2015 Lauderdale to Key West Race
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
24 Heures (Oyster 575)
Patty Corsiatto Other    
Phil Fleming Bow   Group 1  
Joe Goulet Navigator 159888R USAJG124 Group 1  
Carlos Hernandez Chef PURCH1 Group 1  
Dave Maraj Main Trimmer 711297u   Group 3  
Anson Mulder    
Mike Peters Mid Mast    
Stuart Starkey Mast USASS114 Group 1  
Will White Mid Mast usaww71 Group 1  
Ace (Macgregor Cutter 65)
sharon altman    
tom conley    
william harrington    
steve katz    
chris menke    
Frank Pingitore 659879Q    
BadFish (Melges 32)
Bill Bollin Skipper 127371W    
John Bollin Watch Captain 127371W    
Bradley D'Arcangelo Spinnaker trimmer    
Tom Morgan Headsail Trimmer    
John Nelson Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Thac Nguyen Spinnaker trimmer 654561U USATN10 Group 1  
Trey Rose Bow USAAR33 Group 1  
Rick Rothenbuhler Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Carinthia (J 120)
Ken Brown Headsail Trimmer    
Robert Declercq Tactician 163871X USARD29 Group 1  
Bill Henderson Headsail Trimmer USAWH51 Group 1  
Kurt Hohn Spinnaker trimmer USAKH91 Group 1  
Owen Kaufman Bow 731279Q    
Frank Kern Skipper 156055u   Group 1  
Paul Lady Navigator   Group 1  
David LaMere USADL11 Group 1  
Nicole Neely Bow 666987p    
Keith Rospond Headsail Trimmer USAKR51 Group 1  
Chasing Rainbows (Hunter Legend 37)
Claude Auger Navigator    
Jim Boyd Other   Group 3  
John H (Jack) Clark Bow 330258P    
Jack Hahn Pit Assist    
Craig Rastello Headsail Trimmer 130999B    
Del Wiese Skipper 371390W    
Chessie (Swan 80)
Cole Allsopp Other 286564f USACA46 Group 1  
James Allsopp Strategist 286563E USAJA48  
Jim Allsopp    
Ben Bardwell Bow USARB13 Group 3  
Clinton Bolton Mast   Group 3  
George Collins 197278J    
Greg Gendell USAGG10  
Jeff Gentzen Other usajg105 Group 3  
Ian Gordon    
Ted Haaland Other   Group 3  
Ira Hall Other    
Rod Jabin Other usarj3 Group 1  
Billy Jenkins    
Adam Smith Other    
John Thackwray Other    
Mike Toppa Tactician   Group 1  
Matt Wachowitz    
John Wright    
Keith Yeoman    
Columbo Breeze (Oyster 66)
Capt. Chris Day Captain    
Jim Doane Helm    
Jack hut Owner    
monica hut Strategist    
Frank Junkin Tactician    
Chris Neal Bow    
peck TBD Mast    
Dave Wallace Headsail Trimmer    
Double Trouble (Catana 58)
Don Balthaser Owner   Group 1  
John Barnett Navigator 166169c    
Dwight Bengtson Mast 410600O    
Patty Bengtson Helm 410600O    
Mark Jones Helm 314101D    
Cheryl Phipps Captain   Group 3  
Dan Welan Other   Group 3  
Dragon Fly Plus (Swan 53)
Wes Bemus Staysail trimmer USAWB66 Group 1  
Frank Brown Co-Skipper   Group 3  
Jennifer Brown Pit Assist   Group 1  
Mike Brown Watch Captain   Group 1  
Edward Cray Navigator   Group 1  
Jim Gordon Mid Mast   Group 1  
Peter Grubb Other 388205x    
Bronwen McKiever Pit   Group 1  
Dave Noble Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Martin Pilote Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Dr. Ulrich Rohde 734612N   Group 1  
Tim Slater Offside trimmer   Group 1  
Randy Talbot Grinder 685610Y USART41 Group 1  
Jerry Watkins Grinder 306675D USAJW178  
EuroTrash Girl (J 120)
Susan Adams Pit USASA46  
Anthony Bastidas    
Kristen Berry 293716u USAKB4  
David Haubrich Other 710691Y USADH139 Group 1  
Jeff Jordan 654986B USAJJ43 Group 3  
Tom Kase    
Kate Polevitsky    
Mark Riddle Other 717740J usamr139 Group 1  
Crispin Robinson Spinnaker trimmer GBRCR60 Group 1  
First Light (Class 40)
jimmy carolla Mast   Group 1  
FK Day Skipper 310141D   Group 1  
Linc Day Other    
Stan Day Main Trimmer    
Steve Knapp Watch Captain    
Flight Simulator (Corsair 28R)
Curt Johnson Chef    
Tom Reese Pit Assist 173751T    
Robert Remmers Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Richard Stephens Navigator 380282U    
Grand Cru (Beneteau Oceanis)
Charlie Capello Mast    
Danny Escobar Owner   Group 3  
Nick Escobar Helm   Group 3  
Steve Leeds Navigator    
Tito Mendoza Mid Mast    
Martin Ottenheimer Co-Skipper 117433Q USAMO22 Group 1  
Jeff Zirulnick Headsail Trimmer    
Heat Wave (J 111)
Alex Clegg Headsail Trimmer USAAC61 Group 3  
Marc Gauthier Bow USAMG48 Group 1  
Kenny Harvey Main Trimmer   Group 3  
JC Raby Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Mike Royer Tactician USAMR26 Group 1  
Jeffrey Silverman Pit USAJS31 Group 1  
Jeff Udell Navigator   Group 3  
Gary Weisberg Skipper 3632240 USAGW49  
Holy Toledo! (Hobie 33)
Tom Andrews Skipper 184151Q    
Luke Gossman Bow   Group 1  
Dan Miller Mid Bow    
Steve Morrow Strategist    
Al Newell Navigator    
George Sipel Tactician   Group 1  
Clif Vaughan Co-Skipper 174085Y   Group 1  
Hot Ticket (King 40)
Robert Brann Runners usaRB27 121551i Group 1  
Jim Hightower 292934W USAJH66  
Will Plant Mid Mast    
William Plant Tactician   Group 1  
Andrea Pola Pit 326184B    
Michele Pola Pit Assist 52956 USAMP135 Group 1  
Randy Robertson Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Todd Shelton Main Trimmer USATS153 Group 1  
Edward Taylor Navigator 115755V USAET10 Group 1  
Simon Thomas Bow 700163V USAST18 Group 1  
Impossible Dream (Custom)
William Rey    
Jasmine (Little Harbor 54)
John Evans 19    
King Daddy (Swan 56)
Chris Branning Navigator   Group 3  
Jim Cox Pit Assist    
Lawrence Cutler Other 671786z usalc39 Group 1  
Jesse Fielding Tactician 285435X USAJF64 Group 3  
Gregg Griffin Other 198831C USADM162 Group 3  
Devin McGranahan Skipper 198831C USADM162 Group 1  
John Moran 111850J USAJM24 Group 1  
Katie Munger Pit Assist USAKC27 Group 1  
Steve Munger Other   Group 1  
Ben Poucher Grinder   Group 3  
Scott Price Bow   Group 3  
Ralf Steitz Chef   Group 3  
Mimi Whitmarsh Pit USAMW88 Group 1  
Macushla (Beneteau F C 10)
Joel Andrews 411033G    
Mirage (Hobie 33)
Daniela Gollatz Other    
Rob Ralston Mast USARR121 Group 1  
Christian Schaumloffel 254419S USACS43  
Stephanie Schlebusch Other   Group 1  
Steve Taylor Bowman 652375H USAST36 Group 1  
Peerless (Melges 30 (MOD))
Dave Fox Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Ryan Gardner Navigator 652947J USARG50 Group 1  
Chad Hough Tactician   Group 3  
Andrew Price Captain 739208N   Group 1  
Adam Schiller Navigator   Group 1  
Nic Seifert Bow USANS33 Group 3  
Brian Torresen Helm   Group 1  
Jay Jr. Wallace Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Pipe Dream XIV (Tripp 33)
Neal Harrison Other   Group 3  
Tom Hauk Navigator    
Robert Hurst Headsail Trimmer 669443R   Group 1  
Stephan Seuss Mast 711470W   Group 3  
oliver waite 2225165    
Alex Wolfe Bow 698850J    
Steve Wright Runners   Group 1  
Privateer (Cookson 50)
Ron O'Hanley    
Raisin' Cane! (J 125)
Frank Atkinson 141730H    
Rambler (JYD 88)
Rodney Ardern Main Trimmer NZLRA3 Group 3  
Silvio Arrivabene    
Stuart Bannatyne Helm   Group 3  
Scott Beavis Bow NZLSB21 Group 3  
Josh Belsky Pit USAJB354  
Curtis Blewett Pit   Group 3  
Brad Butterworth Tactician    
Steve Calder Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Mike Danks    
Simon Daubney Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
George David Skipper 357776M usamh40 Group 1  
Wendy Anne David Other   Group 3  
Brian Giorgio Other   Group 3  
Mick Harvey Runners 357776M usamh40 Group 3  
Nathan Hislop Other   Group 1  
Jerry Kirby Bow USAJK138 Group 3  
Will McCarthy Grinder AUSWM11 Group 1  
Artie Means Navigator 144725q   Group 3  
Robbie Naismith Staysail trimmer   Group 3  
Mark Newbrook Mast 246133Q usamn3 Group 3  
Dean Phipps Grinder   Group 3  
Matt Welling Grinder   Group 3  
Stuart Wilson Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Rim Shot (Beneteau First 36.7)
Marco Caporaso Bow USAMC78 Group 1  
Mario Careaga Other    
Russell Dunn Captain 332068T    
Eduardo Luaces Helm    
Andres Martinez Pit   Group 1  
Tom Nash Watch Captain   Group 1  
Chris Strukus Main Trimmer USACS19 Group 3  
Periklis Synanidis Headsail Trimmer    
Rumble Bee (Beneteau First 30)
Mark Keschl Headsail Trimmer usamk122  
William Denyer Pit Assist    
Aaron Downey Main Trimmer USAAD58 Group 1  
Raul Gonzalez Bow   Group 1  
Julie Hanrahan Helm 685879Z    
Obie Smith Pit 315090V    
David Torkington 233907p    
Mark Wood Spinnaker trimmer   Group 3  
Santarella (Baltic 38 DP CB)
James P. (Phil) Scalise 174155T    
Second Wind (Dufour 44)
Ray and Mike Sullivan 391091W    
Senara (Farr 395)
Horst Baier Main Trimmer    
Tim Banks Bowman    
James Bill Skipper    
Arielle deLisser Helmsman   Group 1  
Eamonn deLisser Tactician 174228R    
Liam McCarthy Mast 365802S USALM55 Group 1  
Richard Shellow Watch Captain    
Maricio Verdier Chef   Group 3  
SPOOKIE (Carkeek HP 40)
Alex Baittinger Runners   Group 3  
Steve Benjamin Skipper 101374L USASB  
Robbie Kane Bow   Group 3  
Ben Quatromoni Staysail trimmer USABQ1 Group 3  
Anderson Reggio Strategist   Group 3  
Matt Reynolds Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Charles Swanson Navigator USACS85  
Chris Williams Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Stark Raving Mad VII (Swan 601)
Chris Busch Headsail Trimmer USACB27 Group 3  
Rob Emery Grinder CANRE1 Group 1  
Drew Freides Headsail Trimmer USADF9 Group 1  
Rob Gale Spinnaker trimmer canrg5 Group 1  
Jon gardner Spinnaker trimmer USAJG10 Group 3  
Sam Hallowell Bow   Group 1  
Tom Lihan Tactician   Group 1  
James Madden Skipper 153968c USAJM123 Group 1  
Mike McClung Navigator usamm96 Group 1  
Ben Mitchell Main Trimmer 387767O   Group 3  
Christian Olander Mast   Group 3  
Al Pleskus Pit USAAP45 Group 1  
Dylan Vogel Bow 364420O USADV27 Group 1  
Sunset Child (J 120)
Marcus Cholerton-Brown 732580Y GBRMC96  
Susimi X (X Yachts Xp 38)
brian Broad Other   Group 1  
Michael Carrington    
Larry Geller Other   Group 1  
Eduardo Rabadan Bow USAER59 Group 1  
Randy Tice Navigator    
Carl Wehe Helm   Group 1  
Tampa Girl (J 120)
pierre Brouillet    
Bill Cullen Navigator    
Richard Greenwood    
Jayson Miller    
Jim Miller    
Oscar Rivas    
William Terry 136105J    
Thin Ice (Aerodyne 38)
John Vincent    
True (Kernan 47)
Chris Cantrick Other   Group 3  
Nicholas Diephouse Mast   Group 1  
Andy Estcourt Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Karl Funk Bow 274819Y USAKF9 Group 3  
Jan Majer Navigator 351648V USAJM75 Group 3  
Matt Mialik Grinder   Group 3  
Kevin Miller Tactician USAKM95 Group 3  
Reijo Pentik√§inen Other FINRP5 Group 1  
Jono Swain Helm   Group 3  
Dave Tank Pit   Group 3  
Leo van den Thillart 715863X    
Peter van Niekerk Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Vortices (J 145)
Brent Bacon Mast    
Christopher Balliet Bow USACB181 Group 3  
Hans Brieden Other 653244C USAHB49 Group 1  
Bruce Greening Spinnaker trimmer USABG73 Group 1  
Todd Jones Grinder USATJ4 Group 1  
william mckinley Other   Group 1  
Todd Riley Tactician 281483X USATR54 Group 1  
Chris Saxton Captain 662296A USAC5170  
david skupien Offside trimmer USADS147    
Wild Woman (C&C 40)
Harold Brandon Pit   Group 1  
Becky Lyons 697268N    
Emy Martinez Headsail Trimmer    
Joe Obermeier Navigator 661987R    
Edward J. Raiburn Headsail Trimmer    
Randy Stanton    
Geoff Sutcliffe    
Xanadu (C 40)
Robert (Bob) Gillman Tactician    
Frank Majors Co-Skipper   Group 3  
Pete Mounce Navigator    
Michael O'Brien Skipper    

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