2022 Flying Scot® North American Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
(Flying Scot)
Paul Miller    
4 Scheetz to the Wind (Flying Scot)
Phil Scheetz 651477E    
5159 (Flying Scot)
Richard Reynolds Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Paul Rowan Skipper 246207P    
5235 (Flying Scot)
Brian Hawkins 306564Z USABH95 Group 1  
Suzy Hawkins    
5454 (Flying Scot)
Robert Cummings 736071    
5855 (Flying Scot)
Ack Ack (Flying Scot)
Charlie Clifton 167557E    
Adams Apple (Flying Scot)
Dan Adams   Group 1  
Bateau Bleu (Flying Scot )
Carrie Berger    
Larry Taggart 106974B    
BTS (Flying Scot)
Joseph PRICE 215899K    
Capricious (Flying Scot)
Jennifer Colegrove Headsail Trimmer    
Jim Colegrove Skipper 157855E    
Cheese Puff (Flying Scot)
JOHN COOKE 218761B USAJC294 Group 1  
Robyn Hoffman Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Chillin The Most (Flying Scot)
Barry Hambrick 738059t    
Tracy Hambrick Other   Group 1  
Circe (Flying Scot)
Mike Funk    
Jim Leggette 174213K    
Club Boat "UnsUnsa" (Flying Scot)
Roy Lamphier 357378k   Group 1  
Sophia Lamphier Helm 822170S    
Don't Panic (Flying Scot)
Mark Riefenhauser 206729W    
Warren Schutt    
Double Trouble (Flying Scot)
Dan Walsh    
Drinks (Flying Scot)
Joel Blade    
Dave Rink    
Eaton Kelly (Flying Scot )
Elliot Lee Chef   Group 1  
Paul Lee Skipper    
FeNuts (Flying Scot)
Tim Porter    
flying scot (Flying Scot)
Robert Mcelwain 727721W   Group 1  
Flying scot (Flying Scot)
david chess    
Fred Soward (Flying Scot)
Fred Soward 183424O    
Grace (Flying Scot)
Tyler Andrews 276855G    
HOBA (Flying Scot)
Frank Gerry 170679Y    
It's Never Too Late (Flying Scot)
Nancy Claypool 243362R    
Sonny Smith    
Jersey Devil (Flying Scot)
Megan Aselton Spinnaker trimmer 703862P   Group 1  
Mike Levy Skipper 202619L    
Last Boat #9 (Flying Scot)
Deric Jaques Helm 3940   Group 1  
Jeremy Watson Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Mayfly (Flying Scot)
Freyja Davis 306923U    
Moraine Maiden (Flying Scot)
Tuomas Sandholm 787110T   Group 1  
Mr Mellow (Flying Scot)
John Aras    
NA (Flying Scot)
Edward Jeffries Skipper 354216P   Group 1  
Will Jeffries    
No Name (Flying Scot)
David Ames   Group 1  
None (Flying Scot)
Carol Claypool    
none (flying scot)
mark styler Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
neil Styler Helm   Group 1  
Oblio (Flying Scot)
Brian Hayes    
Laura Jeffers    
Pretty Boat (Flying Scot)
Garrie Hankins 689807Z    
Shelley Newood Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Prime Delivery (Flying Scot)
LYNN BRUSS 748657Q    
Sally Forth (Flying Scot)
Sally Morriss 738735S    
Seaweeder 2.0 (Flying Scot)
Kristian Weeder    
Serenity Now (Flying Scot)
Michael Conrad    
Shelby (Flying Scot)
Sean Groskoph 687760N    
Silver Bullet (Flying Scot)
Michael Faugust    
Thanks Gram (Flying Scot)
Diane Kampf 684822J    
Greg Kampf 235982E    
That Green Boat (Flying Scot)
David Bergevin Other   Group 1  
Tom Clark 274212L    
The Lady (Flying Scot)
Michael Ehnis 804073S    
The Scuppernong (Flying Scot)
Amy Smith Linton Switch Flipper 196664F   Group 1  
Wizard (Flying Scot)
Tom Beck    
Tom Uehling 776215Z    

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