2022 2.4mR World Championship & Para Sailing International Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Rikard Bjurström    
2 for 1 (2.4mR)
Dee Smith 144379A USADS174 Group 1  
2.4mr (2.4mR)
Antonio Squizzato ITAAS75  
2.4mr (2.4mR)
Charles Rosenfield 35732e   Group 1  
2.4mR KOR1 (2.4mR)
seonhee seo    
2.4mr Ula (2.4mR)
Jackie Gay CANJG11  
CAN 1 (2.4mR)
Alain Dubuc    
CAN 22 (2.4mR)
Peter Eagar CANPE7 Group 1  
Cayennita IV (2.4mR)
Antonio Sanpere 178803 ISVAS02  
Chaos (2.4mR)
Allan Leibel   Group 1  
Clagett Grant Boat (2.4mR)
Siobhan MacDonald    
Decens (2,4mR)
Marko Dahlberg    
Dugout (2.4 mR)
Doug Bell   Group 1  
Edge (2.4mr)
Tony Pocklington   Group 1  
F-R-E-D (2.4m)
Rick Noonan 814579    
GUNTER (2.4)
Lefty (2.4mR)
Chris Childers 396858N USACC185 Group 1  
Life of Brian (2.4mR)
Bruce Millar CANBM14 Group 1  
Lisa (2.4mR)
Louise Anstey CANLA9 Group 1  
Magic Bus (2.4mR)
Theodore Green 125684A    
Me (2.4mR)
Jeffery Reinhold 255572A USAJR80 Group 1  
Mojo (2.4mR)
Arthur Bookstein 149   Group 1  
none (2.4 M)
Jeff Linton 196664 USAJL47 Group 1  
None (2.4)
Julio Reguero   Group 1  
Pink and Stormy (2.4mR)
Megan pascoe    
Polaris ( 2.4 )
Shan McAdoo   Group 1  
Rumbler 88 (2.4mR)
Johan Koppernaes Helm CANJK13 Group 1  
Slackometer (2.4mR)
Tim Ripley 219127V   Group 1  
South Paw (2.4mR)
Jordan Gratton Other    
Delani Hulme-Lawrence CANDH27  
Spirit (2.4 OD)
Matt Koblenzer 112797Z    
TBA (2.4mR)
Ray Smith 619598 Group 1  
TBA (2.4mR)
John Collingwood   Group 1  
TBD (2.4 Meter)
David Clement 110822D   Group 1  
The Answer (2.4mR)
Janice Graham-Foscarini   Group 1  
Voitto (2.4mR)
Suvi Rantanen    
Niko Salomaa FINNS1  
Woodchuck (2.4mR)
Peter Wood CANPW1  
World Peace Too (2.4mR)
Christopher Anstey    
Yikes (2.4mr)
Jay Corcoran 237724x   Group 1  

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