2021 Flying Scot North American Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Dan Walsh 663684T   Group 1  
4 Sheets to the Wind (Flying Scot)
Richard Baucom Headsail Trimmer    
Phil Scheetz 651477E    
4088 (Flying Scot)
Chris Herman 694061x    
5135 (Flying Scot)
C. Christopher Swensen    
Denise Swensen    
5641 (Flying Scot)
David Blum    
Ted Gutman    
5650 (Flying Scot)
Ed Surgan Headsail Trimmer 185466C    
Norm Wentworth Helm 250409I    
5763 (Flying Scot)
John Eckart 752181T   Group 1  
6090 (Flying Scot)
Renee Comen Princess   Group 1  
Steve Comen 175055U    
6159 (Flying Scot)
Roger Sharp 111978W   Group 1  
Ack Ack (Flying Scot)
Charlie Clifton 167557E    
Braveheart (Flying Scot)
David Ames   Group 1  
Circe (Flying Scot)
Mike Funk    
Jim Leggette 174213K    
Cohen Mutiny (Flying Scot)
Matt Cohen    
John Whelden Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Dick (Flying Scot)
Greg van Inwegen    
Susan Weiner    
Etcetera (Flying Scot)
Tracy Schwarzschild 658156F    
Mike Stephens    
Flying Fish (Flying Scot)
James McNutt Mid Bow    
Victor Olsen Skipper 662578H   Group 1  
Flying Scot Inc. (Flying Scot)
Tyler Andrews 276855G    
Foot Off (Flying Scot)
Chris Cookson Skipper 788266V    
Lexi Cookson Headsail Trimmer 788267V    
Fred Soward (Flying Scot)
Buddy Byington    
Gun Smoke (Flying Scot)
David Rousseau 315845Y    
JaMingO (Flying Scot)
Zeke Horowitz    
Jersey Devil (Flying Scot)
Michael Levy 202619L   Group 1  
La Paix (Flying Scot)
Peter Eldridge    
Let's Dance (Flying Scot )
Laurie DelBene 789621W   Group 1  
Storm Snaith Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Mojo (Flying Scot)
Charles Buckner Helm 691844C    
Moraine Maiden (Flying Scot)
Tuomas Sandholm    
Moraine Maiden (Flying Scot)
Sophia Sandholm    
NA (Flying Scot)
Edward Jeffries 354216P    
Njord (Flying Scot)
Christopher Grantham   Group 1  
Nokomis (Flying Scot)
Timothy Gordon    
Timothy Gordon    
Oblio (Flying Scot)
Brian Hayes    
Oyster (Flying Scot)
Christopher Perez 653003O    
scott (Flying Scot)
Robert Mcelwain 727721W   Group 1  
Robert Mcelwain Headsail Trimmer 727721W USAAB203 Group 1  
Seaweeder (Flying Scot)
Kristen Weeder    
Kristian Weeder 807780Q    
Seaweeder (Flying Scot)
Kristen Weeder    
Silver Bullet (Flying Scot)
Michael Faugust 146946B    
Simon’s boat (Flying Scot)
Simon Elliott   Group 1  
Soiree (flying Scot)
Chuck Nicolosi    
Mark Ross    
SS Pinnaker (Flying Scot)
James Siewert    
Stardust (Flying Scot)
Jody Smith 752243U    
StarlieJ (Flying Scot)
david osler 235115L   Group 1  
Talk Like A Pirate (Flying Scot )
David Archibald   Group 1  
Marilyn Archibald    
Thanks Gram (Flying Scot)
Diane Kampf    
Greg Kampf 684822J    
Top Banana (Flying Scot)
Robert Counihan 118721R    
Annie Murray    
Turquoise Dreams (Flying Scot)
Laurence Levy   Group 1  
Bud Lindman   Group 1  
Win*Ward (Flying Scot)
Peter Feick 660538N    

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