2016 Melges 24 US National Championship presented by Line Honors
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
ACCRU (Melges 24)
Glenda Nixon Co-Skipper AUSGN6 Group 1  
Alex Murray Strategist AUSAM6 Group 1  
DANIEL NIXON Tactician AUSDN8 Group 1  
Kevin Nixon Helm AUSKN6 Group 1  
American Beauty (Melges 24)
Will Davies Bow   Group 1  
Caroline Holland Tactician    
John Holland Skipper    
Mac Six Spinnaker trimmer    
Andrea Sullivan Headsail Trimmer    
Sailor Whowell Rush Chairman    
Apex (Melges 24)
Kent Picknell    
Bad Idea (Melges 24)
Heidi Rittmeyer Tactician    
Katy Zimmerman Spinnaker trimmer    
Liz Zimmerman Pit    
Scot Zimmerman Helm 729478T    
Bada Bing! (Melges 24)
Taylor Canfield Helm ISVTC2 Group 3  
Bob Hillier Spinnaker trimmer 713100W USARH36 Group 3  
Pat Norris Bow   Group 1  
Tyler Woodworth Headsail Trimmer 272748Y usatw67 Group 1  
Blind Squirrel (Melges 24)
John Brown Skipper 696977X    
Justin Hood Main Trimmer USAJH13  
Kevin Jewett Tactician    
Kelly Monahan    
Matt Pistay Strategist USAMP79  
Bones (Melges 24)
Kelly Gorman USAKG49 Group 1  
Robert Gorman 103467R USARG74 Group 1  
Robert Harf 215458X USARH67 Group 1  
Sarah Harf Bow USASF112 Group 1  
Kevin Kuhn Tactician 691013N USAKK66 Group 1  
Byrr (Melges 24)
John Danahy Headsail Trimmer CANJD30 Group 1  
Karl Granberg Bow CANKG12 Group 1  
Peter Hansen Skipper 406735Y CANPH16 Group 1  
Erik Walstrom Spinnaker trimmer USAEW39 Group 1  
Chaos 24/7 (Melges 24)
Spencer Simms    
Clean Break (Melges 24)
Roger Lyon    
Dark Energy (Melges 24)
Carl Fast Tactician 672476R USACF24 Group 1  
Laura Grondin Skipper 700622P USALG43 Group 1  
Frank Murphy Rush Chairman 686899u USAFM32 Group 1  
Richard Peale Pit 698697M USARP77 Group 1  
Matt Sola Mast 700873Z USAMS294 Group 1  
Decorum (Melges 24)
Hunter Ratliff 289553I USAHR9 Group 1  
Megan Ratliff 289552H USAMR135 Group 1  
Alex Simon 269659N USAAS54 Group 1  
Christopher Stocke Usacs164 Group 1  
Bradley Terpstra Usabt24 Group 1  
Embarr (Melges 24)
Conor Clarke Watch Captain IRLCC  
Aoife English Chef    
David Hughes Staysail trimmer USADH5  
Stuart McNay Runners 222452m Usasm24 Group 3  
Maurice O'Connell Offside trimmer IRLMO4 Group 3  
Entschuldigen Sie (Melges 24)
Richard Beers    
Evil Duer (Melges 24)
Jon Donze Bow USAJD208 Group 1  
Nate Duer 697125Z USAND22  
Dillon Furlon Nav/Tac    
Chuck Thiesenhusen Tactician 262409N USACT49 Group 1  
Firewater (Melges 24)
J A Booker Tactician 255127R USAJB Group 1  
George Haynie Skipper 183785E USAGH26  
Ben Richmond Other    
Jonathan Wilson Bow USAJW179 Group 1  
Flying Toaster (Melges 24)
Mike Dow 175771B USAMD2  
Full Throttle (Melges 24)
Brian Porter    
Goes To Eleven (Melges 24)
Stephen Isbister Mast CANSI3 Group 1  
Aidan Koster Spinnaker trimmer CANAK11 Group 1  
Mark Malleson Tactician CANMM39 Group 1  
Duncan Stamper Skipper CANDS32 Group 1  
Chris Vassallo Bow CANCV10 Group 1  
Good Enough (Melges 24)
kati belden Bow USAKB49 Group 1  
Keith Hammer Tactician 186766H USAKH24  
matt Macgregor Helm   Group 1  
HERMES (Melges 24)
Tony Stanley Skipper 670617j GBRTS59 Group 1  
High Voltage (Melges 24)
Lindsay (Bartel) Hernandez Mid Bow USALB26 Group 1  
August Hernandez 389883T USAAH26 Group 1  
zac hernandez Strategist USAZH1 Group 1  
Martian Johnsson Tactician 201751K USAMJ12 Group 1  
Sue O'Neil Pit 223233J USASO16 Group 1  
Hocus Pocus (Melges 24)
Kevin Alcock 126986H    
Jack Mormon Coffee (Melges 24)
Brian Hutchinson    
Jaws (Melges 24)
Roger Counihan Grinder 686231T USARC92 Group 1  
Christina Howard Watch Captain USACH182 Group 1  
Travis Maier Mid Bow USATM104 Group 1  
Tiffany Wilson Bow USATD80 Group 1  
Todd Wilson Rush Chairman USATW68 Group 1  
Looper (Melges 24)
Jack Barton Headsail Trimmer 363367B Usasb152 Group 1  
Brian Gravenstine Bow USABG56 Group 1  
Ben Landon Main Trimmer USABL94 Group 1  
Ellise Smolenyak Spinnaker trimmer USAEE25 Group 1  
Duane Yoslov Skipper USADY2 Group 1  
Lucky Dog / Gill Race Team (Melges 24)
John Bowden Headsail Trimmer USAJB68 Group 3  
Scott Nixon Tactician 185883h USASN4 Group 3  
Wilson Stout Bow   Group 1  
Travis Weisleder    
Mangu' (Melges 24)
Owen Carolan Helm USAOC8 Group 1  
Owen Carolan Chef USAOC9 Group 1  
Caitlin Crann Other USACC223 Group 1  
Dave Magliaro Spinnaker trimmer 217991h USADM224 Group 1  
Chris Schon Other USACS241 Group 1  
Marianne (Melges 24)
Peter Shumaker PS64  
Mikey (Melges 24)
Kevin Welch 650763Z    
Monsoon (Melges 24)
Brucey Ayres USAMB20  
Mike Buckley Tactician USAMB20 Group 3  
Jessica Koenig Mid Bowman 252926s USAJK16  
George Peet Bow 258869O Usagp6 Group 3  
Jeff Reynolds Spinnaker trimmer USAJR149 Group 3  
Nikita (Melges 24)
Kimberly Arntson Bow 359116Y USAKA29 Group 1  
Paul Krak Arntson Helm 359116Y USAPA36  
Rudi Arntson Headsail Trimmer 657113G USARA46 Group 1  
Ian Ferguson Spinnaker trimmer    
Brian Maher Mast USABM130  
Rocket Science (Melges 24)
Allison Aughtry Floater USAAA98 Group 1  
Frank Beling Tactician USAFB19 Group 1  
David Hoye Skipper USADH155 Group 1  
Ian Jones Mast USAIJ5 Group 1  
John Skiles Spinnaker trimmer USAJS376 Group 1  
Rustler (Melges 24)
Fred Rozelle 111499w usafr3  
Shaka (Melges 24)
Gigi Arias Bow USAGA24 Group 1  
David Bennet Spinnaker trimmer USADB157 Group 1  
Doug Nickel Tactician USADN2 Group 1  
Tom Sawchuk Headsail Trimmer 7482955 USATS67 Group 1  
KC Shannon Owner 712825W USAKS115 Group 1  
Shaping (Melges 24)
Aliaksandr Praskurnin Spinnaker trimmer CANAP18  
Matthew Praskurnin Bow   Group 1  
Mykola Sivoborodchenko Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Andrei Sokolski Owner CANAS37  
Shockwave (Melges 24)
Catherine Boho Floater 330706l usacb148  
Kathy Tegler Bow    
SlingSHOT (Melges 24)
Wes Whitmyer Jr 171032F usaww1  
Surprise (Melges 24)
Dan Berezin Helm CANDB37 Group 1  
Rachel Harris Headsail Trimmer CANRH23 Group 1  
Gaurav Shinde Mid Bow INDGS2 Group 1  
Alexander Yakimov Mid Bow RUSAY9 Group 1  
Alex Yurih Spinnaker trimmer isray5 Group 1  
The 300 (Melges 24)
Steve Boho    
The Djinn (Melges 24)
Ken Gray 189199Q    
The Kraken (Melges 24)
Rob Terry    
Vollebak (Melges 24)
Ian Moriarty Tactician 299042B   Group 3  
Ian Schillebeeckx 322052K    
Marc Schillebeeckx Spinnaker trimmer 322052K    
Tom Wyman Mast 262758Z   Group 1  
West Marine Rigging (Melges 24)
Bora Gulari 669671W usabg  
Wicked Feet (Melges 24)
Bo Freytag Watch Captain    
Tom Freytag Rush Chairman    
Junior Impens Grinder    
Harry Melges IV Floater    
Finn Rowe Chef    
Wild goose (Melges 24)
Frank Davenport 308728B USAFD22  
Zingara (Melges 24)
Richard Clarke Tactician Canrc5 Group 3  
Greg Douglas Spinnaker trimmer   Group 3  
Bill Gooderham Bow   Group 3  
Richard Reid Helm CANrr5 Group 1  

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