2014 Midwest One-design Spring Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
das boot (Melges 24)
Cate Muller 290615M USACM8  
Diminished Fifth (Melges 24)
James Beebe 353794G    
Djinn (Melges 24)
Ken Graystien    
Dont Panic (Melges 17)
Brian Poppert USABP30  
Stacey Poppert    
Gecko (Melges 24)
Eric Landman    
Gnarly Ruca (Melges 24)
Margaret Bernard    
Kate Gladieux Bowman USAKG40  
Curtis Jazwiecki 693607U USACJ36  
Josh Rothenbuhler    
Ryan Solomon    
High Voltage (Melges 24)
August Hernandez 389883T USAAH26  
I'm with stupid (Melges 24)
Kyle Vowels 224734r Usakv3  
Ludicrous Speed (Melges 17)
Sean Fidler 964563    
Matros II ( Melges 17)
Mary Bryant    
Tom Bryant 233147p USATB126  
Rush (Melges 24)
Mike Gozzard CANMG40  
Rustler (Melges 24)
Fred Rozelle 111499w usafr3  
Sisu (Melges 24)
Bob Harvey 261772V    
Solution (Melges 17)
Tracy Brand 135092V USATB68  
Spitfire (Melges 24)
G Andrews Tactician    
T Caputo Staysail trimmer    
John Marentette Helm CANJM71  
William Robbins Headsail Trimmer CANWR5  
Surprise (Melges 24)
Dan Berezin CANDB37  
The 300 (Melges 24)
Catherine Boho Bow 330706l usacb148  
Steven Boho 330718M usasb116  
Tramp Stamp (Melges 24)
Scott Miller    
USA 086 (Melges 24)
Mike Stewart    
USA 11 (Melges 17)
Tom Munroe USATM124  
Zig Zag (Melges 24)
Marty Jensen    

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