52nd Icebreaker Regatta - An Ontario Sailing Grand Prix Series Event
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
(ILCA 6)
Nicola Gilmour    
(ILCA 7)
Finn O'Sullivan    
Darrell Suderman    
(ILCA 6)
Paul Clifford    
(ILCA 7)
Matti Muru    
(ILCA 6)
Cameron Laing CANCL32  
(ILCA 6)
Max Rogers    
1 (ILCA 4 Laser 4.7)
Elliot Webster   Group 1  
166906 (ILCA 7)
Adrian Tang CANAT22  
190279 (ILCA 6 Laser Radial)
Katie Brickell    
196058 (ILCA 6)
Jessica Lee    
208522 (ILCA 6)
Aileen Hunn CAY3030  
209331 (ILCA 6 Laser Radial)
Connor Rodness CANCR29 Group 1  
209376 (ILCA 6 Laser Radial)
Tiago Keilman    
209668 (ILCA 6)
Elizabeth Leheup    
210644 (ILCA 6 Laser Radial)
Hunter Parks CANHP9 Group 1  
211540 (ILCA 4)
Oliver Leheup    
213063 (ILCA 4)
Zoe Price    
218339 (ILCA 6 Laser Radial)
Steve Ren    
222477 (ILCA 4)
Ryan Coholan   Group 1  
2411 (29er)
Sergiy Duko Other   Group 1  
Tristan Miles Skipper    
7076 (ILCA 6)
Johnathan Lee    
Abledocs/First (ILCA 7)
Liam Bruce CANLB20  
Anfield (ILCA 6)
Rhys Cashin CANRC34  
CAN 22 (2.4mR)
Peter Eagar CANPE7 Group 1  
CAN13 (2.4mR)
Sam Thompson GBRST44 Group 1  
Chaos (2.4mR)
Allan Leibel   Group 1  
Coach (Coach Boat)
Sydney Bowman    
Coach Boat (Coach)
Jerred Bapty    
Coach Boat (Coach)
Osvaldo Padron   Group 3  
Coach boat (Vsr )
Nick Kim    
Coach Boat (Coach)
Carling Davies    
Crucible (ILCA 6)
Robert Koci   Group 1  
DASH (ILCA 4 Laser 4.7)
Cheyenne Stafford CANCS42 Group 1  
Davies (ILCA 6 Laser Radial)
Lindsay Davies CANLD10  
Havoc (4)
Cooper Simpson    
ILCA (Laser)
Benjamin Harper    
ILCA 4.7 (ILCA 4.7)
Sava Milosavljevic   Group 1  
Lee Parkhill    
Laser (ILCA 6)
Lucas Nagy    
Laser (ILCA 6)
Evania Lovshin CANEL10  
Laser (Laser)
Greg Douglas    
N/A (ILCA 6)
Brodie Sorensen   Group 1  
n/a (ILCA 6)
Liam Downes    
N/A (29er)
Callum Bowness-Linegar    
Callum Ruch Skipper    
n/a (ILCA 6)
Chris Mouland    
N/A (ILCA 6)
Zhenrui Zhang CHNZZ14 Group 1  
N/A (29er)
Sally Laderoute    
n/a (ILCA 6)
Justin Stansfield    
n/a (Coach )
Walker Moffat    
Chris Hewson    
NA (Coachboat)
Will Bonin    
NaK (ILCA 6)
Ben Margerison CANBM48 Group 1  
None (ILCA)
NoĆ© Portrelance CANNP6  
Mats Braaten CANMB57  
SAL (29er)
Alec Bostan Other    
Jack Gillis JG31 Group 1  
Steve French (ILCA 7)
Gord Welsh CANGW13  
Team Tom Ford (29er)
Ford Amery Co-Skipper CANFA1 Group 1  
Thomas Desrochers Skipper CANTDES1 Group 1  
TED (29er)
Nicole Otton    
The Answer (2.4mR)
Janice Graham-Foscarini    
This Monkey's Gone to Sea (29er)
Sarah Kenny    
Jackson Podolsky 824017T CANJP34 Group 1  
Turtella (ILCA 6)
Holly Hess CANHH9 Group 1  
Woden (2.4mR)
Michael Hren CANMH35  
Yes (Laser)
Rob Lalonde    
ZuluTravel.ca (2.4M)
Jerry Wendt    

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