2023 U.S. Match Racing Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Bayview YC (Sonars)
Grace Pytell   Group 1  
Ryan Seago 338422V USARS160  
Blake Stackpoole    
Dark Horse Match Racing (Sonar)
Christopher Weis USACW102  
Eastern Yacht Club (n/a)
Clinton Hayes 257404R USACH37 Group 1  
Lily Lichenstein Pit USALL55 Group 1  
Peter Lynn    
Sam Rodiger Bow 691788X   Group 1  
Guardians of the Monohull (Sonar)
Wes Bright Leeward Helm   Group 1  
Pearson Potts 307220M USAPP2 Group 1  
Bobby Savoie In the way    
Pequot Yacht Club (sonar)
Becca Dellenbaugh Bow   Group 1  
Emily Dellenbaugh    
Beka Schiff    
Peter Wickwire (Sonar)
James Barnash In the way    
Jeff Hall Bow CANJH5 Group 1  
Peter Wickwire    
Riptide Racing (Sonar)
Austin Colpaert Bow   Group 1  
Andres Guerra Font In the way   Group 1  
Chris Poole USACP77  
Sonar (Sonar)
Matthew Alfano Bow 751285N   Group 1  
Alexander Burrow Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Roberto Stevens 675976S USARS185 Group 1  
TBD (Sonar)
Nicole Breault 120108z USANB20 Group 1  
Evan Cahill Headsail Trimmer 276272B   Group 1  
Meredith Killion USAMK55 Group 1  
YCYC (Sonar)
Christophe Chaumont Primary Speed Guy   Group 1  
Jack Egan    
Megan Grimes Pro Bowler   Group 1  
Meredith Ryan    

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