2016 Midwest One-design Spring Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Apex (Melges 24)
Kent Picknell    
Bad Idea (Melges 24)
Heather Clark    
John Harbottle    
Liz Zimmerman Chef   Group 1  
Scot Zimmerman 729478T    
Barracuda (Melges 24)
Eric Sloterbeek    
Bathtub Gin (Melges 24)
Christopher Jeffries    
Byrr (Melges 24)
John Danahy Spinnaker trimmer CANJD30 Group 1  
Karl Granberg Headsail Trimmer CANKG12 Group 1  
Peter Hansen Skipper 406735Y CANPH16 Group 1  
Richard Walsh Tactician CANRW5 Group 1  
Decorum (Melges 24)
Patrick Pesch Watch Captain   Group 1  
Hunter Ratliff Co-Skipper 289553I USAHR9 Group 1  
Megan Ratliff 289552H USAMR135  
Christopher Stocke Grinder Usacs164 Group 1  
Brad Terpstra   Group 1  
Diminished Fifth (Melges 24)
James Beebe 353794G    
Flying Toaster (Melges 24)
Mike Dow 175771B USAMD2  
Gecko (Melges 24)
Eric Landman    
Gnarly Ruca (Melges 24)
Kate Gladieux Floater USAKG40  
Curtis Jazwiecki Rush Chairman 693607U USACJ36  
Cate Muller Chef USACM8 Group 1  
Chris Shaffer Strategist USACS201 Group 1  
Tate Shaffer Headsail Trimmer    
Green (Melges 24)
Sam Nedeau 130055G    
High Voltage (Melges 24)
August Hernandez 389883T    
Hoodlum Racing (Melges 24)
Paul Hulsey 101876s    
Alex Hume Pit Assist 394963H USAAH52 Group 1  
Blay Schoenherr Spinnaker trimmer USAES86 Group 1  
Geoff Speelman Pit Assist   Group 3  
I'm with stupid (Melges 24)
Kyle Vowels 224734r    
Impulsive (Melges 24)
Laurie Poppen 208637Z    
Jaws (Melges 24)
Roger Counihan 686231T USARC92  
Liberty (Melges 24)
C. David Phelps    
RUMbunctious (Melges 24)
Chris Dangles Chef   Group 1  
Richie Ellis Mid Bow USARE46 Group 1  
Steve Pirie Helm 295346A   Group 1  
luke whitley Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Rush (Melges 24)
Mike Gozzard CANMG40  
Sisu (Melges 24)
Bob Harvey 261772V    
Spitfire (Melges 24)
Reg Chevalier Staysail trimmer    
Ian Marentette Helm    
John Marentette CANJM71 Group 1  
Kevin Nichol Chef    
Straight Up (Melges 24)
Steve Sikkenga 661844E    
Surprise (Melges 24)
Dan Berezin Helm CANDB37 Group 1  
Victor Sydorenko Tactician    
Alexander Yakimov Mid Bow RUSAY9 Group 1  
Alexander Yurikh Headsail Trimmer    
The 300 (Melges 24)
Steve Boho 330718M usasb116  
The Djinn (Melges 24)
Ken Gray 189199Q    
Trump's Hairdresser,eh (Melges 24)
Thomas Roop 270017g USATR38  
Zig-Zag (Melges 24)
Marty Jensen 291860V    

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