2021 J 24 Midwinter Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Andele Andele (J 24)
Raul Gonzalez Mast   Group 1    
Eduardo Luaces Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1    
Patricia Murphy Pit   Group 1    
Viviane Savorin Bow   Group 1    
Joaquin Vinas      
oliver Waite Skipper   Group 1    
Angel of Harlem (J 24)
Robby Brown Skipper 211412B   Group 3    
Beaujeaux DeLapouyade Bow   Group 1    
Steve Lowery Tactician   Group 1    
Kevin Ratigan Mast 171337N USAKR53 Group 1    
Richard Shellow Headsail Trimmer   Group 1    
Bad Neighbor (J 24)
Valerie Bucholtz Mast 773967X   Group 1    
Kaci Gibbs      
Matt Gibbs      
Brian Tyrrell      
Ginjer Yachechak      
Blitz (J 24)
Alfred Constants Helm   Group 1    
Caramella (J 24)
Frederick Wiedeke   Group 1    
Dazeoff (J 24)
Michael Beattie      
Jacob Fisker-Anderson Usajf153    
John Hirsch Usajh107 Group 1    
Ian Hunter Usaih9 Group 1    
Arjola Miruku      
Erika II (J 24)
Crissy Diaz DeProspero Mast   Group 1    
Oscar Kramer Tactician 261918R      
Elliot Levy Pit      
Andres Martinez Skipper 350804J      
Lorie Messer Mid Mast   Group 1    
Fortitude (J 24)
Matt Alburn Chef      
Emma Gouiran Cat 3 Cooler Jockey      
Will Kibler Grinder      
Michael McCorkendale Wife      
James Thurlow In the way 745367N   Group 1    
Honeybadger (J 24)
Brad Braddon Co-Skipper   Group 1    
Monica Morgan      
Travis Odenbach 410065x   Group 3    
Chris Stocke In the way   Group 3    
Patrick Wilson Tactician      
Jesus Lizard (J 24)
John Mollicone Helm 198531Z      
Jibaro (J 24)
Cathy Buller Cat 3 Cooler Jockey 206899L   Group 1    
Crissy Diaz Alternate   Group 1    
Rachel Hoffmann Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1    
Atilio Renom Mast      
Alfredo /Dorian Sambolin /Sambolin Co-Skipper 138437Y   Group 3    
Kelly Holmes-Moon Boat Grant (J 24)
Kurbin Ali Mast USAKA39 Group 1    
Rich Graef Tactician   Group 1    
Katie Nelson Bow   Group 1    
Mateo Rodriguez Headsail Trimmer   Group 1    
Erica Trejo Skipper 690906H USAET28 Group 1    
Main squeeze (J 24)
Tim Banks In the way      
Ed cabassa Bow   Group 1    
Eammon Delisser      
Luke Lawrence      
Mental Floss (J 24)
Chris Fischer Bow      
Aidan Glackin Helm   Group 1    
Tom King      
Eric Nash Headsail Trimmer   Group 1    
Kris Werner Tactician   Group 3    
Miss Conduct (J 24)
Chris Corley Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1    
James Freedman Skipper 181050I   Group 1    
Theo Hasse      
Angel Shellenberger      
Mustache Ride (J Boat)
Nadia Daggett      
Muy Muy (J 24)
Ernesto Mendoza 728969P   Group 1    
Pigs in Hiding (J 24)
Tarry Grimsdale Headsail Trimmer   Group 1    
Dawn Narramore Bow   Group 1    
Ed Ruark Strategist 286746   Group 1    
Lorelei Sells Mast   Group 1    
Bill Wingrove Main Trimmer   Group 1    
Roadie (J 24)
Nikki Bruno Bow USANB77 Group 1    
Dan Busch Helm 257269G USADB170 Group 1    
Kelly Busch Owner   Group 1    
Rob Rauf Nav/Tac USARR136 Group 1    
Tom Wells Rush Chairman USATW113 Group 1    
Scouts' Honor (J 24)
Corrie Allen Mid Mast   Group 1    
Jillian Aydelotte Bow   Group 1    
Nick Doyle Tactician 802843U USAND23 Group 1    
Scott Giering Headsail Trimmer      
Mark Pincus Helm 391850V   Group 1    
Shadowplay (J 24)
Stephen Carr 123014C      
Robert Sengberg Tactician   Group 1    
Steven Sengberg Headsail Trimmer   Group 1    
Peck Sukphisit      
Shockwave (J 24)
Zak Berman Bow   Group 1    
Peter Fischel   Group 1    
Logan Pifer Wife   Group 1    
John Skinner Headsail Trimmer   Group 1    
SSR DS (J 24)
Seth Rosenthal 657826M      
Team Exit Strategy (J 24)
Jason Chavez Headsail Trimmer USAJC191 Group 1    
Rick Jarchow, Jr 113825M USARJ21 Group 1    
Erick Rodriguez USAER54 Group 1    
Brian Schultz Pit   Group 1    
Tyrus (J 24)
Kira Munger      
kirk reynolds      
Mike Stasko      
Mike Wilde      
KJ Wolaver      
Urayo (J 24)
Jaime Balzac   Group 1    
Melvin Gonzales      
Fraito Lugo      
Pablo Mendez      
Gilberto Rivera      
USA-555 (J 24)
Charles Bumgardner      
Victoria (J-24)
Alexander Birukoff Owner   Group 1    
Victor Egorov Bow   Group 1    
Ivan Shestopalov Skipper   Group 1    
Val Shestopalov Bow 750958N USAVS11 Group 1    
Alexey Vasiliev Main Trimmer   Group 1    
Wind Monkey (J 24)
Kelly Franklin Mast   Group 1    
Chris Lombardo Headsail Trimmer   Group 1    
Marcus Rogers 752176A   Group 1    
Carter White Skipper   Group 3    
Molly White Bow   Group 1    

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