2023 2.4mR Canadian Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
John Finch    
Skookum (2.4)
Rudy Trejo    
2.4mr (2.4mR)
Charles Rosenfield 35732e   Group 1  
2.4mr (2.4mR)
Julio Reguero    
Boaty McBoatface (2.4 mR)
Tyler Robertson 821502R    
Brierwood (2.4mR)
Thomas Perkins 670673N    
CAN 1 (2.4mR)
Alain Dubuc    
CAN 13 (2.4mR)
Trish Doyle    
CAN 22 (Para) (2.4mR)
Peter Eagar CANPE7 Group 1  
CAN 3 (2.4mR)
Darrell Suderman    
Chaos (2.4mR)
Allan Leibel   Group 1  
Clagett Grant Boat (2.4mR)
Siobhan MacDonald    
Crusader (2.4mR)
John Seepe 795662P USAJS457 Group 1  
Edge (2.4mr)
Tony Pocklington   Group 1  
ERICK POIRIER Skipper   Group 1  
Life of Brian (2.4mR)
Bruce Millar CANBM14 Group 1  
Magic Bus (2.4 mR)
Colin Smith 832279W   Group 1  
Mostly Harmless (2.4mR)
David Foscarini CANDF13 Group 1  
None (2.4mR)
Jeff Linton 196664F   Group 1  
Shoestring 2 (2.4mR)
Peter Norwood 831248V    
Slackometer II (2.4mR)
Tim Ripley 219127V   Group 1  
Small Expectation (2.4mR)
Eric Gouin   Group 1  
The Answer (2.4mR)
Janice Graham-Foscarini    
USA 21 (2.4 mR)
Matt Koblenzer 112797Z   Group 1  
Woden (2.4mR)
Michael Hren CANMH35 Group 1  
Woodchuck (2.4mR)
Peter Wood CANPW1 Group 1  
ZuluTravel.ca (2.4M)
Jerry Wendt    

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