2021/2022 Etchells Biscayne Bay Series - Mid-Winter East Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
ANNIE (Etchells)
Gary Gilbert 224952V   Group 1  
Caramba (Etchells)
Marc Gauthier    
Tony Rey    
Wilson Stout    
Cruel Jane (Etchells)
Beccy Anderson Bow   Group 1  
Victor Diaz de Leon USAVD10 Group 3  
Tomas Dietrich Spinnaker trimmer ARGTD1 Group 3  
John Sommi   Group 1  
Eat,Sleep,E,Repeat (Etchells)
Paul Ward GBRPW95 Group 1  
Freedom (Etchells)
Evan Aras Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Madeline Gill    
Ian Liberty    
Hat Trick (Etchells)
Greg Lanese Spinnaker trimmer usagl49 Group 1  
David Pryor 709628T USADP88 Group 1  
Eric Wickelstern Mast USAEW107 Group 1  
Hera (Etchells)
William Colehower Bow 792308U USAWC98 Group 1  
Hugh Greville 238741Z USAHG25 Group 1  
Ivan Shestopalov 4073951 USAIS13 Group 1  
Louise Racing (Etchells)
Grant Gordon    
Oatmeal (Etchells)
Mark Mendelblatt    
Andrew Palfrey    
Privateer (Etchells)
Edward Breed Bow   Group 1  
Matt LaLumiere    
Christina Persson    
Surprise (Etchells)
Ted and Anne Castle USATC137 Group 1  
Tristram Coffin 807295N USATC136 Group 1  
Todd Wulfson USATW118 Group 1  
The Garrison (Etchells)
Adam Dunn CANAD24 Group 1  
Christian Greenfield CANCG9 Group 1  
Michael Hasko CANMH28 Group 1  
US Etchells Youth Team (Etchells)
Malcolm Lamphere USAML56   Group 3  

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