110th Annual Ephraim Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
4774 (Flying Scot)
Muriel Nagle Other    
ADHD (Flying Scot)
Sonny Smith    
Bushfly (Flying Scot)
Stefan Peterson Medic/Doctor    
EVA (Flying Scot)
Marianne Gerry    
F/S 3445 (Flying Scot)
Carol Claypool Other   Group 1  
Leslie Smith Other   Group 1  
GOD and Country (Flying Scot)
Jonathan Andrews Other    
Kona II (Flying Scot)
Peter Moegenberg    
Liberty One (Flying Scot)
Bobby Collins Strategist    
Joani Lewis Tactician    
McLal's Single Malt (Flying Scot)
Steven Richter    
Charlie Sidles    
Merry Scot (Flying Scot)
Ally Dykman Grinder    
Milton (Flying Scot)
Hayden Johansen    
Jeff Johnson    
Ouch (Flying Scot)
Olivia Annoye Other   Group 1  
Sandra Annoye Other   Group 1  
Reindeer II (Flying Scot)
David Sauter    
Skizot (Flying Scot)
Will Heidler    
TAG II (Flying Scot)
Brian Ritter Headsail Trimmer 687921P   Group 1  
Wind and a Prayer (FS)
Maria Benner    

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