The 2017 Black Tie Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
(E Scow)
Kim Schloemer    
3 Lil Birds (C scow)
David Cooley    
Abhaya (C Scow)
Mark Dunsworth 245780B    
Sean Wagner 728878u    
B-23 (C Scow)
Andrew Bohl    
Big H (C Scow)
Howard Chamberlin    
Breakaway (C Scow)
David Sullivan    
Do It (C Scow)
Scott Helmes    
Drink Then Sink (E Scow)
Brian Allen    
flyer (E Scow)
Tom Meyer    
Furious George (E Scow)
Clinton Kennedy    
George Kennedy    
Robert Kennedy   Group 1  
Livin' It Up (C Scow)
Spencer Brackman 228112N    
Mast Confusion (C Scow)
Diane Rasmussen    
Tracy Rasmussen Skipper    
MOFO (C Scow)
Ed Robison    
Stormin (C Scow)
Andy Burdick 671276V    
Stupid Fast (C Scow)
Mark Frashier    
Tbd (E Scow)
Kenny Wolfe 126363T USAKW2  
The OCHO (E Scow)
Jeff Grinnan    
TX-2 (E Scow)
Gavin Rudolph    
White Lightning (E Scow)
Shaun Sherry    

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