Competitor Detailed Information
"Desperado" - USA 51601

Owner / Skipper Info
Name:NEKA Sailing
City:Glen Cove
Yacht Club:North East Keelboat Alliance

Yacht Info
Name:"Desperado" - USA 51601
Design:CTM 40

Crew Info


Payne Donaldson Pro Bowler USA
Rayne Duff Leeward Runner USA
Tommy Hickey Navigator Group 1 USA
Luis Juarbe Group 1 USA
Anna Lindberg Group 1 USA
Abner Mills In the way Group 1 USA
Gary Patenaude USA
Evan Spalding Foil Trimmer Group 1 USA
Timothey Szczepanski Leeward Runner Group 1 USA
Leo Vasiliev Skipper Group 3 USA
Jamie Wright USA

Race Results

Performance Summary - Table and Chart

Team Page

ORC Ratings - Cert. Ref.: 045600023NO - ORC Intl.

APH482.3   GPH538.4
Triple A/P Low0.9902 Triple W/L Low0.7634 Single W/L1.0046 Bayview-Mac Cove1.0903
Triple A/P Medium1.2480 Triple W/L Medium1.0114 Single A/P1.2439 Bayview-Mac Shore1.0945
Triple A/P High1.4019 Triple W/L High1.1519 Chi-Mac Up1.1232
Chi-Mac A/P1.1690
Predom. Up Low0.8764 Predom. Down Low0.9162 Predom. Up1.1420 Chi-Mac Down1.2230
Predom. Up Medium1.0961 Predom. Down Medium1.2506 Predom. Down1.2437 Harvest Moon1.4158
Predom. Up High1.1709 Predom. Down High1.5078 Vic-Maui1.3148
5-Band - Windward/Leeward Time On Distance Time On Time
5-Band Low 857.0000 0.7002
5-Band Low / Medium 720.5000 0.8328
5-Band Medium 584.7000 1.0262
5-Band Medium / High 531.5000 1.1289
5-Band High 495.8000 1.2102

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