2023 AYC Two Bridge Fiasco Race
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
à la mer (O'Day Day Sailer)
Anna Brammer 788465G    
Alice (Little Harbor 44)
Nicholas Iliff Owner 105351M    
ADAM PODBIELSKI Main Trimmer 675433K    
Bail Out (DaySailer)
Erik McCaffrey   Group 1  
Mark Ragland Other   Group 1  
Between the Sheets (Melges 15)
Madeleine Schroeher   Group 1  
Bingo! (New York 36)
Brent Allen 252942S    
Capucine Pin Tactician   Group 1  
Blaze Star (Pearson flyer)
Pat & Amy Teeling    
Blofish (Viper 640)
Dailey Tipton 256500M   Group 1  
Bluebird (Day Sailer)
Matt White 31101    
Brilliant (H 20)
Kenneth Appleton 654965F    
Mark Bird Tactician      
Bubbles (Melges 15)
Daniel Hoffman      
Marlene Plumley 780351T USAMP183 Group 1  
Cannonball 2.0 (J 30)
Jacob Wagner Lion Tamer    
Doug Wallop Skipper    
Constant (O'Day Day Sailer)
James Fisher 185308R    
Curlew (Valiant 37)
David Densmore 684117T    
LeAnn Myhre Grinder   Group 1  
DARK RIDE (Classic Moth)
Craig Saunders 755203N   Group 1  
Deep State (Viper 640)
Walt and Tricia Pletcher 212912I USAWP9 Group 1  
ELVIS (Beneteau 10R)
Tony/Celia Moynagh    
Endurance (Harbor 20)
John Heintz    
Felix (Sturdee Cat)
Kathy Anderson      
Ward Anderson    
For Real For Real (J 80)
Florian Heyder In the way   Group 1  
Kevin McKee 158389L    
Foreign Affairs (J 70)
Isaac Breen-Franklin GBRIB25 Group 1  
Nic Breen-Franklin Owner GBRNB72 Group 1  
Gatsby (O'Day 31)
Charles Hernick USA1922    
Hero Squad (Alerion 28)
Andrew Eyring    
Paul Luisi Navigator   Group 1  
Hot Pepper (J/120)
Steven Toole    
Hot Toddy (J 22)
Cassie Todd Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Jeffrey Todd 119705T    
Island Time (Tartan 30)
Rory Handlin    
Jahazi (Bavaria 38)
David Dodson Rush Chairman 244380V   Group 1  
David Wilson Primary Speed Guy      
Just BS (Viper 640)
Brian Robinson Co-Skipper 124928T USABR48 Group 1  
Scott Steele Skipper 660329O USARS120 Group 3  
Just Wing It (J/22)
MA Ashford Bow   Group 1    
Drew Mutch    
Kanaka (Day Sailer)
Molly Ratz    
Robin Richards 106490w    
Philip Maiese 83016   Group 1  
Kenny Silvestri Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Lepto (Melges 15)
Ashley Love USAML48 Group 1  
Sunny Sturmer Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Mint (Tripp 33)
Peter Gibbons-Neff Primary Speed Guy   Group 3  
David Hitt 830154U   Group 1  
Moxie (j122e)
Patrick Hylant   Group 1  
Muskrat Love (J22)
Michael Furlane Skipper   Group 1  
Jessica Oswalt Bow    
New Tricks (Harbor 20)
Timothy Bloomfield 118387F   Group 1  
No Name Given (J 22)
Gregory Urban    
Pazuzu (Sabre 402)
Nick Randolph Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Nick & Jessica Randolph    
Phoenix (J 120)
Barrett Adams 817795N    
Chris Myers Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Pointless (Esse 850)
Johnathan Schlossberg    
Puffin (Harbor 20)
George Hughes & Bell Carty    
ROO (J24)
William Davenport Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Bradford Young 746702D    
Scrimshaw (Daysailer)
Michelle Burke      
Thomas Shaw 671224J USATS135 Group 1  
Spizzerinctum (J24)
James Biles IV Watch Captain   Group 1  
James Biles IV Watch Captain   Group 1    
Sugar (Harbor 20)
Garth Hichens    
Swiss Miss (Farr 230)
Gisela Shaughnessy 739294G    
Patrick Shaughnessy Boat Captain   Group 3  
Take Five (Daysailer)
Jeffrey Seltzer    
The Upgrade (J 24)
Samuel McGuire 777188w    
Tiguidou (J 22)
David Murray    
Turn It Up (Star)
Steve Kling 157728A USASK110 Group 1  
uno mas (J 70)
David Schoene 111178O USADS197 Group 1  
Valhalla 3.0 (J 30)
Sam Holoviak Helm   Group 1  
Chris Patterson    
WAR Wagon (J-92S)
William Walker 817326X    
Wave (ODay day sailer )
Andrew Phillips      
Lionel Phillips 3691 3691 Group 1  
Wild Thing (J 88)
Ben and Briana Jatlow 273808T    
Zephyr4 (J100)
Cliff Evans Cat 3 Cooler Jockey      
David Shaeffer In the way 152672t   Group 1  

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