2020/2021 International Melges 20 Miami Winter Series :: Event 2
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Atlantic Yacht Rigging (Melges 20)
Mike Floyd   Group 1  
Ghostrider (Melges 20)
Evan Aras Tactician   Group 3  
Jennifer Canestra   Group 1  
Charlotte Mack In the way   Group 1  
Alex Sachs Spinnaker trimmer    
Kuai (Melges 20)
Alec Anderson Foil Trimmer   Group 3  
Lucas Calabrese Tactician   Group 3  
Daniel Thielman    
Rayleen Thielman Bow   Group 1  
Midnight Blue (Melges 20)
Jason Michas    
Midnight Sun (Melges 20)
Alexis Michas   Group 1  
Oleander (Melges 20)
Jim Wilson    
Slingshot (Melges 20)
Jack Gerli Other   Group 1  
Wes Whitmyer Jr 171032F usaww1 Group 1  
The 300 (Melges 20)
Steven Boho    
Justin Hood Main Trimmer    
Ted Keller Strategist   Group 3  
Yo Momma (Melges 20)
Scott Ewing Spinnaker trimmer USASE46 Group 1  
Devin McGranahan    
Lachlain McGranahan Tactician    

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