2022 Cleveland Race Week - One Design
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
1516 (J 70)
David Kerr Bow USADK112 Group 1  
Ian Moran USAIM12 Group 1  
Lee Sackett 237960C USALS87 Group 1  
Thomas Sessions 310387T USATS136 Group 1  
A 5-0-5 for Old(er) people (VX One)
Paul Murphy Rusty Deane 762933m    
Afterberner (J 70)
Rick Rothenbuhler    
Brian Williams 268796R usabw115 Group 1  
Jeff Williams    
Akula (VX One)
Terence Ford 777965U usatf73 Group 1  
Alchemy (T-10)
Christpher Glynn    
Ayacucho (J 70)
Edward Gary Rush Chairman USAEG46 Group 1  
James Gary 675161V USAJG270 Group 1  
Matt Gibbs    
Ridgely Mackenzie Other USARM169 Group 3  
Bear (T-10)
John Barker 320963s    
Bikini Bottom (Jet 14)
Cathy Rakovan 306618T    
Black Seal (J 111)
Seth & Kevin Young    
blue meanie (Ensign)
Sherrie Desmond 101758P    
Bobsled (VX One)
Nico Cottone 257638D USANC2  
Boy's Weekend (VX One)
Conor Hawkins 248643B   Group 1  
Chnncer (Ensign)
Melissa Haley 790284R    
Cracker (T-10)
Corinne Sackett    
Dangerous (VX One)
Ben France    
Dark N Stormy (J 105)
Ronald Christopher Carson 766752g   Group 1  
Distant Thunder (T-10)
Daniel Horn 800975W    
Erica (T-10)
Brian Kaczor    
Fall Line (J 105)
Chip Schaffner 214590W   Group 1  
FM (J 70)
Andrew Cornwell USAAC191 Group 1  
Jeff Haase Runners usajh57 Group 1  
Tod Sackett 134337P USATS65 Group 1  
Jim Uhlir USAJU5 Group 1  
Free Energy (VX One)
John Zelli    
Freedom (J 111)
James Cooper    
Full Mental Jacket (Jet 14)
PJ Blonski    
Funky Llama (Jet 14)
Bridget Ireland    
Green Dolphin (Ensign)
Robert Conkey 337038X    
Greyhound (T-10)
Michael Fishbaugh 395830Z   Group 1  
Grin Factor (VX One)
Kevin Milligan    
Helium (J 70)
Mark Allen 242239P USAMA86 Group 1  
Brian Beaudet Spinnaker trimmer USABB171 Group 1  
Fred Blackmer Headsail Trimmer USAFB25 Group 1  
Andrea Hill Bow   Group 1  
Herbs and Spices (Jet 14 )
Marsha Kneller   Group 1  
Highlander (J 105)
Stuart Butcher    
Independence (T-10)
Thomas Humphrey   Group 1  
Jager (Ensign)
Jim and Greg Collins    
Juicy (Jet 14)
Seth Parker    
Kokomo (J 70)
Chris Kuhn 808375v USACK133 Group 1  
Kraken (T-10)
David Samanich   Group 1  
MBSS Medalla (Ensign)
Nicholas Lubar 298269M    
Miss Killer (J 70)
Don Glover Helm 758784Z USADG118 Group 1  
Grant Glover Spinnaker trimmer USAGG68 Group 1  
Jim Goran 783920Y USAJG264 Group 1  
Steve Gross Mast USASG135 Group 1  
Mongoose (VX One)
Jim Mackey 278549J   Group 1  
NA PAME (Jet 14)
David Michos    
NA PAME (Jet 14)
David Michos    
Niagara (Dragon)
Hunter Peckham USA285   Group 1  
OnePass (T-10)
Todd Imbler 152641M   Group 1  
Orca (Dragon)
James Smekal USA253   Group 1  
Ovation (J 105)
Cindy Einhouse    
Tom Einhouse    
Stephanie Hronek Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Sandi Lemar Bow   Group 1  
Josh Mallett Bow   Group 1  
Cathy Newpher Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Over/Under (VX One)
Jake Kremel 804933S   Group 1  
Papa's Toy (J 111)
Russ Diemer Pit   Group 1  
Erin Gallagher    
Keagen Gallagher    
Alan Long In the way   Group 1  
Mark Presley   Group 1  
John Rampe Stunt Owner 120755M USAJR9 Group 1  
John Rampe 654411H   Group 1  
Hugh Scott Seaholm 778607N    
Proper Villain (T-10)
Tac Boston Strategist   Group 3  
Logan Culp Bow   Group 1  
Greg Kinney Helm 687189T usagk25 Group 1  
Philip Porte Bow 709905R   Group 1  
C.J. Ruffing Headsail Trimmer 233356S USACR48 Group 1  
NICHOLAS WARD Switch Flipper 352062P USANW13 Group 1  
PurSue (T-10)
Jay Marshall / Suzie Zack 807855V    
Red White and Blew (Jet 14)
Ernest Michaud 661185C    
Re-Planed (Jet 14)
Scott Michaud    
Rosebud (VX One)
John Morreale USAJM434 Group 1  
RUFKM (J 70)
David Koski 104657t   Group 1  
Scamp (Dragon)
Thomas James 322730L    
Shamrock (J 111)
Bob Knestrick Headsail Trimmer USARK64 Group 1  
Wally Cross US27WC Group 3  
Connor Davis Chef   Group 1  
Jeffrey Davis   Group 1  
Stu Johnstone Foil Trimmer USASJ6 Group 1  
Michael Lis Bow USAML82 Group 1  
Andrew Lockhart Headsail Trimmer USAAL49 Group 1  
Kevin Meier Autopilot   Group 3  
Spaceman Spiff (J 111)
Rob Ruhlman 172216J USARR79 Group 1  
Starten (T-10)
Harald Bransch 321495X CANHB14 Group 1  
Team Iball (T-10)
Scott Irwin USASI9 Group 1  
Thomas Irwin Bow   Group 1  
William Irwin Floater   Group 1  
Rick Rothenbuhler Main Trimmer USARR39 Group 1  
George Sipel Floater USAGS129 Group 1  
Dan Synowiec Spinnaker trimmer USADS236 Group 1  
Nick Turney   Group 3  
Team Vanpire Racing VXOne 304 (VX One)
Willem van Heeckeren 121615F    
thinkinblue (T-10)
disbrow gary    
Tree Shaker (VX One)
Kevin Holland   Group 1  
Trio (J 105)
Adam Gilbertson Co-Skipper 394531V   Group 1  
Tim Roberts Main Trimmer 237637A   Group 1  
Laura Schaefer Headsail Trimmer 101887V   Group 1  
Joe Uhlir Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Paul Uhlir 807487R   Group 1  
Tim Vining Bow 397547J   Group 1  
Unbridled (J 105)
R Bialystok & Bloom 195053u usaRM13 Group 1  
USA 275 (VX One)
Jeff Eiber / Skip Barnes 285567G   Group 1  
USA 277 (Dragon)
Mark DeYoung   Group 1  
Wahoo (VX One)
Jake Thomas 399807I    
Water Works (T-10)
Sean Allds Mid Mast   Group 1  
Noah Craciun Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
David Fagnilli Headsail Trimmer 777248S   Group 1  
Nate Fagnilli Helm   Group 1  
Sam Fagnilli Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Bob Maiorano Bow   Group 1  
Who Cares 241 (VX One)
Jack Vanderhorst   Group 1  
Jack Vanderhorst    

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