Competitor Detailed Information
"Zaraffa" - USA 61016

Owner / Skipper Info
Name:MIDN Donald Poirier
Yacht Club:NASS/USNA

Yacht Info
Name:"Zaraffa" - USA 61016
Design:RP 66

Crew Info


Moira Camacho Offside trimmer Group 1 USA
Jackson Dupaix Floater Group 1 USA
Ian Flynn Navigator Group 1 USA
Teagan Foley Cat 3 Cooler Jockey Group 1 USA
Kyras Fort Runners Group 1 USA
Sam Hall Cat 3 Cooler Jockey USA
Liz Hauschild Helm Group 1 USA
Jack King Mid Bow Group 1 USA
Johnson Kurtis Grinder Group 1 USA
Patrick Michalik Bow Group 1 USA
Jack Neubauer Mast Group 1 USA
Jonathan Pitts Runners Group 1 USA
MIDN Donald Poirier Skipper Group 1 USA
John Paul Post Bow Group 1 USA
Eddie Rankin Chef Group 1 USA
Cory Routen USA
Adrian Schalk USA
Greg Smith Other Group 1 USA
Jahn Tihansky Owner Group 3 United States
Kelly White In the way Group 1 USA

Race Results

Performance Summary - Table and Chart

Team Page

ORC Ratings - Cert. Ref.: 03410000QQN - ORC Intl.

Triple A/P Low1.3811 Triple W/L Low1.0602 GPH432.3 Bayview-Mac Cove0.0000
Triple A/P Medium1.7508 Triple W/L Medium1.4087 Bayview-Mac Shore0.0000
Triple A/P High1.9835 Triple W/L High1.6242 Single W/L1.4176 Chi-Mac Up0.0000
Single A/P0.0000 Chi-Mac A/P0.0000
Predom. Up Low0.0000 Predom. Down Low0.0000 Chi-Mac Down0.0000
Predom. Up Medium0.0000 Predom. Down Medium0.0000 Predom. Up1.4403 Harvest Moon0.0000
Predom. Up High0.0000 Predom. Down High0.0000 Predom. Down1.5333 Vic-Maui0.0000

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