Viper 640 North American Championship Presented by BMO Private Wealth
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
#288 (Viper-640)
David Carson Lion Tamer   Group 1    
Jason McKenna In the way CANJM99 Group 1    
Mike Thompson Helm CANMT32    
All Fruits Ripe (Viper 640)
Marina Maffessanti JAMMM1 Group 1    
Will Parkolab Chef   Group 1    
Michael Weber Headsail Trimmer USAMW149 Group 1    
Amber Wohlers Bow   Group 1    
aux 4 vents (Vioer 640)
Simon Martin Headsail Trimmer CANSM56 Group 1    
Alain Molimard Owner CANAM65    
Patrick Molimard Co-Skipper CANPM35 Group 1    
Back in Business (Viper 640)
Fletcher Boland 310497W USAFB26 Group 1    
Abby Cough      
Pat Robinson      
Caterpillar (Viper 640)
Ryan Dempsey Other USARD54 Group 1    
Peter Ill 236694H USAPI2    
Dwight Leblanc USADL120    
Deep Trouble (Viper 640)
Martin Byrne Chef CANMB70 Group 1    
Jamie Clarke Stunt Owner CANJC72 Group 1    
Colin McKerlie Spinnaker trimmer CANCM48    
E+A2 (Viper 640)
Barb Amthor Tactician   Group 1    
Henry Amthor Helm 132838R USAHA14    
Stephen Lovshin Grinder   Group 1    
Eh Game (Viper 640)
nicola alston Spinnaker trimmer CANNA9 Group 1    
kyle boyce Tactician CANKB29 Group 1    
Amelia Shirer Headsail Trimmer CANAS65 Group 1    
Peter Shirer Skipper CANPS31 Group 1    
Evil Hiss (Viper 640)
Mary Ewenson Stunt Owner USAME2 Group 1    
Vir Menon Floater 762930M USAVM24 Group 1    
Mark Wheeler 109386F USAMW15 Group 1    
FataMorgana (Viper 640)
Serge Alfaro CANSA12 Group 1    
Luke Boguski CANLB27 Group 1    
Alex Byegunov Helm CANAB69   Group 1    
Andrew Jones Headsail Trimmer CANAJ15 Group 1    
JACKPOT (Viper 640)
Lee Shuckerow USALS117 Group 1    
Mambo Kings (Viper 640)
David Charles Vila Headsail Trimmer ESPDC26 Group 1    
Kyber Lovshin Spinnaker trimmer CANKL9    
Justin Scott Helm USAJS230    
Meow! (Viper 640)
Cole Constantineau Lion Tamer 735511Y USACC253    
Devin Hart Lion Tamer   Group 1    
Alexi Schwartzkopff Lion Tamer USAAS283 Group 1    
Mo Grins (Viper 640)
Scott Leming Bow USASL17 Group 1    
David Nickerson Co-Skipper USADN4 Group 1    
Moise Solomon USAMS55 Group 1    
NESS (Viper 640)
Mark Zagol Skipper USAMZ12    
Oshunmare (Viper 640)
Steve Chapman Skipper NGRSC1 Group 1   Yes    
Christophe Ledent Other CANCL23 Group 1   Yes    
Tom Miller Chef CANTM27 Group 1   Yes    
Porkchop (Viper 640)
Chris P. Bacon Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1    
Matthew Hebert 226321M USAMH210 Group 1    
Gabriel Pereira Floater   Group 1    
Prestige Worldwide (Viper 640)
Mike Deyett USAMD199 Group 1    
Anders Hudson USAAH161 Group 1    
Brandon Liebnick In the way USABL128 Group 1    
Robot Flamingo (Viper 640)
Austin Powers Alternate USAAP85 Group 3    
Jimmy Praley 260426K USAJP7 Group 1    
Max Vinocur Leeward Runner USAMV57 Group 3    
Rum Theory (Viper 640)
Harvey Barnes Skipper CANHB13    
Isabel Foy Headsail Trimmer CANIF3    
Albert Heller Spinnaker trimmer CANAH15    
Vigor (Viper 640)
Shona Moss Tactician CANSM55 Group 1    
Alexander Sheppard Spinnaker trimmer CANAS64 Group 1    
Van Sheppard Helm CANVS7 Group 1    
Whisper (Viper 640)
Charlotte Panneton Lion Tamer   Group 1    
Isabelle Panneton In the way   Group 1    
Mark Rowlinson Co-Skipper CANMR34 Group 1    
Matthew Rowlinson Co-Skipper CANMR33 Group 1    
Widespread Panic (Viper 640)
Arden Carleton Helm 770007N USAAC198 Group 1    
Charley Carleton Floater 770008n USACC301 Group 1    
Todd Carleton Captain 810421N USATC148 Group 1    
Claas Mischok Tactician GERCM57 Group 1    

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