2021 S2 7.9 Class Championship Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Banshee (S2 7.9)
James ODell 210624F    
Blue Arrow (S2 7.9)
Tim Boak 320304B    
Scott Cain    
Adam Fragoules    
Jim Hole Co-Skipper   Group 1  
John Kilgren    
Bond Girl (S2 7.9)
Drew & Jenessa Hilger 714011P USADH110  
Challenge (S2 7.9)
Amy Cermak Helm   Group 1  
Rick Cermak Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Chris Nielson Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Michele (Mickey) Nielson Bow    
Christine Steiner Pit 785168R   Group 1  
Extreme2 (S2 7.9)
Zyggy Beatty Bow   Group 3  
Brad Boston Tactician   Group 3  
Dan Cheresh Helm   Group 1  
Curtis Florence In the way   Group 1  
Cody Schlub Strategist   Group 1  
Full Tilt (S2 7.9)
Burt Parker    
Fun Uncle (S2 7.9)
Tyson Connolly 224844U USTAC19 Group 1  
Logan Culp Mid Bow   Group 1  
Grant Moore Cat 3 Cooler Jockey 732977X USAGM80 Group 1  
Jake Schott Bow USAJS345 Group 1  
Nick Ward In the way USANW13 Group 1  
Gauntlet (S2 7.9 OB)
Cary Diehl 279216Z    
Frank Lyons Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Denny Ott Pit   Group 1  
Rich Savage Bow   Group 1  
Tom Vickers Tactician    
High n Tight (S2 7.9)
Steve Wickert 785731Y   Group 1  
K2 (S2 7.9)
Jeff and Doug Padnos    
Maiden Michigan (S2 7.9 IB)
Christian Faber Navigator   Group 1  
Luke Gossman In the way   Group 1  
David Nietling Switch Flipper 300421B Usadn Group 1  
Mitch Polgar Alternate 277180C USAMP94 Group 1  
Dana Schwarz Leeward Runner   Group 1  
Matros (S2 7.9)
Tom Bryant    
Monkey Wrench (S2 7.9)
Steve VanderLaan    
Navigator (S2 7.9)
Rob Jossart 710988S   Group 1  
'Ol Blue Eyes (S2 7.9)
Pete Julius Headsail Trimmer    
Peter Schwarz    
Matt Scott Bow   Group 1  
One Too Many (S2 7.9)
Mark Adriansen Main Trimmer    
Brian Keller Owner    
Christopher Laing Bow    
Michael Laing Foil Trimmer 743789Z    
Scott Shackleford Helm   Group 1  
Andrew Van Sickle Pit 777903W USAAV33 Group 1  
Reactor Factor (S2 7.9)
Ed Johnson 806934P    
Rebel (S2 7.9)
John Spierling    
Red Dog (S2 7.9)
Daniel Grabowski 777951T   Group 1  
Relentless (S2 7.9)
Chris Craig 653661J   Group 1  
Ripple (S2 7.9)
Fadden Holden Spinnaker trimmer 802857Q   Group 1  
Johnny Holton Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Katie McDaniels Tactician   Group 1  
Donald Sebastian Bow    
Chris Zitelli Skipper 749524s    
Scratch (S2 7.9)
Paul Latour 544   Group 1  
Smile & Wave (S2 7.9)
Eric Bert    
Tac Boston Co-Skipper   Group 3  
Scott Derby 320856S    
Roger Gamache 103300X USARG10 Group 1  
Tom Wernette    
Straight Up (S2 7.9)
David Barrer    
Wolfe Pack (S2 7.9)
Joel Wolfe Helm    

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