2022 Newport Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
295 (VX One)
Stuart Hebb Helm   Group 1  
John Vincze 235880B   Group 1  
A 5-0-5 for old(er) people (VX One)
Alan Johnson      
Paul Murphy 762933m      
Another Bad Idea (VX One)
Kaitlyn Liebel Skipper   Group 1   Yes  
Mark Liebel Owner   Group 1   Yes  
Jordan Wiggins Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Arethusa (IC37)
Kate Bjerregaard Bow USAKB99 Group 1   Yes  
Peter Forsberg Mast USAPF44 Group 1   Yes  
Brian Kamilar   Group 3   Yes  
Peter Levesque Tactician USAPL18 USAPL18   Yes  
Chris Lotz Runners USACL34 Group 1   Yes  
Douglas Lotz Spinnaker trimmer USADL30 Group 1   Yes  
Phil Lotz 149256c USAPL22   Yes  
Chase Quinn Headsail Trimmer USACQ4 Group 1   Yes  
Katherine Sudol USAKS163 Group 1   Yes  
Arrested Development (VX One)
Max Albert Autopilot 410177R USAMA26 Group 1  
Andrew Brennan      
Kevin Northrop   Group 1  
Blue 2 (VX One)
Robert Maccini 699911Z   Group 1  
Anthony Norris      
Blue Lobster (VX One)
Ian Maccini 699912X USAIM15 Group 1  
Connor Macken      
Molly Sylvia Pro Bowler 666619u   Group 1  
Brou ha ha (Ensign)
Marshall Bailey Mid Mast    
Stephen Clark Helm    
Tina Clark Pit    
Matt Ferlotti    
Chuck Wagon (VX One)
Chuck Brown Co-Skipper   Group 3  
Phip Hallowell    
Claster (VX One)
Todd Irving      
Matthew Kenny    
Sarah Kenny    
Lee Scott Chase Main Trimmer    
Dan Chekan Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Max Hooker Foil Trimmer    
Bill Steel Helm   Group 1  
Das Blau Max (IC37)
Amina Brown Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Jake Doyle Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Kendra Emhiser      
Hillary Keimig Switch Flipper 257408v USAHN11 Group 1   Yes  
Hugh MacGillivray Mast   Group 1   Yes  
John Mastrandrea Runners   Group 1   Yes  
Cory Sertl 156103J     Yes  
Katja Sertl Headsail Trimmer     Yes  
Mark Sertl   Group 1   Yes  
Nicholas Sertl Helm   Group 1   Yes  
Defiant (IC37)
Sandy Andrews Bow CANSA7 Group 1   Yes  
Rich Bowen Main Trimmer USARB18 Group 3   Yes  
Chantal Hearst Runners CANCH8 Group 1   Yes  
Andrew Kenny Floater CANAK34 Group 1   Yes  
Terry McLaughlin Helm CANTM1 Group 1   Yes  
Andrew McTavish Headsail Trimmer CANAM Group 1   Yes  
John Millen Spinnaker trimmer CANJM6 Group 1   Yes  
Michelle Parker Offside trimmer CANMP36 Group 1   Yes  
Andrew Van Nostrand Floater CANAV6 Group 1   Yes  
Far Side (VX One)
John Porter Skipper 181335M USAJP227 Group 1  
Patrick York Cat 3 Cooler Jockey 735007V   Group 1  
Firebird (Ensign)
Alli Macina Grinder   Group 1  
Michael Macina 3978810    
Michelle Macina Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
CHARLES SHABUNIA Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Robert Shabunia Other   Group 1  
Fly Tradewind (F18)
Alex Helmar      
Todd Riccardi   Group 1  
Foreign Affair (IC37)
Harry Edwards Mast GBRHE18 Group 1   Yes  
William Edwards GBRFE4 Group 1   Yes  
Tara Gillespie Bow GBRTG44   Yes  
John Greenland Helm GBRJG8 Group 1   Yes  
Nick Hornby Spinnaker trimmer GBRNH61   Yes  
Hannah Jackson Pit GBRHJ9 Group 1  
Stuart Miller Alternate GBRSM15 Group 1   Yes  
Emily Peters Pit GBREP24 Group 1   Yes  
Benjamin Saxton Strategist GBRBS13 Group 3   Yes  
Gamecock (IC37)
Erin Abbott Offside trimmer 392827Y USAEA46 Group 1   Yes  
Zach Champney Pit USAZC3 Group 1   Yes  
Garrett Connelly Main Trimmer USAGC70 Group 1   Yes  
Will Connelly Runners USAWC97 Group 1   Yes  
Jimmy Gieseke Headsail Trimmer USAJG214 Group 1   Yes  
Peter McClennen Helm USAPM172 Group 1   Yes  
Grace Patterson Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Sarah Ragle Bow USASR69 Group 1   Yes  
Sophia Rey Mid Bow USASR116 Group 1   Yes  
Tony Rey Tactician   Group 3   Yes  
GT3 Graphics (F18)
Arthur Bulger 191276V    
Chris Mason-Hing      
GUSTO (Ensign)
ANDY MACGOWAN Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Renee Mason Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Scott Mason Skipper   Group 1  
TERRY MASON   Group 1  
Helen Vaughan Bow   Group 1  
Hamburglar (Ensign)
Jim Gallagher Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Meaghan Girouard Bow   Group 1  
Dennis McLaughlin Owner   Group 1  
Rick Warren Helm 318871G   Group 1  
JBC Driver (VX One)
Jeff Hayden 662364S    
Michael Marshall Switch Flipper   Group 3  
Jenny III (F18)
Benjamin Setareh 760433T   Group 1  
Daniel Setareh      
Leatherback (VX One)
Jon McClean    
Scott Pakenham Usaspak1    
Magic (Ensign)
David Arbeiter Bow   Group 1  
Robin Durrschmidt 243431L    
Bailey Fryer   Group 1  
Michaela Marquez In the way   Group 1  
Magic Bus (VX One)
Jerry Callahan 141055J   Group 1  
Mahalo (IC 37)
Tim Corbet Headsail Trimmer USATC140 Group 1   Yes  
Zeke Horowitz Tactician USAZH3 Group 3   Yes  
Charles Kenahan USACK131 Group 1   Yes  
Luke Kenahan USALK58 Group 1   Yes  
Scott Millard Mast USASM103 Group 1   Yes  
Stephen Poirier Bow USASP137 Group 1  
Anthony Purcell Pit USAAP120 Group 1   Yes  
Charlotte Santomero Floater USACS360 Group 1   Yes  
Ava Wilson Runners USAAW127 Group 1   Yes  
Members Only (IC37)
Victor Diaz-de-Leon Tactician   Group 3   Yes  
Martha Fortin Bow USAMP118 Group 1   Yes  
Brian Fox Headsail Trimmer 801820V USABF22 Group 1   Yes  
James Hacket Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Benjamin Kinney Main Trimmer USABK13   Yes  
Benjamin/Hannah Kinney/Swett     Yes  
Linda Lindquist-Bishop Pit 123802G USALL4 Group 1   Yes  
Joan Porter Spinnaker trimmer USAJT08 Group 1   Yes  
Julia Reynolds Floater USAJR209 Group 1   Yes  
Whit Rugg Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Hannah Swett Helm USAHS2 Group 1   Yes  
Midnight Blue (IC37)
Tyler Black USATB54 Group 1   Yes  
Gordon Capaccio Mast USAAC9 Group 1   Yes  
Elizabeth Dudley Offside trimmer USAED53 Group 1   Yes  
Alexis Michas 356448D USAAM101 Group 1   Yes  
Jason Michas Tactician USAJM295 Group 1   Yes  
Chris Price Runners 324147S USACP36 Group 1   Yes  
Keiran Searle AUSKS6 Group 3   Yes  
Sarah Wilkinson Pit USASW122 Group 1   Yes  
James Wilson Main Trimmer USAJW12 Group 1   Yes  
New Wave (IC37)
Dave Hillmyer Runners 372454V USADH74 Group 1   Yes  
Ron Hyatt Pro Bowler USARH42 Group 1   Yes  
Mike Komar USAKM75 Group 1   Yes  
Martin Kullman Nav/Tac   Group 3   Yes  
Steve Liebel Helm USASL36   Yes  
Doug Nickel Headsail Trimmer USADN2 Group 1   Yes  
Megan Ratliff Medic/Doctor USAMR135 Group 1   Yes  
Dave Scott Main Trimmer GBRDS68 Group 1   Yes  
Susan Toth USAST29 Group 1   Yes  
Nightwind (Ensign)
Garrett Dobbin Pit Assist   Group 1  
Laura Dobbin Pit   Group 1  
David Hall   Group 1  
Ezra Hall Autopilot    
No Worries (F18)
Skip Whyte 113714I    
None (F18)
Joseph Valante 282565Y   Group 1  
Jim Zellmar      
stuart mcnay 222452m usasm24 Group 3  
Kaleigh Morgan    
SendIt (VX One)
Carson Haddow Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Bill Wiggins Skipper 240866U   Group 1  
Shift Happens (VX One)
John Bennett CANJB21 Group 1  
Janine Clark Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Halzska Weiss Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Sideshow (VX One)
Doug Clark    
Tim Desmond Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Skeleton Key (IC37)
J.B. Cianciarulo Bow USAJC190 Group 1   Yes  
Nick Gibbens Headsail Trimmer 242876A USANG15 Group 1   Yes  
Megan Grimes Pit USAMG198 Group 1  
Steven Kirkpatrick Main Trimmer 177411Q USASK30 Group 1   Yes  
Ian Love Floater   Group 1  
Harris Padegs Offside trimmer USAHP42 Group 1  
Dana Riley Hayes Offside trimmer 254310I USADR10 Group 1  
Peter Wagner Helm 272978G USAPW42 Group 1   Yes  
Seadon Wijsen Tactician USASW165 Group 3   Yes  
Ryan Zupon Mast USARZ5 Group 1   Yes  
Smoke (VxOne)
Victor Oancea Mast    
Nick Woviotis Helm   Group 1  
Space Cadet (VX One)
Katie Mooney Leeward Runner   Group 1  
Ben Wilkinson Floater   Group 1  
Stratos (VX One)
Dave Reed Alternate   Group 1  
Marcus Wunderlich 652123T USAMW80 Group 1  
Surf Club (F18)
Tripp Burd    
Michael Easton Skipper    
Swoose (Ensign)
Russell Carr 133015E    
Dana Conefrey Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Kathy Petitpas Grinder   Group 1  
Clifford Smith Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
The Far Side (VXone)
Sherriden Mclelland Grinder   Group 1    
Geoffrey Moore USAGM6 USAGM6 Group 3  
Josh Yale Watch Captain CANJY5 Group 1  
Triskele (VX One)
Mike Gemperline Helm USAMG121 Group 1    
Kurt Rauschenbach Helm USAKR67 Group 1    
Tudo Bem (VX One)
Allison Chenard      
Brittney Manning USABM172 Group 1  
Carrie Marshall Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Elizabeth Swain Helm   Group 1  
Michelle Warner    
TurboVX (VX One)
Chris Bollengier Spinnaker trimmer 144784b    
Peter Vessella 108448Y   Group 3  
Ursa Minor ( IC 37)
Maia Agerup Tactician NORMA6 Group 1   Yes  
Elizabeth Alexander Runners USAEA51 Group 1   Yes  
Scott Calnan Mast USASC170 Group 1   Yes  
Spencer Carraher Main Trimmer USASC158 Group 1   Yes  
Peter Cummiskey Skipper USAPC10 Group 1   Yes  
Barbara Karpinska Pit USABK17 Group 1   Yes  
Lily Ornstein Headsail Trimmer 749112F   Group 1   Yes  
Hailey Ullman Spinnaker trimmer Usahu5 Group 1   Yes  
Fiona Walsh Bow USAFW9 Group 1  
V2 (IC37)
Tony bowman Mast CANAB9 Group 1   Yes  
Nick Cleary AUSNC2 Group 1   Yes  
Scott Collinson Rush Chairman CANSC5 Group 1   Yes  
Michael Dunstan AusMD1 Group 1   Yes  
David Howard CANDH26 Group 1   Yes  
Ian Howes CANIH6   Yes  
Emily Merry Pit CANEM29 Group 1   Yes  
Liam Millen CANLM17 Group 1   Yes  
Briar Robertson Runners CANBR11 Group 1   Yes  
Vigilant (IC37)
Megan Grapengeter-Rudnik Switch Flipper USAMG100 Group 1   Yes  
John Hele USAJH109 Group 1   Yes  
Kate Hele Runners USAKH63 Group 1   Yes  
Morten Henriksen Tactician DENMH5 Group 3   Yes  
David Jarvis CANDJ2 Group 1   Yes  
Oakley Jones Pit USAOJ1 Group 1   Yes  
Lauren Koch Headsail Trimmer USALK51 Group 1   Yes  
Ashley Noble Bow USAAN24 Group 1   Yes  
Rowan Woods USARW173 Group 1   Yes    
Christine Shope Skipper Usacn18 Group 1  
Lexi Spets Floater   Group 1  
monica wilson 275581D   Group 1  
Weekend Warriors (F18 )
Parker Colantuono      
KB Knapp    
WHEN (Ensign)
David Goss Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Denise Levasseur Headsail Trimmer    
Robert Piacitelli Pit    
Yonder (IC37)
John Bowden Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Bruce Gibson Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Harry Melges IV Tactician   Group 1  
Douglas Newhouse    
Kate O’Donnell Mid Bow USAKO31 Group 1  
Henrik Rolander Mast USAHR35 Group 1  
Robert Shelley Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Alexander Whipple Offside trimmer USAAW54 Group 1  
Elisabeth Whitener Bow USAEW85 Group 1  
James Wilmot Runners AUSJW Group 1  

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