2022 International Etchells Worlds
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Ada Y (Etchells)
Ted Blowers Helm GBRTB66 Group 1  
Robby Boyd Main Trimmer GBRRB111 Group 1  
Ed Lebens Bow USAEL57 Group 1  
Arena (Etchells)
James MArkby   Group 1  
Audrey (Etchells)
Will Bedford GBRWB28 Group 1  
Tom Harrison Bow GBRTH46 Group 1  
Jon Warwick GBRJW174 Group 1  
Adele Young GBRAY7  
Bounce Back (Etchells)
David Kelly Tactician GBRDK16 Group 1  
Allan Manuel GBRAM107 Group 1  
Stephen Rarity Bow GBRSR103 Group 1  
Bungee Smuggler (Etchells)
Adrian Owles Main Trimmer GBRA021 Group 1  
Barry Parkin Helm 669476x GBRBP26 Group 1  
Taylor Walker Bow USAPW54 Group 1  
China Wight (Etchells)
Harry Blowers Mid Bow   Group 3  
Simon Spraggs Bow   Group 1  
Nicholas Stagg Helm GBRNS46 Group 1  
Currigee Y (Etchells)
Angus Galloway Helm AUSAG23 Group 1  
Ben Hazeldine Tactician GBRBH37 Group 1  
Matias Sabate Main Trimmer ESPMS26 Group 3  
Celia Willison Bow NZLCW9 Group 1  
Desperate (Etchells)
Robert Tyrwhitt-Drake GBRRT59  
doris (etchells)
jay bourke   Group 1  
jay bourke    
scott flanigan IRLSF11  
ruairi grimes Bow IRLRG13  
Eat,Sleep,E,Repeat (Etchells)
Charlie Cumbley Tactician GBRCC18 Group 3  
Paul Ward GBRPW95 Group 1  
Ruaridh Wright Foil Trimmer   Group 3  
Eccentric (Etchells)
Wilson Fergus Beer Mid Bow USAWB119 Group 1  
Thomas Goodman Main Trimmer GBRTG49 Group 1  
Colin MacDonald Helm GBRCM95 Group 1  
Exabyte (Etchells )
Duncan Truswell Tactician   Group 3  
Ed Wright Main Trimmer GBREW3  
Freedom (Etchells)
Evan Aras Headsail Trimmer usaea28 Group 3  
Madeline Gill Bow USAMG108 Group 3  
D Craig Mense Helm 652245Q USADM232 Group 1  
Fred Strammer Tactician USAFS6 Group 3  
Hera (Etchells)
Tomas Di Luciano Bow ARGTD3 Group 1  
Hugh Greville 238741Z USAHG25 Group 1  
Jordan Smith USAJS253 Group 1  
Highlife (Etchells)
Peter Rogers    
JaJa (Etchells)
David Cagney IRLDC11 Group 1  
Alex Lacy Helm IRLAL15 Group 1  
Declan McManus IRLDM91 Group 1  
Jolly Roger (Etchells)
Thomas Abrey 1352    
Lisa Rose (etchells)
Martin Hill AUSMH8 Group 1  
Louise Racing (Etchells)
Grant Gordon    
Macho Grande (Etchells)
Jamie Boag Tactician IRLJB2 Group 3  
Oliver Boote Bow GBROB8 Group 1  
Jamie McWilliam Skipper HKGJM Group 1  
Matatu (Etchells)
andrew cooper Main Trimmer GBRAC93 Group 1  
Steve Girling USASG66  
Nils Razmilovic SWENR3 Group 1  
MBF (Etchells)
Paul Brotherton Helm GBRPB6 Group 3  
James Fawcett Skipper GBRJF68  
Arran Holman GBRAH114 Group 3  
Hannah Peters GBRHP14 Group 1  
Mendocino (Etchells)
Dan Belton GBRDB126 Group 1  
Frank Keesling USAFK1 Group 1  
Hayden Scott USAGS82 Group 1  
Mila (Etchells)
Richard Parslow Bow GBRRP38 Group 3  
Gonçalo Ribeiro PORGR4 Group 3  
Ben Saxton GBRBS13 Group 3  
Lawrie Smith Skipper GBRLSO1  
Moonlight Y (Etchells)
Alex Downer GBRAD110  
George Downer GBRGD36  
Mike O'Dovovan GBRMO28  
New Order (Etchells 22)
Simon Cooke Tactician NZLSC2 Group 3  
Dirk Kneulman    
Anatole Masfen    
No Dramas (Etchells )
Andrew Lawson Owner GBRAL32 Group 1  
William Russell Main Trimmer GBRWR5 Group 1  
Graham Vails Helm GBRGV1 Group 1  
Oatmeal (Etchells)
Peter Duncan Helm 166184B   Group 1  
Mark Mendelblatt    
Andrew Palfrey Bow   Group 3  
Morgan Trubovich Bow   Group 3  
Palaver Y (Etchells)
Kai Hockley   Group 1  
Racer Smithy (Etchells)
Duncan Gregor    
Mike Huang Main Trimmer USAMH17 Group 1  
Malcolm Page Tactician AUSMP3 Group 3  
Mark Thornburrow Helm HKGMT1  
Rebel (Etchells)
Scott Kaufman USASK71  
Rocketman (Etchells)
Rob Goddard GBRRG4 Group 1  
Shamal Y (Etchells)
Ali Grant Bow GBRAG64 Group 1  
Ross Mackley Main Trimmer GBRRM95 Group 1  
Josie Meredith Mid Bow GBRJM238 Group 1  
Anthony Parke Helm GBRAP54 Group 1  
Spica (Etchells )
kieran Dorgan Irlkd10 Group 1  
Jason Losty IRLJL11 Group 1  
Stephen Benjamin 101374L USASB Group 1  
Michael Buckley USAMB20  
David Hughes Headsail Trimmer 200767Q USADH5 Group 3  
Ian Liberty Mid Bow   Group 1  
Strait Dealer (Etchells)
David Franks Helm GBRDSF2 Group 1  
Swedish BLUE (Etchells)
Ante Razmilovic GBRAR18 Group 1  
Tango (Etchells)
Sam Haines    
Chris Hampton    
Elliot Hanson    
The Martian (Etchells)
Eddie Adams USAEA41 Group 3  
Marvin Beckmann 112022Z USAMB172 Group 1  
Ezra Culver Bow USAEC29 Group 3  
The Plant Hunter (Etchells)
Malcolm Offord   Group 3  
Tquila (Etchells)
James McHugh Helm   Group 1  
Ziggy (Etchells)
Connor Mackenzie Nav/Tac CANCM27 Group 1  
Jack Porter Headsail Trimmer CANJP35 Group 1  
Erin Sauder Bow CANES25 Group 1  
Sam Thompson Skipper GBRST44 Group 1  

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