett Floater    
Drew Hopkins Bow   Group 1  
Charlotte Kinkade Mid Mast   Group 1  
John Macauley Main Trimmer   Group 1  
John Marshall Tactician USAJM374 Group 1  
Cuyler Morris Strategist   Group 1  
Brent Sullivan Other   Group 1  
Kenneth Weg Skipper 115269W   Group 1  
Charles Wray Bow   Group 1  
Rascal (Ericson 39)
Salvatore Carillo Mast   Group 1  
Brian Coleman Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Sven Dobler Headsail Trimmer 766289R   Group 1  
Mary Graf-DeLosReyes Bow 370946w   Group 1  
John Lopez Grinder    
Michael Menezes Grinder   Group 1  
Barbara Neilsen Offside trimmer   Group 1  
Christopher Schneider Owner 124596B USACS270 Group 1  
Frederick Schneider Chef   Group 1  
Leigh Sterflinger Navigator 316871C   Group 1  
Red Sky (J 88)
Craig Copeland Pit USACC34 USACC34 Group 1  
Jeremy Herman Bow USAJH258 Group 1  
John Mollicone Tactician USAJM87 Group 3  
Tim Orwin Headsail Trimmer USATO46 Group 1  
John Pearson Rush Chairman 396641C usajp174 Group 1  
Donna syers Runners USADS179 USADS179 Group 1  
Red Stripe (Hobie 33)
Dan Cavanaugh Mast    
John McLaughlin Pit    
Keith Sochen Main Trimmer   Group 1  
David Way Skipper    
Ray Way Captain    
Reef Points (Westerly Marine 60)
Lauren Bourgault Chef   Group 1  
Amina Brown Mid Bow 380856Y   Group 1  
Doug Ferguson Pit   Group 1  
John Gower Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Pat Kennedy Mast   Group 1  
Alastair Lenz Captain   Group 3  
Bill MacGowan Tactician   Group 1  
Peter Manikas Main Trimmer    
Christine Mills Headsail Trimmer    
Michael Ryan Headsail Trimmer    
Bill Titus Skipper    
Dan Valoppi Bow   Group 1  
Gurdon Wattles    
Resolute (J 44)
John Belle Pit 326328V   Group 1  
Sue Belle   Group 1  
Douglas Berg Mid Bow   Group 1  
Roger Dorr Floater   Group 1  
Chris Eisser Grinder   Group 1  
Bogie Freeman Grinder    
Amanda Kendrick   Group 1  
Charles Powers Tactician   Group 1  
Don and Rick Rave 3391841    
Rick Rave Owner   Group 1  
Teddy Rave Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Rigadoon (J 105)
Nick Chaloux Pit   Group 1  
Bill Clavin Alternate    
Garrett Connelly Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
William Connelly Grinder   Group 1  
Chris Pearson Headsail Trimmer 718726N   Group 1  
Kyle Riggs 666980H    
Kyle Riggs Skipper 666980H   Group 1  
William Riggs Alternate   Group 1  
Chris Shakespeare Bow   Group 1  
Ringle X (X-Yachts X4)
Jen Brett Offside trimmer   Group 1  
Benjamin Meyers Bow   Group 1  
Mark Pillsbury Grinder   Group 1  
David Robinson Navigator   Group 1  
Bob Rodgers Skipper   Group 1  
Heide Ruegg Pit 388827J   Group 1  
Ted Ruegg Tactician 388825H USAER58 Group 1  
Ellinor Walters Mid Bow 390793D   Group 1  
RockIt 2.0 (Columbia 30-2 Sport)
Tom Ajamian Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jeffrey Condon Chef   Group 1  
Mark Epstein Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Brianna Grenier Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Cheryl Harvey Pit USACH126  
Dina Kacandes Pit   Group 1  
Megan Melch Bow    
Lance Ryley 200501W USALR12  
Ryan White Tactician   Group 1  
Rosalita (J 109)
John Dearnaley Mid Mast usajd227 Group 1   Yes  
Bob Gamble Headsail Trimmer USARG64 Group 1   Yes  
Cindy Gamble Pit USACG120 Group 1   Yes  
Kyle Hanson Tactician USAKH50 Group 1   Yes  
Rick Hanson 234199D USARH104 Group 1   Yes  
Susan Hanson Mid Mast USASH120 Group 1   Yes  
Miles Martschink Main Trimmer USAMM304 Group 1   Yes  
Alex Razzook Bowman USAAR108 Group 1   Yes  
Rush (J 109)
Tom Babel Tactician 163996H USATB47 Group 3   Yes  
Kurt Carson Mast USAKC99 Group 1   Yes  
Ken McLean Main Trimmer 242960T USAKM39 Group 1   Yes  
Greg Oczkowski Bow USAGO9 Group 1   Yes  
Bill Sweetser Helm 229960F USABS61 Group 1   Yes  
Brian Tyrrell Headsail Trimmer 209988P USABT5 Group 1   Yes  
William Worsham Spinnaker trimmer Usaww53 Group 1   Yes  
Santas Reign, Dear (J 105)
Cherie Merryman Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Scott Mucci Main Trimmer usasm132 Group 3  
Donald Santa 207626u    
Gerard VandenBerg Tactician 303126J USAGV10 Group 3  
Marc VandenBerg Mast   Group 1  
Bill York Bowman 711594H USAWY4 Group 1  
Sea Biscuit (Sabre 402)
Maureen Corrado Floater   Group 1  
Herb d'Entermont Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Kevin Flood Strategist 112081K   Group 1  
Esma Gregor    
Michael Jennings Owner 765984T USAMJ73 Group 1  
Mary Jane McDonough Staysail trimmer 81092   Group 1  
Robert Schmidt Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Bruce Tucker Tactician 301248M   Group 1  
Seabiscuit (Farr 30)
Willy Comerford Pit   Group 1  
John Dolan Runners   Group 1  
Joanna Haaland Mid Mast   Group 1  
Ted Haaland Other   Group 3  
Porter Kavle Other   Group 1  
Kevin McNeil 212054J    
Seth Mininger Bow USASM65 Group 1  
Seawolf (J 109)
Jim Farrell Grinder 653196A USAJF85 Group 1   Yes  
Philip Gavey Tactician 728589Z USAPG66 Group 1   Yes  
Francis Morrison Main Trimmer USAFM40 Group 1   Yes  
Ken ODonnell Helm USAKO21 Group 1   Yes  
Michael orourke Spinnaker trimmer 689031R USAMO45 Group 1   Yes  
Mike Saganic Headsail Trimmer USAMS138 Group 1   Yes  
Richard Smola Pit USARS265 Group 1   Yes  
Settler (NEB Tripp 43)
John Fries Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Ian Henderson Rush Chairman   Group 3  
Peter Largess Bow usapl39 Group 1  
Alex Lavoie Grinder   Group 1  
Jono Loughborough Floater USAJL152 Group 1  
James Miller Runners    
W Craig Nann Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Geoff Prior Tactician   Group 1  
Abigail Rich Other 310564O   Group 1  
Laura Rich Pit   Group 1  
Thomas Rich 159964K    
Peter Stalkus Tactician   Group 1  
Ben Wilkinson Mast USABW17 Group 1  
Shamrock Sensation (Nelson Marek 40)
Jim Corbett Main Trimmer    
Ralph DiMattia 117060P    
Kristin Feeley Tactician   Group 1  
Bill Hines Stunt Owner   Group 1  
Brittany Hughes Staysail trimmer    
Rob Muschamp Watch Captain   Group 1  
Rich peirce Strategist   Group 1  
KIM ZEH Medic/Doctor 328286I USAKZ3 Group 1  
Shearwater (Sydney 36)
Gray Benson Staysail trimmer   Group 1  
June Bjerregaard Pitman 693861G    
Katherine Bjerregaard Bow 667063J   Group 1  
Ted Bjerregaard Stunt Owner 112659S   Group 1  
Joe Whelan Chris Bjerregaard 112659S    
Kenneth Madesn Main Trimmer 693006R DENKM Group 1  
David Whelan    
Joe Whelan Watch Captain    
Kathleen Whelan    
Maggie Whelan    
Mary Whelan    
May Whelan    
Niamh Whelan    
Ben White Chef   Group 1  
SKYE (Mills 41)
Melissa Ames Bow   Group 1  
Michael Bistany 307110J   Group 1  
Steve Bordes Main Trimmer    
Steve Jr Bordes Other 689968V USASB153 Group 3  
Thomas David Staysail trimmer   Group 1  
Colleen Durkin Navigator    
tor johnson Main Trimmer usatj23 Group 1  
Charles Z Man McCammon Tactician   Group 1  
Heath Moldveen Other   Group 1  
Spectre (J 125)
Sam Dendas Strategist   Group 1  
paul dorsi Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Andy everson Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Mark Howard-Flanders Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Robert Magown Offside trimmer   Group 1  
Conor O'Neil Bow   Group 1  
Sue O'Neil Floater   Group 1  
Brian Prinz Jr Tactician 247202m   Group 1  
Brian Prinz Sr Captain   Group 1  
gladwyn taylor Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Matt twickler Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Speedway Boogie (Colgate 26)
Chris Brady Skipper 229180B   Group 1  
Ed Brady Headsail Trimmer 223654S    
Elizabeth Brady Floater   Group 1  
Ed Brady III Floater   Group 1  
Andy Davies Pit    
Brian Finnerty Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Dennis Fontana Bow   Group 1  
Mike Gallo Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Spookie (TP52)
Helen Benjamin Strategist   Group 1  
Steve Benjamin 101374L USASB  
Doug Carey Grinder Usapc111 Group 1  
Jesse Fielding Rush Chairman 285435X USAJF64 Group 3  
Chris Kam Runners   Group 3  
Robbie Kane Bow   Group 3  
Ryan Kononchik Grinder   Group 1  
Ian Liberty Mid Bow   Group 1  
Chris Maxted Grinder   Group 3  
Patrick Mazan Floater   Group 1  
Michael Menninger Tactician USAMM101 Group 3  
John Plume Grinder 264382Z USAJP54 Group 3  
Ben Quatromoni Pit   Group 3  
Anderson Reggio Navigator 222614I USAAR21 Group 3  
Chris Williams Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Jeremy Wilmot Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Starlight (Cambria 46)
Joan de Regt Owner   Group 1  
John de Regt Skipper    
Kevin de Regt Grinder   Group 1  
Ken Leiby Nav/Tac   Group 1  
Linda Leiby Grinder   Group 1  
Lee Reichart Grinder 106432M USAHR5 Group 1  
Sterling (J 105)
John Aubrecht Mid Bow USAJA98 Group 1  
Will Bomar Headsail Trimmer 661957T USAWB79 Group 1  
Gary Largess Main Trimmer USAGL31 Group 1  
Mark Lindquist Owner 260667V USAML57 Group 1  
David Marshall Tactician USADM36 Group 1  
Grace Medley Mid Mast USAGM98 Group 1  
Stout (J 29 MHOB)
Matthew Cohen Tactician   Group 1  
Brad Hagedorn Bow    
Ben Hemani Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Matthew Knight Mast    
Matthew Strand Skipper 718744Z    
Mitch Strand Pit    
James Whelen Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Alden Wonnell Mid Mast   Group 1  
Kent Wonnell Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Strider (J 109)
Sarah Alford Spinnaker trimmer USASA21 Group 1   Yes  
Chris Berg Mid Mast USACB232 Group 1   Yes  
Rick Braile Floater USARB221 Group 1   Yes  
John Breuer Main Trimmer USAJB400 Group 1   Yes  
Daniel Corcoran Owner 651361V USADC181 Group 1   Yes  
Eric Francois Helm 315479e USAEF48 Group 1   Yes  
Eric Johnson Bow USAEJ32 Group 1   Yes  
Kimberly McIntyre Pit USAKM152 Group 1   Yes  
Matthew Miranda Tactician USAMM269 Group 1   Yes  
Jackie Stevens Alternate    
Laura Zygas Pit 768690Z USALZ8 Group 1   Yes  
Sunshine Daydream (Beneteau First 36.7)
Pat Colwell Pit   Group 1  
Paul D'Attilio Floater    
Andy Fesenmeyer Mid Mast    
Chris Fesenmeyer 227600m    
Mark Fesenmeyer Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Larry Murphy Mid Bow   Group 1  
Kevin Osinski Bow    
Peter Ritchey Bow    
John Ward Grinder   Group 1  
Richard Wood Tactician    
Sweet Caroline (J 109)
Matt Baldelli Mast USAMB243 Group 1   Yes  
Samir Choksy Bow USASC141 Group 1   Yes  
Brian Enright Mast USABE32 Group 1   Yes  
Christopher Ercole Helm USACE40 Group 1   Yes  
AVA MANDEVILLE Headsail Trimmer 769052U GBRAM135 Group 1   Yes  
Travis Rodgers Pit USATR89 Group 1   Yes  
Minna Scholl Main Trimmer 256360W USAMS229 Group 1   Yes  
Amy Sinclair Pit Assist USAAS226 Group 1   Yes  
Tartaruga (Jeanneau 409)
David Messenger    
Teamwork (J 122)
Jonathan Bartlett Tactician 155382Y   Group 3  
William Fuqua Bow   Group 1  
Drew Niven Pit    
Jeffrey Riedle Headsail Trimmer    
Kevin Ryman Main Trimmer 157877k USAKR4 Group 1  
Adam Team Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Alston Team Mast USAAT28 Group 1  
Coleman Team Bow    
Robin Team Helm    
Matt Welborn Mid Bow   Group 1  
Temptation/Oakcliff (Custon Ker 50)
Greg Adams Grinder   Group 1  
Christopher Booher Mast   Group 1  
William Canning Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Philip Dyer Pit   Group 1  
Andres Guerra Spinnaker trimmer ESPAG62 Group 1  
Harry Hall Bow   Group 1  
Chris Holman Pit Assist 754974F    
Suzy Leech Navigator USASL3 Group 1  
Daniel Martinez Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Zach Mason   Group 3  
Andrew O'Donnell   Group 1  
Isak Peterson Grinder   Group 1  
William Rudkin Tactician   Group 1  
Henry Taylor Pit Assist   Group 1  
Tenderly (Friendship 40)
Harry Masiello Main Trimmer    
Mark Masiello 744483Z    
Paul McMahoon Captain   Group 3  
Testing Life (Tartan 46)
Jeff Dahl Grinder    
Carly Egrie Medic/Doctor   Group 1  
Laurie Egrie Pit    
Roy Egrie Mast   Group 1  
Tyler Egrie Mid Mast    
Kristen Mangus Pit   Group 1  
Timothy Mangus Runners USATM17 Group 1  
Brian Mulhall Skipper 731050P   Group 1  
Deborah Mulhall Owner   Group 1  
Jenevieva Mulhall Chef    
liam mulhall Strategist   Group 1  
deb sagerholm Pit   Group 1  
james sagerholm USAJS313 Group 1  
douglas smith Staysail trimmer   Group 1  
Merlin Suggs Bow USAMS243 Group 1  
The Cat Came Back (Swan 42)
Morgan Baird Pit   Group 1  
Justin Bauer Bow   Group 1  
Gary Brophy Pit USAGB91 Group 1  
Nick Campagna Mast   Group 1  
Michael Campbell Tactician 141036G USAMC53 Group 1  
Tim Corbett Other USATC90 Group 1  
Lauren Cotta Mid Bow 323163Q   Group 1  
kevin Coughlin Pit Assist   Group 1  
Kaitlin Cuddyer Other   Group 1  
Jay Everson Navigator   Group 1  
Skip Mattos Helm    
Lincoln Mossop Owner USALM28 Group 1  
John Post Main Trimmer   Group 1  
The Ocho (Capo 30)
Scott Baker Nav/Tac USASB29 Group 1  
Nolan Brown Bow    
Kali Cika Pit 380174T   Group 1  
Mark Cika Skipper 670116p    
Scott Cika Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Jason Levy Floater    
Bill Mortensen Stunt Owner 127414o USAwm74 Group 1  
John Sicuranza Floater   Group 1  
Themis (C&C 30)
norman berge Bow usanb16 Group 1   Yes  
tyler black Rush Chairman usatb54 Group 1   Yes  
Lara Dallman-Weiss Headsail Trimmer USALD21 Group 1   Yes  
geoffrey ewenson Tactician usage02 Group 3   Yes  
Brandon Flack Stunt Owner 208873F USABF15 Group 1   Yes  
Dave flynn Main Trimmer USADF13 Group 3   Yes  
Orrin Starr Pit USAOS8 Group 1   Yes  
Walt Thirion Owner USAWT42 Group 1   Yes  
Tiburon (C&C 30)
Matt Frymier Main Trimmer 256716v USAMF85 Group 1   Yes  
Glenn Gray Pit USAGG53 Group 1   Yes  
Liam Harr Bow 402369w USALH45 Group 1   Yes  
Scott Nixon Main Trimmer 185883h USASN4 Group 3   Yes  
Tim Russell Pit USATR13 Group 1   Yes  
Stephanie Stroub Runners USASS251 Group 1   Yes  
stephen stroub 194893i USASS250 Group 1   Yes  
Nick Turney Headsail Trimmer USANT5 Group 3   Yes  
Tolo (J 105)
Marc Falato Bow USAMF83 Group 1  
michael gershenson Spinnaker trimmer USAMG130  
Mitch Nochlin Headsail Trimmer USAMN33 USAMN33 Group 1  
Richie Palmer 408475H rpusa  
Ann T Rossetti Mast 700512S USAAR119 Group 1  
Michael Turon Tactician   Group 1  
Trifecta (J 105)
Steve Frazier Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Lisa Hemmert Bow   Group 1  
Alex Hering Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Thom Hering 123387W    
Keven Keegan Mast   Group 1  
David Price Mast 324143O USADP109 Group 1  
Joseph Scarpulla Co-Skipper 296912Y    
Triple threat (Corsair 43)
Joe Ament Bow    
Joshua Colwell Floater   Group 1  
Tim Layne Strategist   Group 1  
Timothy Lyons Skipper    
David Nees Mid Mast   Group 1  
Rick Probst Grinder   Group 1  
John Schlossberg Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Allen Schlotzhauer Grinder   Group 1  
Two Feathers (J 105)
Andre Denais Tactician 311482R usaad67 Group 1  
David Klebanoff Main Trimmer USADK71 Group 1  
Mark Masur Helm 223163O USAMM202  
Sean McGuire Bow USASM126 Group 1  
Jessie Monsivais Pit   Group 1  
Uncle Al (J 24)
Rick Brown Strategist   Group 1  
Mac Cooper    
Jeff Curtin 246739C   Group 1  
Conner Klein Headsail Trimmer    
robert klein Pit    
Steve Steadman Other   Group 1  
Mark Steinmetz Pit Assist   Group 1  
Upsetter (J 80)
Ben Cohen Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Mike Conlon Mast   Group 1  
Aaron Smith Pit   Group 1  
Jason Viseltear 660517C    
URSA (J 109)
Taber French Pit 689694H usatf15 Group 1   Yes  
Timothy Kohl Main Trimmer 237133R USATK26 Group 1   Yes  
Thomas Lanagan Mast 756613U USATL84 Group 1   Yes  
Mike Marrone Mast 108949E USAMM347 Group 1   Yes  
Brooke Mastrorio Helm 711588H USABM127 Group 1   Yes  
Sims McGrath Headsail Trimmer USASM80 Group 1   Yes  
Rich Peale Bow USARP77 Group 1   Yes  
Robert Taylor Tactician USART12 Group 1   Yes  
USA 4202 (J 24)
Michael Boardman Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Nicolas Caussade Bow   Group 1  
Brian Gibbs Skipper 225542R   Group 1  
TY Whitman Tactician   Group 1  
Vamp (J 44)
AJ Bailey Floater   Group 1  
Cole Barney Tactician USACB140 Group 1  
Michael Carducci Main Trimmer 226326R USAMC68 Group 1  
Thomas Colucci Headsail Trimmer USATC12 Group 1  
AJ Evans Spinnaker trimmer 255247w USAAE1 Group 1  
Doug Lanthier Bowman USADL16 Group 1  
Matt Marciano Mast USAMM280 Group 1  
Gary Martin Pit USAGM52 Group 1  
Kailey Savacool Floater   Group 1  
Leonard Sitar Skipper 112566Q USALS50 Group 1  
Chris Strukus Headsail Trimmer USACS19 Group 1  
Varekai (J 120)
Don Dowd Helm   Group 1  
Eric Dowd Spinnaker trimmer 687410Q   Group 1  
Benjamin Hein Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Jonathan Hein Mid Bow   Group 1  
Nicholas Hein Bow USANH33 Group 1  
Peter Hein Headsail Trimmer 711061Q   Group 1  
Sebastian Hein Mid Bow    
Madelyn Ploch Pit 119489k USAMP149 Group 1  
Laine Watanabe Mast   Group 1  
Vento Solare (J 109)
Matthew Curtiss Pit USAMC155 Group 1   Yes  
Eric Irwin Main Trimmer USAEI3 Group 1   Yes  
Bill Kneller Skipper 335426T USABK28 Group 1   Yes  
Mike Marshall Tactician USAMM190 Group 3   Yes  
Brenda Mitchell Headsail Trimmer USABM143 Group 1   Yes  
Luke Orchardo Bow USALO16 Group 1   Yes  
Billy Turrell Mast USAWT39 Group 1   Yes  
Andrew Urban Headsail Trimmer USAAA88 Group 1   Yes  
Waterdog (J 109)
Pam Elden Headsail Trimmer 741934z USAPE22 Group 1   Yes  
Brett Friedberg USABF57 Group 1   Yes  
Glenn Marck Helm 244291X USAGM48 Group 1   Yes  
Patrick Silvestri Headsail Trimmer USAPS129 Group 1   Yes  
james underwood Mid Mast USAJU7 Group 1   Yes  
Xavier Wauters Main Trimmer 735840Z USAXW1 Group 1   Yes  
Todd Williams Tactician   Group 3   Yes  
Whirlwind (Beneteau First 36.7)
William Purdy 331788C    
Wicked 2.0 (J 111)
Douglas Curtiss Skipper 404271T    
Alexander Lavelle Bow   Group 1  
Gary leduc Stunt Owner   Group 3  
Joey Mello Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Shawn Mullane Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Carrie Russell Pit CR78   Group 1  
Matthew Schon Pit   Group 1  
William Shore 406134R   Group 1  
Wings (J 88)
John Barth Headsail Trimmer USAJB401 Group 1  
Mike Bruno Helm 146567C usamb58 Group 1  
Stu Johnstone Chef USASJ6 Group 1  
Chris Morgan Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Monica Morgan USAMM362 Group 1  
Timothy Randall Mast USATR36 Group 1  
Wired (Tripp 40)
Jenny Anderson Pit   Group 1  
Shawn Donovan Nav/Tac   Group 1  
Jeff Galdenzi Bow   Group 1  
Jim Hennessey Mast   Group 1  
Jonathan Johnston Bow   Group 1  
John Kimberly 667118X    
Bryce May Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Shereen Moubayed Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
WILLIAM NEALON Grinder   Group 1  
Jonathan Redwood Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Robert Smith Headsail Trimmer    
Betsy Sorensen Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Jim Sorensen Mast   Group 1  
Brian Spears Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Mark Wikman Main Trimmer   Group 1  
XLR8 (Carrera 280)
Todd Berman Other USATB7 Group 3  
Kevin Carse Headsail Trimmer    
Kyle Carse Runners    
Erik Eisensmith   Group 1  
Alan Frith Bow   Group 1  
Brad Porter    
Nicholas Porter Bow   Group 1  
Bob Weinstein    
Brian Weinstein Rush Chairman    
Yonder (J 88)
mike coe Headsail Trimmer Usamc38 Group 3  
Sam Fitzgerald Bow USASF60 Group 1  
kyle lyman Grinder USAKL70 Group 1  
ben lynch Mast IRLBL4 Group 1  
Douglas Newhouse Helm 733262z USADN58 Group 1  
Frederick Strammer Tactician 317016P USAFS6 Group 1  

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