2023 American Yacht Club Fifth Annual Distance Race
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Alix (J/40)
David Cutner 399343H    
Antidote (J/133)
Ron Richman 52545    
Bluefin (J/100)
Tom Boyle / Bob Clyatt / Doug McKeige 256346Y   Group 1  
Coreana (Dufour 34)
Frederic Roumier    
Freedom (J/100)
Drew Fung / Pat Jakobson    
Gracious Max (C&C 41 W)
Andy & Lori Giglia 276639E USAAG83 Group 1  
Hotspur (Sunfast 3200)
Rich Jessop 299551H   Group 1  
Liberty (J/100)
William Hennes    
Maxine (J/44)
William Ketcham 110392M    
Muskoka (Hanse 545)
Neil Hindle    
Spirit of '76 (C&C 115)
Alan Borst   Group 1  
MARILYN BORST Co-Skipper    
Tenebrae (J/124)
William Ingraham 705082W    
The Roost (J/111)
Pito Chickering   Group 1  
Xcelsior (IMX45)
Laura Heiss / Todd Labaugh 806483Z    

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