2020 Melges 24 World Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Black Seal (Melges 24)
Richard Thompson   Group 1  
Brinksmanship (Melges 24)
Charles Currier 198509B   Group 1  
Brio (Melges)
Manfred Schmiedl 200610Y USAMS214 Group 1  
Dark Energy (Melges 24)
Carl Fast Tactician 672476R USACF24 Group 1  
Laura Grondin 700622P USALG43 Group 1  
Rossella Losito Bow 772072 ITARL14 Group 1  
Richard Peale Bow 698697M USARP77 Group 1  
Matthew Ray Spinnaker trimmer USAMR166  
Gelikt (Melges 24)
Jeremy Hill Tactician GBRJH94 Group 1  
Einte Kamstra Bow NEDEK10 Group 1  
Sam Tiedemann In the way   Group 1  
Carlo Vroon Helm NEDCV1 Group 1  
Monsoon (Melges 24)
Bruce Ayres    
Pipeline (Melges 24)
Mike Brusic Headsail Trimmer USAMB276 Group 1  
James Fales Spinnaker trimmer 375960E USAJF112 Group 1  
James Hannah Skipper USAJH236 Group 1  
Evan Kaplan Pit USAEK58 Group 1  
Rhumb Runner (Melges 24)
Tim Bowman 203148N USATB171 Group 1  
Chris Bradshaw Strategist 393363Z USACB260 Group 1  
Justin Hood   Group 3  
Chad Hough    
Skiff Sailing Foundation (Melges)
Mark Breen    
Team Barbarians (Melges 24)
Stuart Simpson GBRSS30 Group 1  
Tramp (Melges 24)
Melissa Denman Mid Bow USAMD88 Group 1  
Matt Koch    
Michael Peseski Spinnaker trimmer USAMP74 Group 1  
Thomas Ritter   Group 1  
Michael Spiteri Headsail Trimmer USAMS102 Group 1  
USA 829 (Melges 24)
Victor Diaz de Leon Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Peter Duncan   Group 1  
Matteo Ramian Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 3  
Carlos Robles    
Willem Van Waay Chef   Group 3  
Warcanoe (Melges 24)
Michael Goldfarb    
Zenda Express (Melges 24)
Harry Melges IV    

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