2022 Chubb U.S. Junior Sailing Championships for the Sears Cup, Bemis Trophy and Smythe Trophy
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
(Laser Radial)
Logan Hayes 704721T    
(Laser Radial)
Tate Christopher 746045N    
(Laser Radial)
Connor Bennett 709924A   Group 1  
(Laser Radial)
Leo Kumar 762134Z    
Maya Mahoney 823043W    
Christian Prendergast Skipper 737854V    
(Laser Radial)
Jarred Hosking 795668W    
Beckett Shinn Skipper   Group 1  
Parker Stacy 784912Q   Group 1  
- (C420)
Julia Oliver Bow 815364M   Group 1  
Max Wolfensberger 807422N    
. (C420)
James Brock Skipper 746342X   Group 1  
Vivian Heitkoetter 789714S   Group 1  
_ (C420)
Levi Bailey Other 823085U   Group 1  
Jacob Posner Skipper 747666Q   Group 1  
216568 (Laser Radial)
Dieter Creitz 706999Y USADC159 Group 1  
9006 (C420)
Reade Decker Skipper 788013N   Group 1  
Sophia Mulvania Other 780987S   Group 1  
9210 (C420)
Parker Kumler 817130Z USAPK86  
Annie Samis Skipper 749522U    
A (Laser Radial)
Mallory Dietsch 732803W   Group 1  
AlohaSyd (C420)
Spencer Fleming Other 745899W   Group 1  
Madison Suh Skipper 709955C    
AYC (Laser Radial)
Lucas Tenrreiro 762086T    
Blue (Laser Radial)
Emma Friedauer 767526y   Group 1  
C420 (C420)
Kelly Holthus Skipper 714453V    
Allie Shand 787222Q    
C420 (C420)
Kai McCulloch Skipper 823710T    
Zachary Wirth 823297N    
Charter (C420)
Sophia Hubbard 781472Q   Group 1  
Charlie Snyder Skipper 808685X    
Flying Dutchman (Laser Radial)
Nicolas Regnault 823618Q   Group 1  
Gavin Murphy (C420)
Tatem Gee 790269Q   Group 1  
Gavin Murphy Skipper 755479V    
Heirloom (C420)
Rider Myers Other 810621u   Group 1  
Timothy Myers Skipper 786647X   Group 1  
HYC (Laser Radial)
Zachary Brown 758755Q    
Ikaikanui (C420)
Kamakana Vierra Skipper 781287Q   Group 1  
Makamae Vierra Other 781292Y   Group 1  
Johnny Chatelain 772250P   Group 1  
Court Salloum Skipper 808868G   Group 1  
Anderson Wolford 808873C   Group 1  
Laser (Laser Radial)
Conrad Straden 792795R    
Live Action! (VX One)
Makani Andrews Skipper 751973X   Group 1  
Bryce Huntoon 797998T   Group 1  
Noelani Velasco 765462Z   Group 1  
Michael Kai (Laser Radial)
Michael Kai Hochart    
Mongoose (C420)
Connor Fanberg 770300W   Group 1  
Kate Gibbons    
N/A (Laser Radial)
William Bagley 818866N   Group 1  
N/A (C420)
Catherine Froelich Tactician 734844F   Group 1  
Roni Sela Helm 802690I   Group 1  
N/a (Laser radial)
Will Rucker 779095U   Group 1  
Na (Laser Radial)
Reed McAllister 710785x   Group 1  
None (Laser Radial)
Liam Andresen 791919N USALA27 Group 1  
None (Laser Radial)
Alec Ranker 773016S   Group 1  
None (Laser Radial)
Samantha Farkas 748194U   Group 1  
PfrangGang (Laser Radial)
Leila Pfrang 741991V   Group 1  
Pleon (C420)
Parker Moore Skipper 709881H    
Thomas Svencer 789657X   Group 1  
SFYC (Laser Radial)
Michele Biral    
Spittin Chiclets (VX One)
James O’Gwen Skipper 734650Z   Group 1  
Sydney Stoldt Headsail Trimmer 745772V   Group 1  
Xavier Stoldt Spinnaker trimmer 735148W   Group 1  
TBD (VX One)
Nathan Friedman Bow 821484E    
Maxwell McReynolds Main Trimmer 804378V   Group 1  
Antonio Priskich Skipper   Group 1  
TBD (C420)
Belle Placa Helm 812359W   Group 1  
Richard Turner Ryon Skipper 769139N    
TBD (C420)
Christopher Chwalk Skipper 755834T   Group 1  
Claire Lewis 769544P   Group 1  
TBD (C420)
Ursula Budd Other 762150X   Group 1  
Olin Guck Skipper 351094V   Group 1  
TBD (C420)
Andrew Simpson 820727U    
Tavia Smith Skipper 693286X    
TBD (VX One)
Kellie Keane 693433W    
Daniel van Heeckeren Skipper 744124U   Group 1  
Annika Vanderhorst 710531T   Group 1  
TBD (VX One)
Maxwell Connor 811828R   Group 1  
Emmet Ennico 818897Y    
Thomas O'Grady Skipper 754042R   Group 1  
TBD (VX One)
Hamilton Barclay Skipper 758996B USACB281 Group 1  
Hayden McCready 759010R   Group 1  
Kailey Warrior 759307S   Group 1  
TBD (Laser Radial)
Max Dressel 770165R   Group 1  
The Intereceptor (C420)
Reese Levinson Medic/Doctor 810277R   Group 1  
Buck Rathbun Skipper 791200s   Group 1  
The Lucky Duck (VX One)
Kieran Banyard In the way 760415P   Group 1  
Everett McAvoy Skipper 792963U   Group 1  
Nolan Petrin Headsail Trimmer 790481P   Group 1  
USA8832 (C420)
Walker Angus 746281U   Group 1  
Sofia Forsberg 772518U   Group 1  
VX One (VX One)
Alden Gort 762430Q   Group 1  
Lucas Nykamp Skipper 738554Y    
Ella Sligh Bow 720869Y   Group 1  
VX One (VX One)
Toby Clarkson Skipper 770233R   Group 1  
Alton Coolidge 758765Z   Group 1  
Otto Schoenthal Nav/Tac   Group 1  
VX One Park City (VX One)
Toby Bookman Skipper 769938N    
Hudson Underhill 807911V   Group 1  
Morgan Vesco 807783T   Group 1  

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